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Lil Boosie Kids - This Badass Rapper’s A Father Of Eight

Care to know something about Lil Boosie kids? Then start reading about the man himself. Famous for his raw, life-is-a-struggle lyrics and infamous for his involvement in drug-related incidents, this rapper is a father to eight children - from six different mothers. Plus, two adoptive kids. Despite his errant ways, he’s got a soft spot, doesn’t he?

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jan 16, 2023
Talking about Lil Boosie kidsis talking about the man himself.
The man who grew up dealing with a chronic disease at a young age and lost a collegescholarship opportunity because of drugs.
The man who went to prison.
But, also, the man who managed to rise above the challenges.
Lil Boosie worked his way to attain distinction and respect in the hip hop world as a talented and skilled rapper.
His murky past may have defined him. His womanizing ways may have scarred his image. His statements may have rubbed people the wrong way.
But Lil Boosie kids and how he has handled fatherhood may have shown a different side of him.

Boosie on His 8 Kids, Adopting His 2 Best Friends' Kids After They Passed

Lil Boosie Story

Back in the ‘80s, the city of Baton Rouge in Louisiana was not an ideal neighborhood, to say the least.
According to Esquire, the number of killings and murders happening there during those times was almost three times higher than in Los Angeles. To compare, Los Angeles is 1,299 square kilometers big; Baton Rouge: 229.3 square kilometers only.
Lil Bossie - Torence (yes, one “r” only) Ivy G. Hatch in real life - grew up in Baton Rouge.
Born on November 14, 1982, he’s one of the reportedly eight children of Ivy R. Hatch (death: May 8, 1997; Lil Boosie was only 14) and Connie R. Givens-Hatch.
His siblings include Taquari “TQ” Jamar Hatch and a younger sister named (or nicknamed) Munchie.
Note: Most online sources would indicate the name of Lil Boosie’s father as “Torrence Hatch Sr.” However, in the obituaryof Thelma Robinson Givens (1926-2006), Lil Boosie’s maternal grandmother, his father’s name was listed as “Ivy R. Hatch.”
That’s also the same name included in the information about Connie Givens-Hatch at the American online directory services Whitepages.
Lil Boosie got kicked out in high school after an illegal drug involvement, according to AllMusic. Too bad because his impressive basketball skills made him a candidate for a college scholarship.
Then rapping became a part of his life, especially when he met C-Loc (born Steven Dewayne Carrell), one of Baton Rouge’s gangsta rappers. Lil Boosie joined Concentration Camp, a rap group formed by C-Loc in the mid-‘90s.
Lil Bossie’s debut as an artist occurred after getting featured in C-Loc’s 2000 album It’s A Gamble.
At 18, he gambled as an aspiring rapper by releasing his first studio album Youngest Of Da Camp.
His biggest break took place courtesy of Trill Entertainment. In 2002, he released his second album For My Thugzunder this record label. A deal with California-based production company Global Asylum eventually followed.
In 2006, Lil Boosie released the solo album Bad Azz.
He faced trial for murder and drug charges but was only found guilty of the latter. The sentence: eight-year imprisonment.
Lil Boosie served for almost five years only, from 2010 to March 2014.
While serving his time at Louisiana State Penitentiary, Atlantic Records, according to Esquire, offered him a three-year contract. He signed it.
The Guardian reported that he wrote songs and released mixtapes while in jail.
Soon after his release, he no longer introduced himself as Lil Boosie; rather, as Boosie BadAzz.
Note: Not to be confused with demised American rapper Bad Azz (born Jamarr Antonio Stamps; 1975-2019).
Do Lil Boosie kids make the 40-year-old rapper mellow out?
Iviona, Lyric Beyonce, Toriana, Tarlaysia, Laila Jean, Torrance Jr., Ivy Ray, and Michael Jordan Hatch
Iviona, Lyric Beyonce, Toriana, Tarlaysia, Laila Jean, Torrance Jr., Ivy Ray, and Michael Jordan Hatch

How Many Baby Mamas Does Boosie BadAzz Have?

What’s a rapper without a lady?
Dating is normal but getting six women pregnant? That’s Lil Boosie for you!
When Terri Thomas interviewed him for the Houston-based radio station KBXX 97.9 The Box, he told her:
I’d keep my same kids, just fewer baby mothers. You gotta watch out for . . . having kids at a young age.- Lil Boosie
The six different mothers of Lil Boosie kids are referred to by the rapper as “baby mamas.” Five of them are (in no particular order):
  • Walnita Decuir (four children with her)
  • Gerlissa Haze
  • Tracey Taylor
  • Racheal Wagner
  • Trivia Weatherspoon

How Many Kids Do Boosie Have Biologically?

There are eight Lil Boosie kids.
He is the biological father of eight children from six different mothers. Now based on his May 2017 interview with VladTV, he also happens to be a foster parent to two more kids.
Lil Boosie adopted the daughter of his murdered best friend Darryl “Bleek” Milton (death: 2010) and the son of another best friend who also got killed.
The Tell My Storyrapper told Vlad TV host and journalist Vladimir Lyubovny that he adopted them because it was his “call of duty.”

What Illness Does Boosie Have?

Lil Boosie kids should be proud of how their father weathered the life-threatening health conditions in his life.
He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 19. Then a few days after he turned 33 in November 2015, he revealed via Instagram that he got kidney cancer.
In December 2015, reported XXL, he underwent an operation where half of his kidney (the part affected by cancer) was removed. He has remained cancer-free since then.
Basic InformationDetails
Full NameTorence Ivy G. Hatch
Height (in feet)5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters)
Date of BirthNovember 14, 1982 (Scorpio)
Place of BirthBaton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
FatherIvy R. Hatch (death: 1997)
Occupationconstruction worker; street hustler
MotherConnie Robinson Givens-Hatch
Occupationpublic school teacher; principal
Siblingsreportedly 7, including Taquari Jamar (brother); Munchie (sister)
Civil StatusSingle
ChildrenIviona; Torrance Jr.; Lyric Beyonce; Ivy Ray; Toriana; Michael Jordan; Tarlaysia; Laila Jean
Occupationrapper; songwriter; entrepreneur; pastor
Releases (as of January 12, 2023)27 official albums; 18 Singles & EPs; 2 compilation albums
Net Worth$800,000 (January 6, 2023 estimate)
Facebook (facebook.com/lilboosie)6.8 million followers
Twitter (@BOOSIEOFFICIAL)1.2 million followers
YouTube (@Officialboosie1)1.95 million subscribers; 1.1 billion views
Apple Musiclatest release: December 2, 2022
Spotify8,911 monthly listeners (as of Jan. 12, 2023)
SoundCloud73.4 thousand followers; 337 tracks (as of Jan. 12, 2023)

Lil Boosie Children

Lil Boosie kids are fortunate not to have lost their father in his previous fight against cancer and in his ongoing battle with diabetes.
The rapper has already endured several trials since his growing up years in Baton Rouge. As a parent, he wants his children to experience something better.
Back in his interview with Terri Thomas, Lil Boosie said that he inculcated to all his children the importance of going to school. He likewise advises them “to chase they [sic] dreams.”
It would be touching for Lil Boosie kids to hear their father say:
I’m just steady providin’ a better life for them . . . that means a lot take to me, providing them a better childhood than what I had.- Lil Boosie

Does Lil Boosie Have A Son?

Lil Boosie kids, the male ones, are:
  • Torrance “Tootie Raww” Hatch Jr. (birth date: August 6, 2003; mother: Walnita Decuir; Instagram: @tootie_raww4x)
  • Ivy Ray Hatch (birth date: August 2011; mother: Walnita Decuir)
  • Michael Jordan “MJ” Hatch
It seems that it can’t be helped that Lil Boosie kids want to dip their toes into rapping.
In April 2021, Tootie Raww joined YouTube to share his music videos. His channel (@tootieraww9134) has 70,000 subscribers and already received more than 8 million views.

Does Lil Boosie Have A Daughter?

Lil Boosie kids, the female ones, are:
  • Iviona “Ivi” Hatch (birth date: December 4, 2001; mother: Walnita Decuir; (Instagram: @poisonivi4x)
  • Lyric Beyonce Hatch (birth date: January 6, 2009; mother: Walnita Decuir; Instagram: @lyricbey)
  • Toriana “Tori” Hatch (9 years old as of June 2017; mother Racheal Wagner)
  • Tarlaysia “Ty” Hatch
  • Laila Jean Hatch (turned 1 year old in 2017)
Iviona Hatch, the eldest of all Lil Boosie kids - born when he was only 19 - decided to follow his father’s footsteps by becoming a rapper.
Her alias used to be “Poison Ivi.” When she released Go Offin October 2018, she replaced it with “Iviona Badazz.”
Lil Boosie is featured in the song and appears in the music video (2.2 million views on YouTube as of this writing).
Lil Boosie and Torrance Jr. Hatch place a hand on each other’s shoulders; Lil Boosie with Lyric Beyonce in braids
Lil Boosie and Torrance Jr. Hatch place a hand on each other’s shoulders; Lil Boosie with Lyric Beyonce in braids

Lil Boosie Net Worth

Is Lil Boosie rich? Yes, he is. Lil Boosie kids are lucky enough to have a father who could financially support them well.
Wealthy Gorilla estimated (as of January 6, 2023) his net worthat $800,000.
Aside from rapping his way into fame and fortune, Lil Boosie also tried being an entrepreneurthrough these ventures:
  • Boosie Juice (mix of kiwi and strawberry-flavored vodka)
  • Lil’ Boosie Louisiana Heat (potato chips)
  • Jewel House (clothing line)
He also founded his own record label called Badazz Music Syndicate.
Lil Boosie also makes profits as a - now hold your breath - minister. This controversial rapper is an ordained minister. So, he’s licensed to officiate weddings.
Per Revolt TV, he charges $75,000 (up to $100,000).
With his moolah, Lil Boosie kids occasionally get utterly spoiled.
When his eldest, Iviona, turned 16, according to The Focus, he gifted her with a Porsche Panamera. Per ABC Audio, Laila Jean once received a pair of diamond earrings and a Rolex watch as birthday presents.
Lil Boosie in pink Versace sweatshirt wearing diamond link chains; Lil Bossie in yellow sweatshirt and pants
Lil Boosie in pink Versace sweatshirt wearing diamond link chains; Lil Bossie in yellow sweatshirt and pants

People Also Ask

How Old Is Tootie Lil Boosie’s Son?

Tootie Raww (born Torrance Hatch Jr.) will turn 20 on August 6, 2023.

Who Is Iviona Hatch Mom?

Walnita Decuir (born 1990), a businesswoman, gave birth to the following Lil Boosie kids:
  • Iviona (2001)
  • Torrance Jr. (2003)
  • Lyric Beyonce (2009)
  • Ivy Ray (2011)
She and Lil Boosie are not married.

What Does Boosie Mean?

Per SlangDefine.org, it could be “a general term used to express approval, pleasure, or excitement.” It could also be a similar term to “boo” (boyfriend).

Final Thoughts

Lil Boosie kids may have the kind of father who does notorious things (and gets arrested for them) and says outrageous stuff from time to time.
Still, he seems to take good care of them as a parent - and they look happy living together despite having different mothers!
At the end of the day, only Lil Boosie kids can judge their controversial rapper-father.
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