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Liberty Phoenix Lord - Her Toxic And Quite Depressing Life

Liberty Mariposa Phoenix (born July 5, 1976) is a former American actress. She is Summer Phoenix's older sister, and River, Rain, and Joaquin Phoenix are her younger siblings.

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Liberty Mariposa Phoenix (born July 5, 1976) is a former American actress. She is Summer Phoenix's older sister, and River, Rain, and Joaquin Phoenix are her younger siblings.

Early Life

Liberty Phoenix's parents, John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Phoenix welcomed her into the world on July 5, 1976, in Caracas, Venezuela. Her mother, Arlyn Sharon (née Dunetz), was born in New York to Russian Jewish parents who immigrated to the United States as children. Her father, who was born in California, is of English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German, Irish, Welsh, and French Huguenot origin. Her mother was born in the Bronx, New York, to Hungarian and Russian Jewish parents. Summer Phoenix, River Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, and Rain Phoenix are her siblings in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Liberty Phoenix with her husband and children
Liberty Phoenix with her husband and children
Liberty Phoenix Lordis married and the mother of four children: Emily Lord Phoenix, Rio Julio Miguel Asch Phoenix, Scarlette Jasmine Phoenix Asch, Indigo Orion Asch Phoenix, and Leo Lord Phoenix, as of 2010. Indigo died in December 2001 from pneumonia that developed as a result of severe allergies to new carpeting, which left his immune system compromised. Her son's untimely death spurred her to launch a green construction supply business to help other mothers avoid what she had to experience. She is the aunt of Summer Phoenix's kids, Indiana Affleck and Atticus Affleck, as well as Rain Phoenix's son, Jonas Winter. River died in 1993 after a long career as an actor and singer. Her surviving siblings all have professions in the show industry as well. She is Casey Affleck's former sister-in-law. Andy Lord is her husband. They have two kids. Ernesto Asch was her previous husband.
Liberty Phoenix, like the rest of her family, is a vegan. Additionally, she assists her mother Arlyn Phoenix in her role as Office Manager of the charitable organization River Phoenix Centre for Peacebuilding.

Famous Siblings

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix together with Liberty in a formal event
Joaquin Phoenix together with Liberty in a formal event
Joaquin Rafael Phoenix (born October 28, 1974; born Bottom) is an American actor, producer, and animal rights activist. As an actor, he is best known for his dark and unorthodox roles in indie films. He has received numerous awards, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, a Grammy Award, and two Golden Globe Awards for his work. The New York Times named him the 12th greatest actor of the twenty-first century in its list of the 25 greatest actorsof the twenty-first century in 2020.
Young Joaquin Phoenix and Leaf may not have known how much their early days of street performance would alter their lives. Growing up in a financially insecure household, Phoenix turned to singing and dancing as a secondary form of revenue to supplement the household's income. However, he was quickly discovered by a Hollywood children's agent, who helped to bring this young celebrity in his own right to a greater and more widespread audience. And, as they say, the rest is history. Young Phoenix honed his acting abilities over a series of films, eventually becoming a refined performer for his age.
Phoenix began his career in television series with his brother River in the early 1980s, after being born in Puerto Rico and raised in Los Angeles and Florida. SpaceCamp (1986) and Parenthood (1987) were his first major film performances (1989). During that time, he was known as Leaf Phoenix, a moniker he created for himself. Phoenix reverted to his birth name in the early 1990s, and his supporting roles in the comedy-drama film To Die For (1995) and the historical thriller Quills earned him critical acclaim (2000). For his performance of the villainous emperor Commodus in the historical drama picture Gladiator, he gained significant critical praise and his first Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (2000). He enjoyed success with the horror films Signs (2002) and The Village (2004), the historical drama Hotel Rwanda (2004), and his portrayal of musician Johnny Cash in the biopic Walk the Line, for which he got a Grammy, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor (2005). Before taking a sabbatical from acting, Phoenix continued to win accolades in two films directed by his frequent collaborator James Gray: the action thriller We Own the Night (2007) and the romance drama Two Lovers (2008).
Phoenix is an animal rights activist who lives in New York City. In addition to being vegan from the age of three, he has donated to numerous charity organizations and produced several documentaries on the global meat industry and its impact on the environment. Since 2016, Phoenix has been in a relationship with actress Rooney Mara, with whom he has a son, who is also an actor.

River Phoenix

River Jude Phoenix (né Bottom; August 23, 1970 – October 31, 1993) was an actor, musician, and activist in the United States of America.
As the older brother of Rain Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Liberty Phoenix, and Summer Phoenix, Phoenix grew up in a nomadic household. He lacked academic education but has an innate ability for the guitar. He began his acting career in television advertisements at the age of ten. He made his film debut in 1985's science fiction adventure film Explorers and gained prominence in 1986's Stand by Me, a coming-of-age thriller based on Stephen King's novella The Body. Phoenix transitioned into more mature roles with Running on Empty (1988), in which he portrayed Danny Pope, the son of fugitive parents, in a well-received performance that earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor (at the age of 18, he became the category's sixth-youngest nominee), and My Own Private Idaho (1991), in which he portrayed Michael Waters, a gay hustler in search of his estranged wife. Phoenix's performance in the latter film earned him numerous accolades, including the Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the 1991 Venice Film Festival, as well as the Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead and the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor, making him the second-youngest winner of the National Society's Award.
Phoenix died on Halloween night, 1993, at the age of 23, after overdosing at The Viper Room on cocaine and heroin (a combination known as a speedball). He was in the middle of filming Dark Blood when he died, and the finished picture was released in 2012, 19 years after it was shot.


Liberty Phoenix appeared in a few television shows in the 1980s, including "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and "Kate's Secret." She eventually abandoned acting and formed a punk band with her sisters, Summer and Rain Phoenix, called "The Causey Way." Liberty Phoenix occasionally supports Rain's band the Papercranes, despite the fact that this band no longer exists.
She went on to teach traditional midwifery at the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. She designed a collection of skirts and dresses for her boutique "LP Originals" in 2005. She also has a boutique in Manhattan called "Some Odd Rubies" where she sells her outfits. She also has a pie-selling business. She is also the founder of INDIGOGreen. This leading building supply company offers environmentally friendly items for companies and residences all around the country. This effort is driven by Phoenix's devotion to "mother nature" and the health of our world.


While she may not be as famous as her siblings in Hollywood, Phoenix is nonetheless a well-known and well-loved part of the community. She is not only a business professional, but she is also a wife and a homemaker who manages to successfully balance her work obligations with her family responsibilities and other commitments. She is a very strong woman who has been through many ups and downs in her life but has managed to maintain an optimistic view throughout it all.
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