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Lavell Crawford Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Wife And Kids

Lavell Crawford is a comedian, actor, and writer from the United States. Most people recognize Lavell for his portrayal of the bodyguard Huell Babineaux in the television crime series "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul." Lavell Crawford net worth is $6 million. In addition to that, he has roles in movies including "American Ultra," "The Ridiculous 6," "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates," and "On the Count of Three."

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Lavell Crawford is a comedian, actor, and writer from the United States. Most people recognize Lavell for his portrayal of the bodyguard Huell Babineaux in the television crime series "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul." Lavell Crawford net worthis $6 million.
In addition to that, he has roles in movies including "American Ultra," "The Ridiculous 6," "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates," and "On the Count of Three." Crawford, in his capacity as a comedian, was recognized with a nomination for the Grammy Award in the category of Best Comedy Album for the recording of his 2021 special titled "Comedy Vaccine."

Quick Facts About Lavell Crawford

Real NameLavell Maurice Crawford
Nickname Lavell Crawford
Famous asComedian
Date of Birth11 November 1968
Lavell Crawford net worth$6 million
Profession Actor, Comedian
BirthplaceSt Louis, Missouri, United States
Nationality American
Net Worth$5 million
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseDeShawn Crawford
SchoolPattonville High School
EthnicityAfrican- American
Lavell Crawford Wearing Black Coat
Lavell Crawford Wearing Black Coat

Early Life Of Lavell Crawford

Lavell Crawford was born on November 11th, 1968. He is 54 years old. He was born in the city of St. Louis, which is located in the state of Missouri in the United States. He is a Scorpio. His nationality is that of the United States of America, and his ethnicity matches his nationality in that it is African-American.
Annita, Crawford's mother, reared him all by herself despite being a single parent. Elounda and Erica are her sisters, and she has one brother. In terms of his formal education, he obtained his diploma from Pattonville High School. The school can be found in Maryland Heights, which is located in Missouri.
In 1986, he earned his high school diploma. He was perpetually self-conscious about his weight. At the age of 10, he comes dangerously close to having a near-drowning experience. The bodybuilder did the same thing to his own kid and left him behind.

The Career Of Lavell Crawford

The year 1990 marked the beginning of Crawford's career as a comedian on television when he appeared in an edition of the variety show "It's Showtime at the Apollo." After that, he made a number of appearances on the BET stand-up comedy program "ComicView."
In the 1990s, Crawford was also a guest performer on the television shows "Def Comedy Jam" and "Motown Live." During the 2000s, he appeared as a comedic performer on a number of television programs, including "Premium Blend," "Steve Harvey's Big Time Challenge," and "The Tom Joyner Show."
Crawford had one of his most notable performances on television in 2007 when he competed on the NBC reality competition series "Last Comic Standing." This was one of Crawford's most notable television appearances. During the fifth season of the program, he competed and ended up coming in second place, behind Jon Reep. After this, Crawford appeared as the featured stand-up performer on an episode of the series "Comedy Central Presents."
After that, he made an appearance on the spoof program "Reality Bites Back" as well as the comedy series "Workaholics." In 2011, Crawford finally achieved success as a serious actor after spending many years earning his reputation mostly as a comedic performer. In the same year, he started portraying the recurrent character of Huell Babineaux, Saul Goodman's bodyguard, on the AMC crime thriller "Breaking Bad."
He then returned to his part in the "Breaking Bad" spinoff series "Better Call Saul," on which he starred from 2017 until the show's end in 2022. Crawford played the role of the character for the show's last two seasons.
Crawford is known for playing a variety of parts on many television programs, including "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "The Crazy Ones," "Super Fun Night," and "New Girl." In addition, he has provided the voice for characters in a variety of adult animated shows, such as "Squidbillies," "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," and "Legends of Chamberlain Heights."
Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, and Lavell Crawford
Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, and Lavell Crawford

Film Career Of Lavell Crawford

Crawford made his debut in the film industry the same year, 1999, with the character of Lil Bit in "Beverly Hood." In 2004, for the film "Out on Parole," which was released only on home video, he reprised his role.
In the years that followed, Crawford appeared in films such as "Baby's Momma Drama," "Friends and Lovers," "Love Chronicles: Secrets Revealed," "Who's Watching the Kids," and "What Goes Around Comes Around." During the year 2014, he appeared in the films "4 Play" and "For Love or Money."
In 2015, Crawford made his Hollywood debut in the role of Big Harold in the comedy-action picture "American Ultra," which also starred Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. This was Crawford's first significant film role.
In the same year, he had a role in the Netflix comedy-Western "The Ridiculous 6," which included a cast that included Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Luke Wilson, and Rob Schneider. His character was named Gus Patch. After that, Crawford was in three movies that were released in 2016.
In the film "Meet the Blacks," starring Mark Epps, he played a parole officer, and in the romantic comedy "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates," starring Zac Efron and Adam DeVine, he portrayed Keith. Both of these films were directed by Kevin Willmott. Last but not least, he had a role as an inmate in "Boo! A Madea Halloween."
In the 2020 Netflix mystery comedy "Hubie Halloween," in which Crawford plays the role of Farmer Dave, Crawford and Adam Sandler worked together again. The following year, he performed the role of Donny in the dark comedy titled "On the Count of Three," which Jerrod Carmichael directed and also starred in. One of Crawford's other film credits is for the Kevin James-starring sports comedy "Home Team," which will premiere on Netflix in 2022.
Crawford has also made many appearances on the late-night panel discussion program "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore," where he has acted as both a panel member and a special reporter. These engagements are examples of Crawford's different types of public appearances.
In the year 2021, he was also the featured comedian in the critically praised comedy special known as "Comedy Vaccine." The recording of the show, which was later made available as an album, was considered for a nomination for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Comedy Album. In addition to her work in cinema and television, Crawford was also featured in the music video for the song "Tipsy," which was performed by the rapper J-Kwon.

Lavell Crawford's Net Worth

Lavell Crawford's net worth is estimated to be six million dollars. This evaluation is based on his performances as a stand-up comedian, his appearances on television, and his acting roles. In addition, Crawford has recorded a number of comedy albums and has been in a number of successful films, such as "Breaking Wind," "American Ultra," and "Meet the Blacks."
The amount of money that Lavell Crawford earns is different for each project that he works on. He brings in up to half a million dollars annually from his stand-up comedy tours. Additionally, he has been on well-known television programs such as "The Eric Andre Show" and "Workaholics," both of which are likely to have contributed to a rise in his salary.

Lavell Crawford Wife

Since 2009, Lavell Crawford has been married to his wife, DeShawn, and the couple has made their home in Los Angeles, in the state of California. Crawford has been quite open about his battles with his weight, and in recent years he has shed more than 120 pounds as a result of his efforts.
Awareness of mental health is something else that Crawford is an advocate for. He has been candid about his difficulties with anxiety and despair, as well as his diagnosis of bipolar illness, and both of these conditions have affected him. Crawford has made use of his position to raise awareness about this problem and urge people to seek assistance when they feel they need it.

Lavell Crawford Kids

Lavell Crawford and his wife, DeShawn have three children together.

Lavell Crawford on Getting "Breaking Bad" Role, Mad That He Was a Snitch

Some Interesting Facts About Lavell Crawford

  • In St. Louis County, Missouri, on November 11, 1968, Lavell Crawford was brought into this world.
  • Throughout his youth, he suffered from challenges related to his weight.
  • When Crawford was ten years old, he narrowly avoided drowning in an incident.
  • Elonda and Erica are Lavell's two sisters. Lavell is an only child.
  • At Missouri Western State College, he concentrated his studies on earning a degree in computer science.
  • The year 1990 marked the beginning of Lavell Crawford's professional career as a stand-up comedian.
  • In the 1990s, his appearances on BET's ComicView helped propel him to the forefront of the comedy world.
  • Crawford was on NBC's competition show "Last Comic Standing" in 2007.
  • In both the original Breaking Bad and the subsequent spin-off, Better Call Saul, Lavell played the part of Saul Goodman's bodyguard, Huell Babineaux.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Tosh.0, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, and Aqua TV Show Show are just a few of the humorous programs in which he has starred as a comedic guest star.
  • A nomination for the Grammy Award in the category of Best Comedy CD was submitted for Crawford's 2021 Comedy Vaccine special CD.
  • In March of 2016, Lavell's weight reached its utmost, which was about 500 pounds.
  • By the time August 2017 rolled around, he had effectively reduced his weight to 298 pounds thanks to the gastric sleeve surgery he had undergone.
  • In addition to his work as a comedian, Lavell has also had appearances in a number of films, some of which include "The Ridiculous 6," "American Ultra," and "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates."
  • In animated episodes such as "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and "Legends of Chamberlain Heights," he provided the voices of several characters.

People Also Ask

When Did Lavell Crawford Was Born?

Lavell Crawford was born on November 11, 1968.

What Brings Lavell Crawford The Most Fame?

He is most recognized for his role as Huell Babineaux in the television series Breaking Bad and the spin-off Better Call Saul.

In Which Category Of The Grammy Awards Did He Earn A Nomination?

The 2021 Comedy Vaccine special CD by Lavell was considered a contender for the award for Best Comedy CD.

In Which Television Competition Did He Take Part In 2007?

In 2007, Lavell Crawford participated in NBC's competition known as "Last Comic Standing."

In Which Two Television Series Did He Perform As The Character Huell Babineaux?

Lavell was cast in the role of Huell Babineaux in both the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul television series.

What Cartoon Series Did Lavell Provide His Voice?

The animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Legends of Chamberlain Heights both used him as a voice actor for various characters.


American comedian and actor Lavell Crawford is very skilled and successful and has had a huge impact on the entertainment business. He has gained a loyal fan following all around the globe because of his distinctive style, humorous mastery, and outstanding performances. Lavell's path is an uplifting story of perseverance and achievement, from his early battles with weight to his ascent to prominence in stand-up comedy and memorable parts in successful TV programs and movies.
Lavell Crawford's net worth is 6 million dollars. His memorable performances as Huell Babineaux in Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad demonstrate his acting range. Lavell Crawford has a long history in comedy because of his endearing charisma and wit, which continue to make audiences smile.
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