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Laura Prepon Net Worth 2022 – Birthday, Age, Height, Husband And Kids

How much is Laura Prepon net worth? She has a vivid, charming, and amazing personality.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 25, 2022
Laura Prepon net worthis estimated to be $14 million in 2022.
She is an American actress and director. She is also a best-selling author.
In a short period, she has put a mark over her audience.
Laura Prepon was born on 7th March 1980, in Watchung, New Jersey, USA.
Her birth name is Laura Helene Prepon and she is 40 years old.
She is known to be of Russian Jewish and Irish Catholic descent.
Her residence is in New York and she also owns a lavish mansion in Los Angeles.

Laura Prepon Early Life

Laura is the youngest among his siblings.
She spent her childhood in Watchung where she attended Watchung Hills Regional High School.
To pursue her acting interests, she took admission to Total Theatre Lab in New York City. She was trained in acting by her teacher Caroline Thomas.

Laura Prepon Career

Laura’s career kicked off as a model.
Her height landed her with many good offers while she was learning acting.
In 1998, she had the breakthrough when she bagged Donna Pinciotti’s role in "That 70's Show."
She debuted in films with Southlander.
Her other works that gained popularity were "Lightning Bug," "The Girl on the Train," "Come Early Morning," and her role as Alex Vause in Netflix's original, Orange is the New Black. Laura Prepon has also authored a book, “The Stash Plan” with Elizabeth Troy. The book is a New York Times Best Seller.

Laura Prepon Talks Orange Is the New Black Season 3 - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Laura Prepon Husband

Laura Prepon married the American actor Ben Foster in June 2018 after Laura gave birth to their daughter. Ben Foster is well known for movies like the Punisher, X-Men: The Last Stand, Alpha Dog, The Messenger, Pandorum, and The Mechanic. His estimated net worth is $22 Million.

Laura Prepon Kids

Laura Prepon has two kids. They named their daughter Ella who is 3-year-old. Then in February 2020, the couple had a son.

Laura Prepon Parents

Laura Prepon was born to Marjorie and Michael Prepon. Her mother was a high school teacher and gourmet chef at the home. Her father was an orthopedic surgeon. When she was 13 years old, her father passed away during heart surgery.

Laura Prepon Siblings

Laura has four siblings namely Stephanie Prepon, Jocelyn Prepon, Brad Prepon, and Danielle Prepon.

Laura Prepon Salary Per Episode

In her last television series, Orange is the new Black, she charged $35,000 as a salary for each episode.

Laura Prepon Boyfriend And Dating

Laura Prepon had two long-term known relationships.
Firstly, she dated Christopher Masterson who is the brother of Danny Masterson, his co-star in the well-known sitcom, “That 70’s Show.” But their difference spoiled their relationship, and they broke off. Then, Laura dated actor Michael Foster. They shared a relationship for 5 years before they called it off.
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