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Lana Del Rey Promotes New Album - Only One Billboard In Ex's Hometown

Lana Del Rey took being mean to a whole new level when she said she only put up one billboard to promote her new album, and it was in the town of her ex-boyfriend.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Dec 27, 2022
Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, Lana Del Rey's ninth studio album, will come out next year. But instead of putting up multiple billboards to promote the album, Lana del Rey promotes new albumwith only one billboard and put up just one in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the hometown of her ex-boyfriend Sean "Sticks" Larkin.
The 37-year-old took a shot at her ex Sean "Sticks" Larkin, who she dated for six months before they broke up in 2020 because of their "busy schedules." Larkin is a reality TV star and a retired police sergeant. He has been on A&E's reality show "Live PD" and co-hosts the podcast "Coptales and Cocktails."

Lana Del Rey Promotes New Album With Only One Billboard

Video: Lana Del Rey promotes new album in Tulsa, ex-boyfriend’s hometown

Fans think that Lana Del Rey is being mean to an ex-boyfriend on purpose in order to promote her new music. In 2023, Del Rey will put out a new album called Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd?
In addition to announcing the album and song, Del Rey put up ads for the album in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is where Larkin grew up. Instead of putting up ads for the album on billboards all over the U.S., Del Rey chose to only put up one to promote her album, Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd?
She wrote "There's only one and it's in Tulsa" as the photo's caption and "It's. Personal" as a comment on the post. In 2020, the two were seen posing together on the red carpet at the 62nd Grammy Awards. On March 10, Del Rey will release her ninth studio album.
Fans noticed that she put out the song's title track on December 7, which seems to be Larkin's birthday. Fans applauded the musician for taking things to a new level of petty with her billboard. The Grammy-nominated singer told W magazine in May that her new music is "angry" and "conversational."
I’ve been practicing meditative automatic singing, where I don’t filter anything. I’ll just sing whatever comes to mind into my Voice Notes app. It’s not perfect, obviously.- Lana Del Rey
There are pauses, and I stumble. But I’ve been sending those really raw-sounding files to a composer, Drew Erickson, and he’ll add an orchestra beneath the words, matching each syllable with music and adding reverb to my voice- Lana Del Rey
When I'm singing automatically, I don't have time to think about things in terms of colors. It's a lot of thinking. There were so many color references in 'Honeymoon'.- Lana Del Rey
For this new music, there’s none of that at all. It’s more just like: I’m angry. The songs are very conversational. For the first song, I pressed record and sang, ‘When I look back, tracing fingertips over plastic bags, I think I wish I could extrapolate some small intention or maybe get your attention for a minute or two.’ It’s a very wordy album. So there’s no room for color. It’s almost like I’m typing in my mind.- Lana Del Rey
Del Rey's new album will come almost four years after 2019's critically acclaimed "Norman F—ing Rockwell," which was full of references to L.A. landmarks like Laurel Canyon, Long Beach, the Venice boardwalk, and a bar where the Beach Boys used to hang out.
The title track of "Did You Know..." is a slow-moving piano ballad that pays tribute to an Art Deco pedestrian tunnel under Ocean Boulevard at Pine Avenue in Long Beach. The Times reported in 1992 that the 181-foot-long tunnel with a vaulted ceiling was built in 1927 "so that beachgoers could avoid traffic-clogged streets."
Lana's ninth studio album is set to come out on March 10, and it will feature Jon Batiste, Jack Antonoff's Bleachers, Father John Misty, Judah Smith, Tommy Genesis, and SYML.


Lana Del Rey is the queen of being petty, and we love her for it. The singer decided to put up only one billboard to promote her upcoming album Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. It is somewhere in the hometown of her ex-lover.
Fans think that this one promotion is aimed at her ex-boyfriend, a Tulsa cop who used to be on the popular TV show Live PD. They broke up in 2020, according to Billboard. The music and entertainment magazine also said that her fans noticed that she announced her new album and put out the title track on December 7, which was the birthday of her ex-boyfriend.
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