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Kit DesLauriers Net Worth - First Person To Skied All Seven Of The World's Highest Mountains

Kit DesLauriers is an American ski mountaineer who was the first person to ski down all seven of the world's highest mountains. In 2015, National Geographic named her Adventurer of the Year for her ski-mountaineering achievements. She is the first woman to have won back-to-back World Freeskiing Champion titles, in 2004 and 2005. Here you will know Kit DesLauriers net worth.

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Sep 12, 2022
Kit DesLauriers, an American ski mountaineer, was the first person to ski down all seven of the world's highest mountains in a single descent. In 2015, the National Geographic Society named her the Adventurer of the Year in recognition of her achievements in ski mountaineering. Here you will know Kit DesLauriers net worth.
In 2004 and 2005, she became the first woman in history to successfully defend her title as World Freeskiing Champion back-to-back. In 1998, as Kit was perched on a mountain in the Indian state of Sikkim, she had the epiphany that she wanted to ski the advanced terrain.
Kit had her own epiphany while she was looking around at the gorgeous Himalayan peaks where so many other people had come in quest of life-changing events. She couldn't shake the feeling that she should have brought her skis with her, and it led to her realization.

Early Life Of Kit DesLauriers

Kit DesLauriers wearing a blue jacket, red bonnet, and blue ski goggles on top of snowy mountain
Kit DesLauriers wearing a blue jacket, red bonnet, and blue ski goggles on top of snowy mountain
DesLauriers was raised on both Long Island, New York, and Westport, Massachusetts during his childhood. He was born in Albany, New York. Her grandfather was responsible for building the very first chairlift at Stowe Mountain, which is located in Vermont. Then, just before she started her senior year of high school, her family relocated to Arizona.
Trail jogging and rock climbing were two of DesLauriers' favorite activities while she was a student at the University of Arizona, where she earned a degree in environmental political science. Kit was awarded a scholarship from the National Outdoor Leadership School when she was attending collegein Arizona.
Thanks to this award, Kit was able to study abroad in Alaska for a whole semester during the summer of 1991. During her time at college, she also posed for a short period of time. This allowed her to travel to Europe and improve her skiing, particularly in Verbier.
Following graduation from college, she relocated to Telluride, Colorado, where she remained a resident for almost ten years. In addition, she spent a significant amount of time in Indian Creek, Utah. During her time in Telluride, she volunteered a significant amount of her time with the San Miguel County Search and Rescue Team.
In addition, she worked for the ski patrol at Telluride Ski Resort for two seasons, during which time she obtained her EMT certification and received extensive training in both technical and helicopter rescue.

Biography Of Kit DesLauriers

Surviving the Seven Summits | Explorers in the Field

When she reached that point, she made the decision to concentrate on ski mountaineering and started honing her talents in order to be able to ski anything, anywhere in the world.
She is now known for several first descents, including the first ski descent of the Polish Glacier on Aconcagua in Argentina, the first female ski descent of Vinson Massif in Antarctica, and the first woman to ski from the summit of Mt. Everest in Nepal.
She focused her efforts, and as a result, she has several first descents to her name. Kit is an expert rock climber and has recently added road and mountain bike racing to her list of summertime activities. She is also a skilled skier and ski mountaineer.
During a ski trip that Kit took to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska in 2010, he skied all the way from the southernmost point of the Brooks Range/Arctic Refuge to the Beaufort Sea, which is approximately sixty miles to the north. Kit says of this trip,
“It is the one place in the world that I have been that I know I will go back to. The Arctic Refuge has the wildest silence of anyplace I’ve visited and I believe strongly in protecting the entire ecosystem with a wilderness designation.”
Kit is busy raising her two young children in a way that develops their respect for the natural world and offers them the ability to move around safely in the natural environment. When she is not skiing, climbing, or riding, Kit is busy raising her daughters in this manner.
Grace and Tia have a shared enthusiasm for spending time outside with their parents engaging in activities such as climbing, skiing, hiking, and camping.

Career Highlights Of Kit DesLauriers

Ski Mountaineering

  • Inductee into the Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame for the Year 2011
  • In April of 2010, the first ski descents were made in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, including on Mount Isto, which is the highest peak in the Brooks Range.
  • October 2006: First person to ski from all seven summits, and first woman to ski from the summit of Everest.
  • First complete descent direct from the summit of Polish Glacier, Aconcagua, Argentina (22,834 feet), in December of 2005
  • First descent by a woman on skis was made on Vinson Massif, Antarctica (16,067 feet), in December of 2005.
  • The first woman to ski down the North Face of Mt. Elbrus, which is located in Russia and stands at an elevation of 18,540 feet, did it in June of 2005.
  • In May of 2004, an American lady became only the second woman in history to ski down Mount McKinley, which is located in Alaska and stands at an elevation of 20,320 feet.
  • First ski descent by a woman and first descent of the Therma Glacier on Mount Aspiring in New Zealand in November 2003
  • Ford Couloir, located in Grand Teton, Wyoming (at an elevation of 13,770 feet), features many descents.

Free Skiing

  • 2005 Freeskiing World Tour Winner for the Female Division
  • 2005 U.S. World Champion in Women's Freeskiing
  • Winner of the Women's Freeskiing World Tour in 2004

Media Highlights

  • Both Kit's success and the Everest trip were highlighted in an article published in USA Today titled "Everest Crowning Glory of Seven Peak Dream" and in an episode of The Early Show on CBS Online titled "First Woman Skis Mount Everest."
  • He was recognized as one of the "Top 25 Athletesof the Year" by Outside magazine.
  • Skiing magazine has bestowed upon Kit the title of "Female Golden Crampon award."

Kit DesLauriers Net Worth

Kit DesLauriers - #TheTrailToSuccess

Skier Kit DesLauriers is responsible for the majority of her estimated $5 million net worth that she has accumulated over the course of her career. Often referred to as the "Skier of the United States of America," in popular culture.
She is considered to be one of the skiers who has had the most success throughout history. Being a successful American skier is the primary source of income and contributor to Kit DesLauriers's net worth.
Kit has been a part of The North Face Global Athlete Team ever since it was founded in 2005. Both National Geographic and Outside Magazine have honored her as one of the women who have had the greatest influence on our world by designating her as their respective "Adventurer of the Year."

Kit DesLauriers Published Book

In her book, "Higher Love: Skiing the Seven Summits," Kit DesLauriers, who was the first person to ski the highest peak on each continent, recounts her historic accomplishment of becoming the first person to do so.
This personal narrative is chock full of lessons on how to live a life with intention, how to manage risk, as well as the partnerships and experiences that make life worthwhile.

Relationship Of Kit DesLauriers

During a climbing expedition to Mount Belukha in Siberia in 1999, DesLauriers and her future husband, Rob DesLauriers, first connected with one another. She is a stonemason and manages a landscape design company called Rockit Corporation from their home in Teton Village, Wyoming, where the pair has made their home together.
DesLauriers is not only a contender on the road and mountain bicycles, but she is also a ski instructor for other female skiers and the director of the "Turn It Up Women's Ski Camps."

Quick Facts About Kit DesLauriers

  • Favorite Destination for Your Sport: Tetons
  • Favorite The North Face Product: Women’s Catalyst Jacket but she calls it a down sweater. Indispensable and ultra compressible.
  • Proudest Moment in Your Career: First person to ski the 7 Summits
  • Causes: Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Keep Yellowstone Nuclear Free
  • Words to Live By: Think Big
  • Favorite Movie: Revolutionary Road (how not to live!)
  • Favorite Magazine: National Geographic
  • Favorite Book: Thinking Body, Dancing Mind
  • Favorite Piece of Your Sport’s History: First ski descent of Grand Teton by Bill Briggs, 1971
  • Most Recent Epic: Skiing from the summit of Mt. Everest.
  • Ambition: Be a Great Mom and a Mountain Mama
  • Inspiration Within the Sport: Watching other people push their limits
  • How does she prepare for a day in the backcountry?: With 2 cups of coffee and a huge breakfast even if it’s before 5 am while making a thermos of tea for the summit.
  • What advice does she have for staying safe out there? Always carry a headlamp.
  • Favorite Place to Travel: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, it is super quiet and wildly beautiful Otherwise Nepal and Hawaii

People Also Ask

How Many People Have Skied The Seven Summits?

There has only ever been one individual who has done that. Kit DesLauriers is widely regarded as one of the most successful ski mountaineers in the annals of the sport's history.
She holds the distinction of being the first person to ski down from the summit of each of the Seven Summits, and she has won consecutive Freeride World Tour titles.

Is Kit DesLauriers Married?

During a climbing expedition to Mount Belukha in Siberia in 1999, DesLauriers and her future husband, Rob DesLauriers, first connected with one another.

Where Does Kit DesLauriers Live?

Kit DesLauriers is a stonemason and the owner of the landscape design company Rockit Corporation. She and her husband Rob DesLauriers make their home in Teton Village, Wyoming.


Kit DesLauriers, an American ski mountaineer, was the first person to ski down all seven of the world's highest mountains in a single descent. Kit is the first woman to ski down Mount Everest, Aconcagua, Antarctica's Vinson Massif, and Mt. Aspiring in New Zealand.
She has won two straight titles as the World Freeskiing Women's Champion. In addition to that, she is responsible for multiple first ski descents of the United States Arctic's highest peaks. Now you know Kit DesLauriers net worth.
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