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Kesha Net Worth 2022 - Birthday, Age, Height, Boyfriend And Parents

How much money is Kesha worth? She is a vegetarian and she openly talks about being bisexual. As of 2022, Kesha net worth is $11 million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Aug 31, 2022
Kesha net worthis $11 million as of 2022.
As one of the best American singersand songwriters, Kesha has gained a huge following over the years.
Her songs often get played on the radio.

Kesha Early Life

Born on 1 March 1987 in Los Angeles City in California and currently, her age 33 years, a height of 1.75m and hold an American nationality. The singer was named Kesha Rose Sebert; she lives in Los Angeles with her family. She was born into a musical family because her mother was a singer and a songwriter. Her mother is popularly known as Rosemary “Pebe” Sebert; she also co-wrote the Old flames can’t hold a candle in the year 1978.
Her mother played a significant role in bringing up Kesha and her brothers. Financially weak, she started working as a music writer to feed her children. Kesha even faced an outcast at the school as she wore household clothes and dyed her hair.
Later she dropped out of school at the age of 17 years to pursue her career in music. After that, she was accepted at Barnard Collegefor her further studies.

Kesha Career

At the age of 17 years, she left high school to make her career in music. After changing her name to Kesha, she moved to Los Angeles, and she worked with producer Dr Luke. In the year 2005, she was signed to the label kemosabe records for different songs. Kemosabe Records is the best music publishing company that is owned by sony music entertainment.
Having success with this company, Kesha signed with David Sonenberg’s management company. After having all the experience with different producers, Kesha signed in with a multi-album deal with RCA Records. There she worked for six years in the material.

Kesha Broke into Prince's House

Net worth$11 million
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Composer, Actress
Birthday1 March 1987
Age35 years
Height5 feet 9 inches

Kesha Personal Life

Kesha is a vegetarian, and she openly speaks that she is a bisexual person. With open nature, she performed legal commitment ceremonies for same-sex and opposite-sex couples.
On the other hand, she was suffering from an eating disorder, and she is undergoing treatment. She was in rehab for two months for having the treatment of this disorder. Kesha believes in God. She also says that she views to nature, space, and energy, and the universe.

Kesha Discography

There are different songs that Kesha has performed; some of them are with animals in the year 2010. In the year 2012, Warrior gave her great success, and then she sang rainbow in the year 2017. After that, she just sang a high road in the year 2021.

Kesha Parents

Kesha and her brothers are brought up by her mother, Pebe Sebert, also a well-known American singer and songwriter. Kesha doesn’t speak about her father as she saw her mother upbringing them.

Kesha Siblings

She has two brothers - lagan Blue Sebert and Louie Sebert; the three have spent their childhood together. Louie Sebert is born on 12 October 1999, and he is now 20 years old, known popularly as a younger brother of Kesha. Lagan is the older brother of Kesha, who is well known as a producer and a director for different films.

Kesha Boyfriends

Brad Ashenfelter is Kesha's boyfriend for a long time; the stardom might be the secret of their romantic success. They are in a relationship since 2014, and the couple met because of Kesha's hairstylist. He wrote for the website, and when seeing his bio, he spends most of his time listening to CDs and records.

Kesha House And Resident

She lives in Brentwood, Tennessee, the ultra-modern villa which was built on speculation by a developer. The villa is 5,942 square feet, which includes five bedrooms in common.
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