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Keanu Reeves Net Worth - How Much Money Did He Make On The Matrix?

Is there a more popular Hollywood star than Keanu Reeves? After all, as his net worth shows, Reeves' fans love to spend their hard-earned money on a ticket to see one of his movies over and over again.

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Keanu Reeves is one of the most famous actorsin Hollywood, andKeanu Reeves net worthis even more impressive.
The actor has spent millions over the course of his career, but mostly on other people.
Keanu has always been known for being kind and giving, like when he gave Harleys to the stunt crew.
Reeves has been entertaining audiences for more than 30 years, in everything from screwball comedies to dramas, romantic comedies, and really gory action movies.
You wouldn't know it by looking at him, though, because he doesn't seem to age at all.
He also stays very humble and doesn't act like he deserves anything.

Who Is Keanu Reeves?

Keanu Reeves in a suit while smiling in the Matrix premiere
Keanu Reeves in a suit while smiling in the Matrix premiere
Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor who is known for his roles in movies like The Matrix, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and Speed.
His career doesn't seem to be limited to one type of movie.
He's done comedies, sci-fi, action, and horror movies.
Reeves is still making progress in his acting career, and he is working on a number of projects.
In 1986, he got his big break in the movie River's Edge, which was the start of his career.
After this, he was in the hit movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and its follow-up, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.
These movies got him started as an actor, but the movies he chose to make kept getting bad reviews.
He didn't start getting good reviews and making money at the box office until The Devil's Advocate.
NameKeanu Reeves
Date Of BirthSeptember 2, 1964
ProfessionActor, Voice Actor, Producer, Director, Musician
Net Worth$380 million

Keanu Reeves Net Worth

Keanu Reeves's Lifestyle 2022

Keanu Reeves has a net worth of $380 million.
He is an actor, musician, producer, and philanthropist.
He has been in dozens of movies over the years, and some of them have made billions of dollars at the box office.
He may be best known for his work on The Matrix and the John Wick movies.
Reeves became an A-list actor after the success of the action movie Speed in 1994, which won two Academy Awards and made a total of $350.5 million internationally and domestically.

Keanu Reeves Earnings From The Matrix

Neo vs Merovingian | The Matrix Reloaded [IMAX]

Will Smith turned down the part of Neo in The Matrix, so Keanu got the part. His salary would be $10 million upfront.
He also got a piece of the back-end earnings, which, thanks to the movie's unexpected success, added up to $35 million for the first film.
After accounting for inflation, that's the same as about $53 million.
Warner Bros. said that the fourth Matrix movie would be coming out in August 2019.
With DVD sales (The Matrix was one of the best-selling DVDs of all time) and the huge box office success of the second and third movies, Keanu's backend bonuses would eventually make him the highest-paid actor of all time for a single franchise.
Bonus money from the second and third movies gave Keanu at least $120 million.
As of this writing, he has made more than $200 million from all of The Matrix's income streams.

Keanu Reeves Salary Highlights

Keanu's first movie, Youngblood, came out in 1986, and he only made $3000 for it.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure paid him $95,000 for his part.
For the 1994 movie Speed, he made $1.2 million.
Taking inflation into account, that is the same as about $2 million.
He said no to $11 million to be in the second Speed movie.
He told them he couldn't talk to them because he was on tour with his band.
For Johnny Mnemonic, he made $2 million, and for The Devil's Advocate, he made $8 million.
Siberia$15 million
Replicas$8 million
Rally Car$15 million
John Wick$6 million
John Wick: Chapter 2$5 million + 15% of Revenue
The Matrix$10 million + 10% Revenue
The Matrix Reloaded$15 million + 15% of Revenue
The Matrix Revolutions$15 million + 15% of Revenue
Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey$650 thousand
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure$95 thousand
The Devil’s Advocate$8 million
The Replacements$12.5 million

How Much Does Keanu Reeves Make Per Movie?

Top 10 Keanu Reeves Movies

Reeves' pay per movie is very different depending on whether he takes a bigger up-front salary or back-end pay and box office gross bonuses.
On the high end, he can get up to $15 million upfront per movie.
On the low end, he might only get $1 million upfront for some projects.

Keanu Reeves Real Estate

It makes sense that Reeves lives in the Hollywood Hills, near people like Calvin Klein and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Velvet Ropes talked about his beautiful property, which is said to be worth more than $8 million.
The 5,607-square-foot home is thought to be worth a whopping $8.07 million right now.
The house has only two bedrooms and three bathrooms and is on a.41-acre lot. The single-family home was built in 1988.
It has a pool, a three-car garage, and what looks like a courtyard from the air.
Reeves has homes in both Hawaii and Malibu, so his beach houses may be just as nice.
The beautiful home in Hawaii is worth more than $6 million.
People say he buys the house in 2015.
Velvet Rope talks about how the beach house in Hawaii looks.
The beautiful house on a hill sold for a crazy $6.8 million.
It is 10,245 square feet, has 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 3 stories, and the most beautiful infinity pool you've ever seen looking out over the city.

Keanu Reeves Charities

10 Heartmelting Stories That Prove Keanu Reeves Is Not A Normal Celebrity

Reeves set up a charity to help people with cancer, but he chose not to put his name on it.
He gives money to PETA, Stand up to Cancer, and the SickKids Foundation.
He has a private charity that helps pay for cancer research and keeps hospitals for children running.
He has also given his time (and a lot of star power) to help raise money for efforts to get rid of cancer and find better ways to treat it.
Reeves really cares about this cause, but he has also given money to make sure that the people who work on his movies get paid more fairly.
The way Reeves lives his life is not based on excess or being better than others.
Instead, the star seems to be happiest when he can use the money he makes from his talents to help people without making a big deal about being famous.

People Also Ask

Is Keanu Reeves Still Rich?

As an actor, musician, producer, and philanthropist, Keanu Reeves's net worth is estimated to be at $380 million dollars.
Numerous films featuring him have grossed millions of dollars in box office receipts.

How Much Does Keanu Reeves Get Paid Per Movie?

Keanu Reeves used to get $15 million up front for each movie, plus a cut of the box office.
The Matrix movies brought in about $250 million for him.

Is Keanu Reeves A Billionaire?

Keanu Reeves is a well-known actor who has made a lot of money from movies over the years.
Neo, take the red pill.
You'll get rich from it.
Forbes says that Keanu Reeves's net worth is $360 million as of 2019.


Keanu Reeves' career doesn't look like it will slow down any time soon.
His net worth shows how busy and varied his career is, and it will continue to grow as his career does.
He has worked as an actor, producer, director, writer, and, musician, all of which have added a lot to his portfolio.
Keanu Reeves net worthis about $380 million as of June 2022.
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