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K Michelle Net Worth 2022 – Birthday, Age, Height, Boyfriend And Songs

Kimberly Michelle Pate, more known as K Michelle, is an American songwriter and R&B singer. As of 2022, K Michelle net worth is $15 million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 26, 2022
K Michelle net worthin 2022 is $15 million, which she has earned from promotions, reality TV shows, and album sales.
Kimberly Michelle Pate, more popularly known as K Michelle, is an American songwriter, R&B singer, and TV personality.
She had started her career with a B-charting single known as “Fakin’ It” in 2009.
Now she has become a popular name in the American music industry.

K Michelle Early Life

A lot of fans want to know about K Michelle's early life. K Michelle Birthday is on 4th March because she was born Kimberly Michelle Pate on 4th March 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee, The USA. She learned to play guitar, piano, and singing from Bob Westbrook. Her trainer had also trained famous stars such as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.
She completed her graduation from Overton High School in Memphis in 2000, and then she got a music scholarship to Florida A&M University through an audition. Her music education was interrupted because she was expecting a baby boy, and then she returned to complete her training. Kimberley graduated from FAMU in honours, but she chose to pursue her career in Music.

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Net worth$15 Million
ProfessionR&B singer, TV personality, songwriter
Salary pr year$100,000 per year
Birthday4th March 1986
Age34 years old
Height5’5” tall
BoyfriendDr. Kastan Sims
EducationOverton High School, A&M University
SisterShalah Pate
Real nameKimberly Michelle Pate
Zodiac signPisces

K Michelle Career

K Michelle's career in music started in 2009 when she signed a contract deal with Jive Records. Her first single was titled “Fakin’It,” which quickly became a popular song in the USA. Following the success of the first single, "Fallin," "I Just Can't Do This," and "How Many Times” were released in 2010. She produced some of the most popular albums in her career; that’s why K Michelle Discography includes popular records such as Rebellious Soul (2013). Anybody wants to Buy a Heart? (2014), More Issues Than Vogue (2016), Kimberly: The People I Used to Know (2017), and All Monsters Are Human (2020).

K Michelle Personal Life

Millions of K Michelle fans want to get K Michelle Biography because they want to know what’s going on in her personal life. She became a mom during her collegedays, but she is not married. She is currently dating Kastan Sims. These two have been together for more than 19 years, but she has never confirmed him as her husband.

K Michelle Filmography

She had portrayed Pepper’s character in 2014’s Rebellious Soul Musical movie, but she has been quite active on TV shows. She has appeared on the following shows.
  • Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
  • Love & Hip Hop: New York
  • K. Michelle: My Life
  • Love & Hip Hop Live: The Wedding
  • Punk'd
  • L.A. Hair
  • Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood
  • Leave It To Stevie as a Guest
  • Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
  • American Soul Martha Reeves
  • Killer Curves: Bodies to Die for
That’s all K Michelle filmography includes.

K Michelle Awards And Nominations

K Michelle was nominated for the Best Female R&B/Pop Artist in BET Awards during 2014, 2015, And 2016. She won the Outstanding New Artist award in 2014’s NAACP Image Awards, and she was also nominated for the Best New Artist in 2013’s Soul Train Music Awards, and she won that award.

K Michelle Birthday

K Michelle was born on 4 March 1986, and she celebrates her birthday with her boyfriend and friends. And her age is 34 years.

K Michelle Born

She was born on 4th March 1986.

K Michelle Height

K Michelle owns a charming figure and looks like a tall girl, but she is 5’5” tall.

K Michelle Occupation

K Michelle is an R&B singer, TV personality, reality show guest, and she also enjoys writing new songs. She is a versatile artist, and her skills encourage many young artists to be like her.

K Michelle Spouse

K Michelle is not married. However, she has been in a relationship with Kastan Sims for almost 20 years. They both have a son, “Chase Bowman,” but yet both are dating. Neither Kimberley nor Kastan has ever confirmed that both are married.

K Michelle Children

K Michelle has only one son Chase Bowman, born while completing her graduation from Florida A&M University. Her son was born in September 2004, and today, he is 15 years old.

K Michelle YouTube Career

K Michelle has 969K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Viewers from all across the globe search for her songs on YouTube, and she might soon reach 1M followers on YouTube because her new song Rain has taken YouTube by storm.

K Michelle Genres

K Michelle is working in Contemporary R&B and Soul Music genres. Her albums quickly got popular in these two genres. That’s why she has a huge fan following on multiple social media platforms.

K Michelle Family

As you know, K Michelle's real name is Kimberly Michelle, but she has not revealed too much about her family. There is no information regarding her parents, but she was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She has a sister, “Shalah Pate,” a son, and a boyfriend.

K Michelle Education

K Michelle has completed her graduation from Overton High School, and then she got a scholarship in music from Florida A&M University, where she completed her graduation.

K Michelle Nationality

K Michelle is an American national. She lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

K Michelle Religion

Although K Michelle is a Christian, some people criticized her for keeping Lord Buddha’s statue in her home.

K Michelle House And Residence

K Michelle lives in Memphis, Tennessee, and you can contact her via her social media profiles or through her agent.

K Michelle Real Name

K Michelle’s real name is Kimberly Michelle Pate, which she proudly kept till the date.

K Michelle Nickname

Kimberly is her full name, but fans know her as K. Michelle, like her nickname and stage name.

K Michelle Boyfriend

K Michelle says she is dating Dr Kastan Sims for more than 19 years. They both have spent many years together, and they also have a son.

K Michelle Best Movies

K Michelle has played Pepper’s character in her 2014’s Rebellious Soul Musical movie. She did not appear in any other film after that.

K Michelle Upcoming Album

K Michelle has announced that her fifth album, “All Monsters Are Human,” will release in 2020. Fans are already waiting eagerly for her new songs.

K Michelle Salary

According to her earnings to date, she makes $100,000 per year, $8,333.33 per month, and $1,923.08 per week. She performs in many shows, concerts, albums, and events. That’s how she makes such a massive amount of money every year.

K Michelle Zodiac Sign

K Michelle’s zodiac sign is Pisces.

K Michelle YouTube

K Michelle has an official YouTube channel where all her new songs are published for the fans. She has 969K followers on this platform.

K Michelle Twitter

K Michelle’s Twitter ID is @kmichelle, and she has 1.69 million followers on Twitter.

K Michelle Instagram

Her Instagram id is “k Michelle music,” and she has 6.6 million followers on this platform.

K Michelle Facebook

K Michelle has almost 5 million followers on Facebook. Her Facebook name is K. Michelle, and you can find her with @kmichellemusic ID.
No K. Michelle and Keyshia Cole are not related, but they both appeared on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.
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