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Julie Brady Net Worth - Wealth Of The Older Sister Of Tom Brady

Julie Brady is famous because she is the sister of Tom Brady, the famous quarterback for the New England Patriots. Thomas Brady Senior and Galynn Patricia's first child is Julie Brady. If you are here to know Julie Brady net worth, you came to the right place.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Nov 30, 2022
Julie Brady is best known as the sister of NFL legend Tom Brady and the wife of former MLB player Kevin Youkilis. On the other hand, Julie Brady is her own person. If you are here to know Julie Brady net worth, you came to the right place.
People think that Julie used to work as a teacher. Julie has always been in the spotlight in some way or another. She grew up in a family of very well-known athletes. Tom Brady and his sister Julie were both born on the same day, but three years apart. For the same reason, people often think they are twins.

Quick Facts About Julie Brady

NameJulie Brady
BirthdayAugust 3, 1974
Net worth$1 million

Who Is Julie Brady?

Julie Brady is a well-known person who is best known for being on the show Family Guy. Julie was born in California on August 3, 1974. Gisele Bundchen is her sister-in-law, and her nieces and nephews Vivian, Benjamin, and John are all well-known.
She is best known as the sister of Tom Brady, the great quarterback for the New England Patriots. Even though they were born three years apart, they are sometimes called twins because they share the same birthday.
She went to California's St. Mary's Collegeand played soccer there. Brady still plays soccer in the Bay Area, but he only does it for fun.
Julie grew up with her three siblings: Maureen Brady, Nancy Brady, and her brother Tom Brady, who is the most well-known of the bunch. Leo is Julie Brady's star sign. Astrologers say that people born under the Leo sign are born to lead.

Who Is Julie Brady Brother?

Top 10 Greatest Tom Brady Moments of All Time

Tom Brady is an NFL player who plays American football. Brady is the quarterback for the New England Patriots. He is thought to be one of the best quarterbacks, if not the best, ever.
He just helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl, which was one of the best comebacks ever. Thomas Brady was born in San Mateo, California, on August 3, 1977. He is the only boy in his family. His sisters Nancy, Julie, and Maureen are older than him.
Brady was picked 199th overall by the New England Patriots in the sixth round of the NFL draft in 2000.
He has spent his whole professional football career with the Patriots. He has won five Super Bowls, been named Super Bowl MVP four times, and been named League MVP twice.
Tom Brady recently led the New England Patriots to victory in the Super Bowl. This was the biggest comeback in the history of the NFL Super Bowl.
Brady has become one of the best quarterbacks of all time and has won many awards, some of which are shown below. This man has won a lot of Super Bowls and made a lot of NFL history.

Julie Brady Net Worth

Julie used to be a teacher for kids with special needs. In the end, no new information about her job or career was found. Some sources say that she is worth about $1 million. On the other hand, Kevin Youkilis, who is her partner, is worth about $24 million.
Tom Brady, her brother, is a quarterback for an American football team, a spokesperson, and a business owner. Tom Brady is worth $250 million dollars. That is not the same as the $400 million fortune of his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen, to whom he used to be married. When Tom and Gisele got married, they were worth a total of $650 million.

People Also Ask

Who Is Julie Brady Married To?

She is married to Kevin Edmund. Kevin Edmund "Youk" Youkilis is an American former first baseman and third baseman who mostly played for the Boston Red Sox. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and played baseball at the University of Cincinnati before being picked up by the Red Sox in 2001.

Is Kevin Youkilis Still Married To Julie Brady?

Kevin Youkilis is married to Julie Brady. He used to play baseball. The couple started dating in 2011, and a year later, in April 2012, they got engaged and got married. They got married in New York City in front of their family and close friends. The ceremony was quiet.

What Happened To Kevin Youkilis?

Kevin Youkilis, a former MLB All-Star who played for 10 years and won two World Series with the Boston Red Sox in 2004 and 2007, has officially called it quits. Youkilis was one of baseball's best hitters when he was young, but injuries quickly ended his career.


Julie is a former special education teacher. Nothing new was learned regarding her employment or professional life. As much as $1 million, according to some estimates. Kevin Youkilis, her partner, net worth is nearly $24 million more.
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