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Who Is Judith Carmona? Her Biography, Career & Facebook

Judith Carmona is a missionary from Chihuahua, Mexico, who was sentenced to death, but the allegations on social media were all false.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 29, 202293K Shares1.2M Views
Judith Carmonais a missionary from Chihuahua, Mexico, who was sentenced to death, but the allegations on social media were all false. She was one of 229 Christian missionaries condemned to death for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The chain takes place in the aftermath of the Taliban abduction of 23 South Korean missionaries on July 19, 2007. Some were executed, while others were freed when the South Korean government paid a ransom.
The scam about missionaries began spreading through email and WhatsApp two years after the event. The claims that Islamic Afghans have executed 229 Christian missionaries in Iraq are completely incorrect.
Judith Carmona with a Golden hair
Judith Carmona with a Golden hair

Judith Carmona Message

On Twitter, a viral post about 229 Christian missionaries condemned to death by Afghan Islamic extremists is trending. People on social media notified the rest of the world about the execution and asked that they pray for the missionaries.
According to a Twitter user, the post was delivered by Judith Carmona, a Chihuahua missionary. Judith Carmona is a viral missionary in South Africa from Chihuahua. She posted on Facebook that on August 18, more than 200 Christian missionaries will be killed in Afghanistan. Netizens from all around the globe are seeking prayers for these missionaries and their families on social media.

Judith Carmona Missionary Afghanistan

Judith Carmona is a Chihuahua viral missionary. On August 18, a viral tweet about 229 Christian missionaries killed by Afghan Islamic extremists trended on Twitter. The letter was written by Judith Carmona, a Chihuahua missionary, according to Twitter user @JDoming3. She became famous after utilizing Twitter to spread a message about the assassination of 229 missionaries.

Judith Carmona O Missionário De Chihuahua

According to a Twitter user, she conducted research on the history of missionaries and discovered that evidence of their execution dated back to 2017. The viral message of Judith Carmona has terrified the living, who believe a mass killing of missionaries is unthinkable. Flathead Mama said she conducted research on Carmona and 229 other missionaries between 2010 and 2017 and found they were executed.

Judith Carmona Facebook

"Please let us pray for the 229 Christian missionaries condemned to death by Islamic Afghans tomorrow afternoon," Judith Carmona from Africa and Afghanistan said on Facebook on January 13, 2020.
Users of social media cautioned and informed opponents about the purported mass murder of 229 Christians who were falsely proclaiming the Gospel. On September 11th, 2017, an anonymous individual shared the prayer chain on a local media fan page.
According to reports, the message was posted on social media more than two years ago. The content has several indicators that it is bogus, such as many spelling and grammatical issues, as well as requests that you spread it and do it soon.


It's a fact that Judith's life and career are great right now. We can only hope she'll be able to do more in the future and continue to be an inspiration to everyone her age and also the younger generation who looks up to her.
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