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John Rich Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Wife And Kids

Rich began a solo career after leaving Lonestar in 1998, then in 2002 he and Big Kenny created the country combo Big & Rich. In this article, we examine John Rich net worth, career, and biography in more detail.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Sep 18, 2023
John Rich is an American country music artist and TV personality. John Rich's career as a performer with the band Lonestar began in 1992. He also co-recorded the group's number-one single, "Come Cryin' to Me," which he co-wrote. After quitting Lonestar in 1998, Rich started a solo career. In 2002, he and Big Kenny formed the country duo Big & Rich.
Rich began a solo career after leaving Lonestar in 1998, then in 2002 he and Big Kenny created the country combo Big & Rich. In this article, we examine John Rich net worth, career, and biography in more detail.

John Rich Wiki

NameJohn Rich
ProfessionSinger-songwriter, Record producer, Musician, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Bassist
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$25 Million
Date Of BirthJan 7, 1974
Place Of BirthAmarillo

Early Life

On January 7, 1974, John Rich was born in Amarillo, Texas. He was brought up in a musical household and started singing and playing the guitar at an early age. Rich was a student at the University of Tennessee and a member of the fraternity Phi Delta Theta. He relocated to Nashville after graduation and started a music career there.
Rich co-wrote the popular song "I Pray for You" for Jason Aldean, a country music performer. In addition, he co-wrote and produced songs for Kenny Chesney, Gretchen Wilson, and Faith Hill. He founded Big & Rich in 2004 with Big Kenny Alphin. The group's singles were "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" and "Lost in This Moment."

Music Career

John Rich singing
John Rich singing
John Rich has had a successful and multifaceted music career spanning several decades. Here's an overview of his music career:
  • Early Interest in Music -John Rich developed a passion for music at a young age and began playing the guitar as a child.
  • Songwriting Success -Before achieving fame as a performer, John Rich made a name for himself as a songwriter in Nashville. He co-wrote several hit songs for various country artists, including the chart-topping hit "Amazed" for the band Lonestar.
  • Lonestar -John Rich was a member of the popular country band Lonestar, where he contributed as a bass guitarist and songwriter. His time with Lonestar helped establish his reputation in the country music industry.
  • Formation of Big & Rich -In 2004, John Rich partnered with Kenny Alphin (Big Kenny) to form the country music duo Big & Rich. Their musical style combined elements of country, rock, and pop, which set them apart in the industry.
  • Big & Rich's Breakthrough -Big & Rich's debut album, "Horse of a Different Color" (2004), included hit singles like "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" and "Holy Water," which catapulted them to fame.
  • Songwriting and Hits -In addition to their own hits, John Rich and Big Kenny continued to write songs for other artists, contributing to the country music landscape.
  • Solo Career -While primarily known for his work with Big & Rich, John Rich has also pursued a solo career. He released solo albums, including "Son of a Preacher Man."
  • Television Appearances -John Rich appeared on reality television shows, most notably winning "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2011, which further raised his public profile.
  • Business Ventures -Outside of music, John Rich has been involved in various business ventures, including launching his own brand of whiskey, "Redneck Riviera," which expanded into a lifestyle brand.

The Lonestar Band

After relocating to Nashville, Rich encountered the country music trio Texasee while singing at the tourist park Opryland USA. Later, the group changed its name to Lonestar, and he joined it. The band's initial line-up included Rich, who played bass guitar, as well as Richie McDonald, Michael Britt, Randy Rainwater, and Dean Sams.
The next year, Lonestar released their self-titled first album via BNA Records. The album gave birth to the top-charting country song "No News." The second album by Lonestar, "Crazy Nights," was later released in 1997. Rich, who co-wrote the band's top-charting song "Come Cryin' to Me," appeared on just one more record.

John Rich Songs

John Rich, both as a solo artist and as a member of the duo Big & Rich, has released numerous songs throughout his career. Here are some notable songs associated with him:

Solo Songs

  • "Shuttin' Detroit Down"
  • "Country Done Come to Town"
  • "The Good Lord and the Man"
  • "Forever Loving You"
  • "You Had Me from Hell No"
  • "I Pray for You"
  • "Another You"
  • "The Good Lord and the Man"
  • "She's a Butterfly"
  • "Raisin' McCain"

Big & Rich Songs

  • "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)"
  • "Lost in This Moment"
  • "Comin' to Your City"
  • "8th of November"
  • "California"
  • "That's Why I Pray"
  • "Fake ID"
  • "Run Away with You"
  • "Lovin' Lately"
  • "Gravity"

John Rich Net Worth

The estimated net worth of John Rich, an American country music composer and vocalist, is $25 million. With the band Lonestar, he started making his wealth in 1992. Prior to beginning to sing, he played bass guitar in the band and alternated as lead singer with Richie McDonald.

Salary Report

Let's look at the most recent John Rich net worth report, which is provided below:
Salary Per Year$4,00,000
Salary Per Month$32,000
Salary Per Week$8,000
Salary Per Day$1140
Salary Per Hour$19

Real Estate

John Rich wearing a black jacket and black hat
John Rich wearing a black jacket and black hat

"Mt. Richmore" Mansion

John Rich paid $332,500 for a piece of property in Nashville in November 2005. He then acquired at least one other nearby lot to build a multi-acre playground. A lavish 20-room home of 17,000 square feet was then built by him.
The home contains five bedrooms, ten bathrooms, an elevator, a pool fashioned like a guitar, and a 4,000 square foot private club with a stage that can be used for exclusive music performances and a bar. The land he named "Mt. Richmore" is now thought to be worth $8 million.


Rich typically uses his Imperial instead of the Cadillac as his everyday transportation when the weather is warmer. Because Imperials were only produced for a short period of time, he claims, "it's a rare car." Rich finds the Imperial to be an intriguing vehicle due of its large tailfins.

Lifestyle Of John Rich

John Rich at a conference
John Rich at a conference
  • Music Career -John Rich was dedicated to his music career. He was a successful country music artist known for his work as one half of the duo Big & Rich. He was involved in songwriting, recording, and performing live shows.
  • Business Ventures -In addition to his music career, John Rich has been involved in various business ventures. He has his own brand of whiskey called "Redneck Riviera," which includes a line of whiskey and lifestyle products.
  • Television Appearances -John Rich appeared on television shows, including winning "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2011, where he competed for charity. His appearances on TV contributed to his public profile.
  • Philanthropy -John Rich has been involved in philanthropic activities and charity work, often supporting causes he is passionate about.
  • Real Estate -As mentioned earlier, John Rich owned a notable estate called "Mount Richmore" in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Family -John Rich's family life is typically kept more private. He has been married, and he and his spouse have children.

Reality Television

Rich has been on several reality television shows. In 2008, he started presenting the brand-new CMT celebrity reality series "Gone Country," in which a variety of celebritiesattempt to create country songs with the help of industry experts. Rich remained the show's presenter until its conclusion in 2009.
In 2008, he participated in the last season of "Nashville Star," an NBC singing competition series, as a judge. Later, in 2011, Rich appeared on "The Celebrity Apprentice" and took first place. The next year, on a short-lived music competition program called "The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep," he acted as a coach.

John Rich Wife

Rich married his longtime girlfriend Joan Bush, in the latter part of 2008.

John Rich Kids

John Rich, the country music artist and songwriter, has two children. He is a relatively private individual when it comes to his family life, and he does not frequently share personal details about his children in the media. Their names are Colt Rich and Cash Rich.

John Rich's Social Media

Here are the social media profiles associated with John Rich:
  • Twitter -You can find John Rich on Twitter using the handle @johnrich. On his Twitter account, he often shares thoughts on various topics, promotes his music, and interacts with fans.
  • Instagram -John Rich's Instagram account, @johnrichofficial, provides a visual glimpse into his life, including photos and updates related to his music, family, and other interests.
  • Facebook -He may also have an official Facebook page where he shares news, and updates, and engages with fans. You can search for "John Rich" on Facebook to find his official page.
  • Other Platforms -Celebritiesoften use additional social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, or Snapchatto connect with their audience. You can search for his presence on these platforms if you are interested in more specific content.

Interesting Facts

John Rich smiling
John Rich smiling
  • John Rich's early musical talent and passion for the guitar set the stage for his successful career in the music industry.
  • His songwriting skills contributed to the country music world, with hits like "Amazed" by Lonestar among his notable accomplishments.
  • Before becoming one half of Big & Rich, he was a member of the popular country band Lonestar.
  • "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" and "Lost in This Moment" are just a couple of the chart-topping songs that made Big & Rich famous.
  • In 2011, John Rich showcased his business acumen and won "The Celebrity Apprentice," earning money for charity.
  • He's not only a musician but also a philanthropist, actively supporting causes close to his heart, including veterans and their families.
  • The "Redneck Riviera" brand, which includes whiskey and clothing lines, is one of his successful business ventures.
  • John Rich's Nashville estate, known as "Mount Richmore," boasts an eye-catching outdoor display reminiscent of Mount Rushmore.
  • His conservative political views have made him a prominent figure in political discussions and events.
  • Apart from his vocal talents, John Rich is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in guitar, bass guitar, and drums.
  • While he's open about some aspects of his life, John Rich prefers to keep details about his family life private.
  • In addition to his work with Big & Rich, he's released solo albums like "Son of a Preacher Man."
  • John Rich's diverse business ventures have extended to restaurants and other entrepreneurial pursuits.

Big & Rich

Rich became friends with Big Kenny, another country music performer, around 1998. They started working together, and in 2002 they created the country combo Big & Rich. Warner Bros. Nashville released "Horse of a Different Color," their first album, in 2004.
It was a huge success, peaking at number one on the Top Country Albums list and at number six on the Billboard 200, and it gave rise to many successful songs, including "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" and "Holy Water." The albums "Comin' to Your City" from 2005 and "Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace" from 2007 brought Big & Rich even more popularity.
The duo's first number-one hit on the Hot Country Songs chart, "Lost in This Moment," was included on the later album. Then Big & Rich took a break from television. In 2012, they made a comeback with the album "Hillbilly Jedi." The next albums by the group were "Gravity" (2014) and "Did it for the Party" (2017).

Other Collaborations

Rich has worked with a wide range of performers throughout the years, both as a solo artist and with Big Kenny. In addition to many others, he has produced music for Gretchen Wilson, Jewel, John Anderson, Keith Anderson, and co-written tracks for Gretchen Wilson, Jason Aldean, and Faith Hill.
Meanwhile, he has worked with musicians including Martina McBride, John Legend, Bon Jovi, and Cowboy Troy as a member of Big & Rich.

John Rich FAQs

Who Is John Rich's Musical Partner In Big & Rich?

John Rich's musical partner in the country music duo Big & Rich is Kenny Alphin, also known as "Big Kenny."

Has John Rich Released Any Solo Albums?

Yes, John Rich has released solo albums in addition to his work with Big & Rich. One of his solo albums is titled "Son of a Preacher Man."

What Charity Did John Rich Support On "The Celebrity Apprentice"?

John Rich competed on "The Celebrity Apprentice" to raise money for the charity St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and won the competition.

Where Is "Mount Richmore," John Rich's Estate, Located?

"Mount Richmore," John Rich's estate, is located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Final Words

In conclusion, John Rich is a prominent figure in the country music industry known for his musical talents as part of the duo Big & Rich and his successful solo career. He has also ventured into various business endeavors, including the "Redneck Riviera" brand and has made appearances on television, winning "The Celebrity Apprentice" and actively participating in philanthropic activities.
His private estate, "Mount Richmore," in Nashville, Tennessee, reflects his unique and creative approach to life. While maintaining a degree of privacy, John Rich continues to be an influential personality in music and entertainment.
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