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Jessica Samko Net Worth - Shipping Wars As One Of The Trucker Girls

Jessica Samko net worth is over $500,000 and is also a well-known television personality and reality star in the United States. After making an appearance in the sixth season of The Shipping Wars Jessica Samko quickly soared into popularity. In a similar way, her fantastic driving skills and no-nonsense way of talking have made her one of the most memorable characters on the show.

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Jessica Samko net worthis over $500,000 and is also a well-known television personality and reality star in the United States. After making an appearance in the sixth season of The Shipping Wars Jessica Samko quickly soared into popularity.
In a similar way, her fantastic driving skills and no-nonsense way of talking have made her one of the most memorable characters on the show. She is also known by the title "Road Warrior," another name for her.
Throughout the course of the show, Jessica demonstrated that, despite being a woman, she is more than capable of completing activities that are both hazardous and challenging. The result of her labor demonstrates her true value.
Jessica has emerged as a leading example for women all over the world and a major source of motivation for a great number of them. In addition, the trucking magazine Overdrive gave her a nomination for "Most Beautiful Overdrive" in 2012.

Jessica Samko Early Life

Jessica Samko celebrates her birthday every year on June 1st. She was born in the year 1982. The American reality star is currently 40 years old, to be precise.
She was born in Amsterdam, New York, in the United States. She is also of American nationality and was born under the sign of Gemini.
Regarding the reality star's family history, she has not provided any information about her parents. She also has a sibling who goes by the name of Will Buczkowski.
Thus, the names and identities of the American reality star's family members remain secret. Despite her notoriety and popularity, she has been able to keep her family members' identities secret. She grew up in New York, the USA, with her family.

Education Of Jessica Samko

She hasn't given any information about the American reality star's educational background either. As a result, the reality star's educational background is still a mystery. Furthermore, It is certain that she graduated from a nearby high school.
Jessica With His Freinds On Both Sides
Jessica With His Freinds On Both Sides

The Professional Career Of Jessica Samko

She adores her job and driving trucks, despite her fame as a reality TV star. The majority of people are puzzled as to why she chose to pursue a career in trucking. It all started with a tale about her ex-boyfriend.
The one who stressed how exhausting his truck driving job was was her ex-boyfriend. One of the unexpected tales that led to her employment as a truck driver was this, which encouraged her to try driving a truck.
After deciding to become a truck driver, she rented a truck from Landstar, a company that moves goods all over North America. Soon after, she started working for large corporations as well as her husband's company, DMS, helping customers deliver their goods effectively.
But she didn't hesitate to go it alone since she was a clever, strong lady. She first bought a vehicle and started her own company, JMS Transport. She is the sole driver for her transport firm, which is based in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
But her efforts paid off, as she was given the opportunity to take part in the A&E reality TV show "Shipping Wars." She won the tournament because she was always sure of herself and acted like she knew what she was doing.
Also, Jessica has been driving a Volvo 780 truck since 2008, and both as a truck driver and as the owner of her own transport business, she is doing well.

Quick Facts About Jessica Samko

Full Name Jessica Samko
Date of Birth1 June, 1982
Conjugal StatusMarried
Birth CountryUSA
Birth CityAmsterdam, New York
Age40 years
Sexual OrientationStraight
SpouseDerek Smith
No Of ChildrenNo
ProfessionTruck Driver and Reality TV Star
Sexual IdentityFemale

The Married Life Of Jessica Samko

Jessica Samko and her husband, Derek Smith, enjoy a good marriage. Her husband, Derek, operates the DMS Cargo & Freight Company and drives a truck as well.
The two were very good friends before they began dating. But neither the time nor the place of their wedding has been made public.
Additionally, they have not revealed anything about her kids or whether they had kids from a prior marriage. The pair have kept their marriage secret while leading a secluded life. Butchy, Pudge, and Caesar are three of the couple's dogs.
Jessica Adverstising Ship Warriors
Jessica Adverstising Ship Warriors

Some Lesser Known Facts About Jessica Samko

  • On June 1, 1982, Jessica Samko was born in Amsterdam, New York, in the United States.
  • She is a citizen of the United States and is of White ethnicity.
  • She has kept her parents' and siblings' identities secret.
  • Jessica and Derek Smith have a fulfilling marriage.
  • The time and location of the couple's wedding ceremony have not been made public.
  • They don't have any children together from their marriage. Butchy, Pudge, and Caesar are the names of the three canines they recently acquired.

Body Measurements Of Jessica Samko

The 40-year-old Jessica Samko is a lovely lady who has a height of around 170 centimeters (or 5 feet 7 inches) and a weight of about 120 kilos (or 60 kg) (132 lbs).
Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are a stunning brown. Jessica adheres to a nutritious way of life and keeps her body in top shape by working out on a regular basis. Her shoe size is 7.5 (US).

What Is Jessica Samko Doing Now?

Jessica Samko was destined to be a driver. Despite the conclusion of the show, she has kept up with her trucking company. She continues to work as a truck driver and likes it. She may have developed a passion for the work before she started driving a truck.
Prior to starting her firm, she also discovered herself dating a truck driver. When Jessica's ex grumbled about how dull his truck-driving job was, she made the decision to start truck driving.
Jessica Roaming On The Train Line
Jessica Roaming On The Train Line

Jessica Samko Net Worth

Jessica's quickly becoming well-known. She turns into a role model for those who doubt the strength of women. She has always had high aspirations.
Jessica Samko is a truck driver who provides her clients with enormous and heavy things for a decent livelihood. Jessica likes to hide how much money she makes from her job, which is a shame.
From season 1 to season 7, Jessica appeared on the A&E television program "Shipping Wars," for which reports claim she was paid about $1,000 per episode.
In addition, as of 2022, Jessica same net worth is over $500,000. Jessica also runs her own business, JMS Transport, which is a good way for her to make a living and keep a nice life in Monroe, Pennsylvania.

People Also Ask

Where Is Jessica Samko Now?

Jessica continues to drive a truck. Even after the show's cancellation in 2015, she kept running JMS Transport, a trucking firm.

What Age Is Jessica Samko?

In 2022, Jessica Samko will be 40 years old. On June 1, 1982, she was born in Amsterdam, New York.

Who Is The Husband Of Jessica Samko?

Jessica is blissfully wed to Derek Smith, who works as a truck driver. DMS Cargo & Freight's owner is her husband.


A&E's Shipping Wars actress Jessica Samko has established a reputation for herself because of her strong attitude.
She is already well-known, always looks forward to a new adventure, and has surprised people all over the world. As a shipper and reality TV star, she has accumulated a large fortune. Jessica samko net worth as of the beginning of 2022 is around $500,000. We are hoping she will do more in her life.
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