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Jesse Rath - His Life As A Famous Celebrity's Brother

Jesse Rath is an actor who has appeared in films such as Supergirl (2015), Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019), and No Tomorrow (2016).

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Jesse Rathwas born on February 11, 1989, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His zodiac sign is Aquarius, and he is a Canadian citizen. He is an actor best known for his role as Carter Boyd in Derek Schreyer and Karen Troubetzkoy's comedy series "18 to Life," in which he co-starred with Stacey Farber, Alain Goulem, and Angela Asher. It depicts two spouses with opposing viewpoints who have their teenage children marry each other. It aired from mid-2010 to mid-2011, winning two awards and receiving 12 nominations.

Jesse Rath Early Life

Jesse was born in Montreal as the second of two siblings. His father is of Austrian and British ancestry, while his mother was born in India and immigrated to Canada as a child.
There is little information regarding his early years, educational background, or interests, although it is commonly known that he has always been a comic book lover.
His love of comics is evident on his Instagram account, where he routinely posts photos of himself and his character on "Supergirl" with long and elaborate explanations, many of which include references to comics.
Jesse Rath with messy hair and a black coat
Jesse Rath with messy hair and a black coat

Jesse Rath Age

Jesse was born in Canada on February 11, 1989. He is presently 33 years old. Jesse Rath's zodiac sign is Aquarius, according to astrologers. He was born in the Canadian city of Montreal.

Jesse Rath Education

Jesse went to a nearby high school, where he honed his acting abilities in the theatre club while simultaneously participating in sports such as football and soccer. Jesse opted not to attend collegeafter matriculating in 2007, instead of enrolling in several acting schools with the hopes of one day being a great actor.

Jesse Rath Movies And TV Shows

Rath made his debut appearance on the small screen in the YouTube series "Assassin's Creed: Lineage," in which he played Federico Auditore. He appeared in 20 episodes of the Canadian sitcom "18 to Life" (CBC 2010-11), which was canceled after one season, in the Canadian sci-fi series "Aaron Stone" (Disney XD 2009-2010). He played Alak Tarr in the American sci-fi Western series "Defiance" (SyFy 2013-15).
Rath had an appearance in the fourth episode arc of the Syfy series "Being Human" (SyFy 2011-14) in which he portrayed the younger sibling of a female leader played by his real-life sister, actress Meaghan Rath. Before joining the cast of the drama series "No Tomorrow," he starred in an episode of the medical drama "Code Black".
In 2010 and 2011, he was nominated for two Gemini Awards for 18 to Life, for Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy or Series. Jesse Rath is best known for Supergirl, which he directed in 2015, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which he directed in 2019, and Not Tomorrow, which he directed in 2016.
Jesse Rath wearing black jacket with mathematical equations written on it
Jesse Rath wearing black jacket with mathematical equations written on it

Is He Single Or In A Relationship?

Jesse's private life is largely unknown; his sister Meaghan is the only known member of his family.
However, when he wished actress Allison Scagliotti a happy Valentine's Day on Twitter in 2015, he sparked suspicions that he was dating her, but the reports were unverified.
In 2017, Rath shared a photo on his Instagram account with Holly Deveaux, who was assumed to be his girlfriend at the time, a rumor that was validated when he continued to share photos of them together over the following months. On Valentine's Day 2019, he shared another photo of himself holding Deveaux on Instagram with the comment, 'Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite person in the world. More than comic books and wrestling combined, I adore you.'

Jesse Rath Social Media

Jesse is active on social media, with over 200k Instagram followers and over 50k Twitter followers. His Instagram account is "@jesse_rath" and it is a verified account. Currently, he is following back almost 900 people from his account. His Twitter account handle is "jesserath."

Jesse Rath Net Worth

Jesse Rath is one of the wealthiest TV actorsand one of the most popular. Jesse Rath's net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Jesse Rath’s Sister - Meagan Rath

Let's talk about Jesse's successful sister, Meaghan Rath, now that we've covered everything there is to know about him.
Meaghan was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on June 18, 1986. She studied Cinema and Communications at Dawson College before making her acting debut in the film "Lost and Delirious" at the age of 15 in 2001.
Her first prominent part was as Adena Stiles in the TV series "15/Love" (2004-2006), followed by Rigby Hastings in "The Assistants" in 2009. She is most known for her roles as Sally Malik in the TV sci-fi drama series "Being Human" (2011-2014) and May in the TV show "New Girl" (2011-2014). (2015-2016). She most recently began portraying Tani Rey in the television series "Hawaii Five-0" (2017-2019), among other roles.
According to reliable sources, Meaghan's net worth is now estimated to be $3 million. Talking of her personal life, Meaghan was in a relationship with Patrick Kiely, a director, and actor, from 2012 to 2014. She is presently single and concentrating on her burgeoning profession.
Jesse Rath standing with sister in a blue suit
Jesse Rath standing with sister in a blue suit

People Also Ask

When Did Jesse Rath Join Supergirl?

In Season 3, Rath appears in five episodes, with the season finale airing on Monday, June 18. Executive producersRobert Rovner and Jessica Queller commented that we adore the character of Brainiac-5 and can't imagine anybody else in the part but Jesse Rath.

Who Is Jesse Rath Sister?

His sister is Meaghan Rath who is a Canadian actress. She has appeared in films and on television. Being Human, 15/Love, The Assistants, and Hawaii Five-0 are among her television credits.

What Ethnicity Is Jesse Rath?

On his father's side, he is Ashkenazi Jewish, and on his mother's side, he is Goan Indian.


In this article, you can find everything you need to know about Jesse Rath. We can see he has made a successful career and is still on the path to gaining more success.
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