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Jean Muggli Net Worth - Ex-Wife Of The Successful Michael Strahan

Jean Muggli is famous for being the ex-wife of American football player and TV personality Michael Strahan. Before she married the NFL player, Jean worked in Manhattan as the manager of a cosmetics store. After seven years of marriage, the couple went their separate ways. And what else is known about Jean Muggli net worth?

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When Jean Muggli married Michael Strahan, a former NFL player who now hosts a national TV show, she became his second wife and the mother of his two kids. During their divorce, she was also in a scandal that made the news. Now, many people are wondering about Jean Muggli net worth.
Michael Strahan has won two Emmys and won the Super Bowl. He is also the host of several TV shows, such as "Good Morning America," "The $100,000 Pyramid," "NFL Thursday Night Football Pregame Show," and more.
The seven-time Pro Bowler had a great NFL career and retired early in 2008, two years after getting divorced. He then went on to become one of the best sportscasters in the country.
Strahan married Muggli when he was a pro football player for the Giants. Their marriage only lasted seven years. After their nasty breakup, there isn't much known about her.

Quick Facts About Jean Muggli

NameJean Muggli
BirthdayNovember 30, 1964
Ex-husbandMichael Strahan
Net worth$15.3 million

Who Is Jean Muggli?

Jean Muggli was born on November 30, 1964, in Carson, North Dakota. Anthony Alphonse Muggli and Mary Banning gave birth to her, but her father died at home on October 25, 2000. Only 67 years old.
She wasn't an only child; she had three brothers and three sisters. The obituary for her father says that she has six siblings: Timmy, Carol Lee, Scott, Cindy, David, and Denise.
Muggli went to different schools, but not much is known about her childhood. She went to Carson High School, North Dakota State University, Moorehead State University, the University of Oxford, and Mary Collegein Bismarck, North Dakota, according to her Facebook page.
She is the President and Domestic Engineer at Strahan Family INC., and she used to run a cosmetics store in New York City. Still, no one knows what she does now for a living.
Muggli moved to Sycamore Bend Plantation in 2015, and the pictures she posts on Facebook show that she and her kids love to ride horses and own them. She also works to stop cruelty to animals.

Who Is The Ex-Husband Of Jean Muggli?

Michael Strahan (WIFE) Lifestyle & Net Worth 2023

Michael Strahan was born on November 21, 1971, in Houston, Texas, USA. He was the youngest of six children born to Gene Willie Strahan, a former US Army Major, and Louise Strahan (née Traylor), a basketball coach and his wife.
Since Art Strahan, Michael's uncle, was a defensive lineman for the NFL's Edmonton Oilers and Atlanta Falcons, it's no surprise that Michael also had a successful sports career.
Because his father was in the military, he spent a lot of his childhood in Mannheim, Germany. There, he went to Mannheim American High School and started playing American football in 1985 with the Mannheim Redskins as a linebacker.
When he got back to the US, he went to Westbury High School in Houston, where he grew up. Michael Strahan was picked up by the New York Giants after he graduated from Texas Southern University in 1993.
This was the start of his professional American Football career. Strahan played in the NFL for 15 years with the Giants. He was chosen for the Pro Bowl seven times and won Super Bowl XLII with the Giants in 2006-07.

Jean Muggli Net Worth

Michael Strahan, Jean Muggli's ex-husband, has a huge net worth that puts him among the richest NFL players. After Michael and Muggli break up, he is likely to have a net worth of about $65 million in 2022.
After the court ruled on her divorce, Jean Muggli's net worth is quite high. Muggli can now say that she has a million dollars.
Jean's net worth is thought to be at least $15,3 million. Most of that money came from her ex-husband, Michael Strahan, after they got divorced and were ordered to live apart by the court.

People Also Ask

How Old Are Michael Strahan's Twins?

The host of "The $100,000 Pyramid" is proud to have four children. His twin daughters Isabella and Sophia, who are 17, are the youngest.

How Much Does Michael Strahan Pay In Child Support A Month?

According to the New York Post, Michael had to pay Jean $18,000 a month and $15.3 million when they got a divorce in 2007. He was also told he had to pay back child support of $311,150. Then, in 2020, Michael said that Jean had been treating the twins in a "pattern of abusive ways."

Does Michael Strahan Have Custody Of His Two Daughters?

The court agreement shows that Michael and Jean, who both live on the Upper West Side, split custody, and that their daughters will spend alternating weeks with each parent. Strahan had twin girls two years before he and Jean split up in 2006.


Before divorcing her ex-husband, Jean's net worth wasn't particularly impressive. The court decision, which invariably reduced Michael Strahan's net worth to $65 million and Jean Muggli net worth to $15.3 million plus additional $18k monthly child support for the care of their girls, forced her ex-husband Strahan to part ways with $15.3 million.
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