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Jarrod Schulz Net Worth - A Deep Dive Into His Finances

When it comes to understanding the financial standing of prominent figures, Jarrod Schulz net worth commands attention. Jarrod Schulz has not only found fame in the storage unit auction business but has also ventured into the world of fashion.

Author:Alex Mercer
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Feb 12, 2024
When it comes to understanding the financial standing of prominent figures, Jarrod Schulz net worthcommands attention. Jarrod Schulz has not only found fame in the storage unit auction business but has also ventured into the world of fashion. From his early career as a carpet-cleaning company manager to his success on television, we embark on a journey to gain insight into the financial facets of this multifaceted individual.
Jarrod Schulz is a multifaceted American personality, recognized as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, storage unit buyer, and reality television star. He catapulted to fame through his involvement in the A&E Network reality television series 'Storage Wars.'
His journey on the show began in 2010 when it premiered, and he, alongside his longtime partner Brandi Passante, became one of the original cast members. Notably, Jarrod and Brandi have remained fixtures on the show throughout its impressive ten-season run.
Referred to as 'The Young Guns' on 'Storage Wars,' the dynamic duo also ventured into their own spin-off series, 'Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job,' which made its debut in April 2014. Jarrod's star power even extended to the realm of music when he appeared in a 'Storage Wars' music video titled 'Storage Wars: Jarrod's "Visors" Music Video' in February 2015.
In addition to their television endeavors, Jarrod and Brandi operated the 'Now and Then' thrift store, which gained significant attention thanks to their appearances on the TV series. However, it's worth noting that the store has been closed since 2016.
Jarrod's talents and interests aren't confined to storage unit auctions; he is also a fashion designer. He is the proud owner of the clothing line 'Outlaw Apparel,' which boasts a diverse range of clothing items and has found a market not just locally but internationally as well.

Quick Facts About Jarrod Schulz

NameJarrod Schulz
BirthdayOctober 15, 1977
ProfessionTV personality
Net worth$2 million
Jarrod Schulz wearing a white t-shirt with a black eye glass on his head
Jarrod Schulz wearing a white t-shirt with a black eye glass on his head

Jarrod Schulz Rise To Stardom

In the early stages of his career, Jarrod Schulz served as the manager of the sales office at a carpet-cleaning company located in Tustin, California. However, he transitioned into the mortgage business in the early 2000s, but this venture faced setbacks and eventually collapsed, leaving him without employment for a period.
During this challenging period, one of his aunts, who happened to manage a public storage facility, suggested that he explore the world of storage auctions. Acting on this advice and joined by his girlfriend, Brandi, they embarked on a new venture, opening the 'Now and Then' second-hand store in Orange County, California.
Their fateful encounter with the producersof 'Storage Wars' occurred at an auction in Harbor City. It was here that they first learned about the concept of the show. Approximately eight months later, the producers approached them with an offer to film footage at their store.
Initially, Jarrod agreed, seeing it as a form of free publicity for their business. However, during this visit, Brandi, who was managing the store that day, left a lasting impression on the show's producers, ultimately securing a prominent role as a main cast member when the show's first season aired in 2010.
Despite their modest financial resources, the couple displayed remarkable success in bidding at storage auctions, participating in ten seasons of the show. They also expanded their business by opening a second branch of their store in Long Beach, although this expansion unfortunately did not endure for an extended period.

Jarrod Schulz Career As A Fashion Designer

Although Jarrod Schulz is primarily recognized for his prominent role on 'Storage Wars,' he has a lesser-known but equally intriguing persona as a fashion designer. In fact, his journey into the world of fashion began long before he ventured into the thrift store business. In 2002, Jarrod co-founded 'Outlaw Apparel' with a friend, predating his involvement in television.
The brand's inception was the result of two friends' desire to express their individuality and unique perspective on life. Initially, they created a limited range of clothing and stickers, primarily for personal use and their children. However, the brand quickly expanded to encompass a wide variety of clothing options for men, women, and children.
The brand received a significant boost in publicity when Jarrod and Brandi became television fixtures. What sets 'Outlaw Apparel' apart is Jarrod's hands-on involvement, as he either creates or approves every item bearing the Outlaw brand name. Notably, he often sports his own branded clothing while making appearances on television, seamlessly blending his roles as a reality TV star and fashion designer.

Jarrod Schulz Personal Life

Jarrod Schulz, born on October 15, 1977, in Long Beach, California, exhibited an early curiosity for dismantling toy cars, driven by his desire to understand the inner workings of things. Growing up, he found fascination in safes and equated the excitement of opening storage lockers to a form of gambling.
Before his foray into the world of storage auctions, Jarrod's past reportedly included encounters with the law, including felony possession of a controlled substance. These incidents led to a 16-month period behind bars for charges related to transporting narcotics and driving under the influence of alcohol.
Jarrod's life took a significant turn when he crossed paths with his partner, Brandi Passante, in 1999. Their meeting occurred within the confines of the carpet-cleaning company where Jarrod held the position of sales manager.
Despite the professional boundaries that discouraged romantic advances toward a coworker, his persistence prevailed, and their relationship eventually evolved into a romantic one. From that point forward, they not only found love in each other but also became steadfast partners in their professional endeavors.
While the 'Storage Wars' show has occasionally referred to them as husband and wife, it was later revealed that despite over a decade together, they never formalized their union in marriage. Nonetheless, they share the joys of parenthood with two children, a son named Cameron and a daughter named Peyton. Interestingly, the couple aims to guide their children down different paths, with Cameron aspiring to a career in directing or producing, while Peyton's interests gravitate towards athletics and cheerleading.
Jarrod Schulz with Brandi Passante at an event
Jarrod Schulz with Brandi Passante at an event

Controversies Surrounding Jarrod

Jarrod Schulz's career has been marred by a series of controversies, some of which posed a significant threat to his reputation. Among these, the most recent and severe incident involved a charge of misdemeanor domestic violence battery against his former partner and co-star, Brandi Passante.
The alleged altercation took place on April 30, 2021, at a bar in Lake Forest, Orange County, where a heated argument between Jarrod and Brandi reportedly escalated to physical violence. Despite Jarrod's denial of any wrongdoing, law enforcement and witnesses appeared to counter his claims. Subsequently, Jarrod entered a plea of not guilty to the charge and was released on bail.
This recent legal trouble is not an isolated incident in Jarrod's history. His entanglements with the law trace back to 1997 when he faced an arrest for possession of a controlled substance and driving under the influence. Additionally, there is a lesser-known incident in his legal record, wherein he was reportedly charged with resisting arrest on the 12th of July, 2019, in Lake Forest, California. Although details regarding this particular case are limited, it further underscores his prior brushes with legal issues.

Jarrod Schulz Storage Wars Exit

Jarrod made his debut on 'Storage Wars' in 2010 and became a regular fixture on the show, continuing his involvement until the 13th season in 2021. Although Brandi continued her participation in the subsequent seasons, even returning for season 15, which premiered in June 2023, Jarrod has been notably absent from the show for several years.
His absence extended to the latest season of 'Storage Wars,' leaving fans uncertain about his potential return to either the show or the storage locker business. In the meantime, he remains dedicated to his clothing company, Outlaw Apparel, which offers a diverse range of clothing for men, women, and children.
The departure of Jarrod Schulz from 'Storage Wars' marks the conclusion of a significant era for the show and its dedicated viewers. Jarrod was once a beloved figure who injected excitement and drama into the series, but his personal challenges had a profound impact on his career. Whether he will stage a comeback in the future remains uncertain. For now, he seems to have moved on from both his former partner and the fame he once enjoyed.

Jarrod Schulz Current Girlfriend

Following his split from his former partner, Jarrod Schulz has been a familiar face at The Rush Bar & Grill. While there were speculations that he held ownership in the establishment, he was, in fact, a frequent visitor, making his presence known as he embarked on a new romantic journey.
Jarrod's affectionate connection has been with Rochel Beckman, who serves as a bartender at the bar. Their relationship has been a subject of public attention, with the couple often sharing photographs of their shared moments on social media. This bond has endured for three years, during which they have not pursued marriage plans. Furthermore, they have chosen not to expand their family with children.

Jarrod Schulz Hobbies

While specific information about Jarrod Schulz's hobbies may not be extensively documented, he has shared some of his interests and pastimes in various interviews and on social media. Some of his hobbies include:
  • Motorcycling:Jarrod is known to be a motorcycle enthusiast and has owned multiple motorcycles, including a Harley Davidson. Riding and customizing motorcycles is a hobby he has shown a passion for.
  • Fashion Design:Jarrod has a clothing line called 'Outlaw Apparel.' His involvement in this business suggests a deep interest in fashion design and apparel.
  • Storage Unit Auctions:Before his TV career, Jarrod was involved in the storage unit auction business. While it eventually became his profession, it likely started as a hobby and a way to explore hidden treasures.
  • Social Media:Jarrod is active on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Engaging with his fans and sharing updates about his life could be considered a social hobby.
  • Spending Time with Family:Jarrod is a family man and enjoys spending time with his partner, Rochel Beckman, and their loved ones. This includes outings, trips, and quality family time.
  • Dining Out:Jarrod has been seen at The Rush Bar & Grill, which suggests an enjoyment of dining out and socializing with friends.
Jarrod Schulz wearing a white t-shirt with a straight face
Jarrod Schulz wearing a white t-shirt with a straight face

Jarrod Schulz Net Worth And Social Media

Jarrod Schulz derives a substantial income from his dual career as a television personality and a business entrepreneur. His clothing company, 'Outlaw Apparel,' contributes significantly to his earnings, with an annual income of over $70,000. This successful venture, combined with his television career, has resulted in an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million.
Notably, Jarrod resides in an impressive home located in Lake Forest, California, which boasts an estimated value of around $1 million. Furthermore, he indulges his passion for automobiles with ownership of two motorcycles, one of which is a Harley Davidson.
Jarrod maintains an active online presence with verified accounts across various social media platforms. On Facebook, he garners a following of more than 83,000 fans. His Twitter account, @jarrodmsculz, boasts a substantial audience of 123,200 followers. On Instagram, he connects with fans under the handle @jarrodschulz, amassing a following of 48,100 enthusiastic followers.

Jarrod Schulz Net Worth - FAQ

Who Found $7.5 Million On Storage Wars?

Dotson explained that a woman came up to him and told him that her husband had bought a unit from him, which contained a safe of unknown contents. The woman said they'd hired experts to crack open the safe and when they finally did manage to get it open, they discovered that the safe had contained $7.5 million in cash.

Who Passed Away From Storage Wars?

Long-time Storage Wars star Gunter Nezhoda has died following complications with lung cancer. He was 67. Gunter's passing was confirmed by his son and fellow Storage Wars cast member Rene Nezhoda on Wednesday, March 22, in an emotional Twitter video.

Do Brandi And Jarrod Still Have A Store?

Unfortunately, the Long Branch shop was unable to make a profit and was promptly closed in 2014. On the other hand, Brandi and Jarrod finally caught a break when they got their own spinoff show. Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job only ran for eight episodes from August to September 2014.

Why Did Storage Wars Stop?

Accusations of fraud damaged the show's reputation. A string of failed spinoffs isn't the only baggage in Storage Wars' unit. Long before the show went quiet, there were a plethora of accusations that aspects of it were inauthentic.


From the highs of television fame to the lows of legal controversies, Jarrod Schulz net worth reflects a journey marked by both triumphs and challenges. As a businessman, television personality, and fashion designer, Jarrod Schulz has crafted a unique financial portfolio. While his departure from 'Storage Wars' marks a significant transition in his career, his journey continues, notably through his 'Outlaw Apparel' business and personal pursuits.
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