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James Charles Net Worth - $22 Million Wealth Of The Beauty Guru YouTuber

James Charles is an American beauty YouTuber and TikTok influencer who is known for his success despite being young. As of January 2023, James Charles net worth is thought to have a net worth of about $22 Million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jan 03, 2023
James Charles is a YouTuber who first used the site to teach people how to do their makeup. By accident, he has become a beauty expert for millions of people, and his channel now has over 20 million subscribers. If you are interested in knowing James Charles net worth, you are in the right place.
On December 1, 2015, he started a YouTube channel where he talked about makeup products, tutorials, and general beauty tips. He quickly became well-known.
Charles is well-known in the makeup community and beyond. He has his own makeup line with Morphe Cosmetics and has won a number of awards because of how active he is on social media. He has won three Streamy Awards, two People's Choice Awards, and one Teen Choice Award.

Quick Facts About James Charles

NameJames Charles Dickenson
BirthdayMay 23, 1999
ProfessionYoutuber, makeup artist
Net worth$22 million

Who Is James Charles?

James Charles wearing a black turtle neck jacket
James Charles wearing a black turtle neck jacket
James Charles Dickenson is an American YouTuber, internet personality, and makeup artist who goes by the name James Charles. James became famous in 2016, and his popularity went through the roof thanks to his YouTube channel, which is mostly about makeup and beauty.
James Charles was born to Christie Dickinson on May 23, 1999, in Albany County, New York. On December 1, 2015, Charles launched his YouTube channel, which was the start of his career as an internet personality.
After he graduated from Bethlehem Central High School in June 2017, he decided to put everything he had into his YouTube career.
Charles did hair and makeup on the side after a friend asked him to help her get ready for a school dance. After he taught himself how to do it, he started charging girls in the area to put on their makeup.

James Charles Career

James Charles got a job as a hairdresser. Later, he decided to try his hand at cosmetics and post pictures and videos of his work on social media.
Charles made his YouTube channel in 2015 so he could show his subscribers videos about beauty and makeup. Soon, he became known as a "beauty guru" for men, and since then, he has gained more than 5.1 million subscribers to his channel.
On Instagram, 5.1 million people follow him, and over 1 million people follow him on Twitter. His story went viral quickly, and after that, CoverGirl made him their first male spokesmodel.
James Charles has already stirred up trouble a few times in his short time in the spotlight. In February 2017, as he was getting ready to go on a trip to South Africa with his school friends, he tweeted a racist joke about the Ebola disease that was very insensitive. He got a lot of bad feedback right away, so he quickly deleted the tweet.
In April 2018, a fellow YouTuber named Shane Dawson asked him about the rudest celebrity he had ever met. He told Shane Dawson about one of his bad experiences. He used the name of pop star Ariana Grande and said that she was following him on Twitter because he had posted photos and videos from one of her shows.
Even though she was very nice at first, she stopped following him three hours later because fans were mad that she had followed him right after the Ebola scandal.
In May 2018, he worked with the controversial YouTuber Tana Mongeau to talk about his own experiences with the TV star Tyra Banks. He said that Banks had done "shady" things for fame.

James Charles Net Worth

A Look at James Charles' Impressive Net Worth!

James Charles is an American makeup artist, model, and internet personality with a net worth of $22 million. James Charles Dickinson was born on May 23, 1999, in Bethlehem, New York.
His YouTube channel about makeup and beauty is what most people know him for. In 2016, CoverGirl made him their first male ambassador. Charles, too, is out as gay.
He makes between $5 and $6 million a year from YouTube, according to estimates. He also makes an additional $3-4 million per year from his business ventures, such as the $39 "Morphe x James Charles" palette with 39 colors.
That $3-4 million number also includes the money he makes from endorsement deals. Covergirl and other companies pay him to be their spokesperson.

How Much Does James Charles Make On YouTube?

James Charles could probably make at least $5 million a year from his YouTube views at his peak (before taxes).
He also makes money from things like paid Instagram posts (like the one that started the fight with Westbrook), personal appearances, merchandise, and endorsement deals with companies like Covergirl and Morphe Cosmetics, which bring in a lot of money every month.

Real Estate Properties Of James Charles

I Bought My First Home! 2020 House Tour 🏡

James closed on a $7 million home in Encino, California, in February 2020. He used to pay $15,000 a month to rent a mansion not too far away. The house is brand new and has never been lived in. It is on the same block as Logan Paul's home, which cost $6.6 million. His new house has six bedrooms and is 10,000 square feet.

Interesting Facts About James Charles

  • James Charles Dickinson is his full name.
  • He came into the world on May 23, 1999.
  • Skip Dickinson is a contractor, and Christine Dickinson is his mother.
  • Ian Jeffrey, who is a year younger than he is, works as a model.
  • He went to Bethlehem Central High School, and in 2017 he got his diploma.
  • Charles started doing hair and makeup as a hobby. A friend asked him to do her makeup for a school dance, and that's how he got into it.
  • After he taught himself how to put on makeup, he soon started charging girls in his area to do it for them.
  • Charles started a YouTube channel where he posts makeup tutorials while he was working as a makeup artist in his hometown of Bethlehem, New York.
  • After a tweet of his makeup went viral in 2016, he became the first male brand ambassador for CoverGirl.
  • In 2020, Charles hosted, directed, and helped make the reality competition show Instant Influencer for YouTube Originals.
  • He has put out an eyeshadow palette and worked with Morphe Cosmetics to make a line of makeup.
  • For his work on social media, he has won many awards, such as two People's Choice Awards, three Streamy Awards, one Shorty Award, and one Teen Choice Award.
  • Early on in his career, Charles got a lot of attention because he was a young man who did makeup.
  • Variety's Todd Spangler called him "YouTube's most well-known beauty vlogger."
  • He said that Jaclyn Hill and Nikkie de Jager were the most important people in his life.
  • He has said that makeup is a way for him to be creative and an art form.
  • Charles told his parents he was gay when he was 12 years old.
  • In 2020, he spent $7 million on a huge house in Los Angeles.
  • Morphe said in a statement that they would no longer do business with Charles, and YouTube temporarily stopped making money from his YouTube channel.
  • In July 2021, he went back to YouTube with a video called "An Open Conversation."
  • Most of his money comes from his YouTube channel, where each video makes him about $80,000.

People Also Ask

What Is James Charles Net Worth In 2022?

It is thought that James Charles has a net worth of about $22 million. Even though he doesn't make a lot of money from YouTube alone, he has many sources of income that all bring in a lot of money.

Why Is James Charles So Famous?

James Charles is best known for his popular YouTube channel, where he posts videos about beauty tips and how to put on makeup. But his success actually began on a different social media site. James started showing how he changed his makeup and how to do it on his Instagram.

Why Did James Charles Lose Millions Of Subscribers?

James Charles, a YouTube star, and Tati Westbrook, who used to be his mentor, had a fight because Charles promotes a rival supplement company. After the fight became public, Charles' fan base went from more than 16.5 million to 13.9 million. Westbrook, meanwhile, is getting more fans.


James Charles is an American makeup artist, model, and internet personality. He is the first man to speak for CoverGirl.
He has been in a commercial for their new mascara, "So Lashy! BlastPro," along with celebritieslike Katy Perry and Sofia Vergara, Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia, DJ Amy Pham, and R&B duo Chloe x Halle. As of January 2023, James Charles has a net worth of $22 million.
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