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Hrithik Roshan Net Worth 2022 - Birthday, Age, Height, Wife And Kids

How much is Hrithik Roshan net worth? Hrithik started his career in the film industry as a child actor. As of 2022, his net worth is $47 million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Sep 06, 2022
As of 2022, Hrithik Roshan net worthis estimated at $47 million.
One of the most handsome actorsand an amazing dancer, Hrithik Roshan has started his carrier in the film industry since he was a child.

Hrithik Roshan Early Life

Hrithik Roshan does not have a normal childhood like every other child.
Despite having various hurdles in his childhood he struggled so hard to make him what he is today. He was born with an extra thumb on his right hand and because of this, his peers ignored him.
Since the age of six, he had a stammering problem, which caused him bullying problems in his school life.
Later in his 20s, he was diagnosed with scoliosis the legs' problem because he was restricted from dancing and perform stunts. But he turned his life and became one of the best actors in the film industry with excellent dancing skills.

Hrithik Roshan Career

Hrithik started his career in the film industry from childhood. He then acted in a leading role in the film Kaho Na Pyar Hai (2000). He received several awards for this film, and now he is among the top 100 best actors based on income and popularity.
Net worth$47 million / INR 335 crore
ProfessionActor, Dancer
WifeSussanne Khan
Birthday10 January 1974
Age48 years
Height5 feet 11 inches tall
Weight80 KG

Hrithik Roshan Personal Life

Hrithik got married to Sussanne Khan on 20 December 2000. They both god blessed with a son in 2006 and named him Hrehaan. Later, they again got blessed with another son Hridhaan in 2008. Later, in 2013 Sussanne and Hrithik got separated, and then they got divorced in 2014. The estimated net worth of Hrithik Roshan is USD 47 million, which is Rs. 355 Crore.

Hrithik Roshan Wife

Sussanne Khan is an Indian fashion designer and was born and bought up in Mumbai. According to a review in 2022, Sussanne khan's net worth is $1 Million - $5 Million. She is currently living at Hrithik's resident so that their children can spend time with them.

Hrithik Roshan Kids

Hrithik and Sussane are blessed with two sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan. Hrehaan is the elder son and was born in the year 2006. Now Hrehaan is 14 years old, and Hridhaan is 12 years old, and both are studying and living with Hrithik.

Hrithik Roshan Parents

Hrithik's father's name is Rakes Roshan, and he is a filmmaker. Hrithik's mother's name is Pinky Roshan, and she is a fitness freak. Hrithik has played a leading role in four of his father's films. Hrithik's uncle Rajesh Roshan is a well-known music director of the film industry.

Hrithik Roshan Siblings

Hrithik has only one sibling. He has an elder system named Sunaina Roshan, an Indian producer, and a blogger. Sunaina Roshan got married to a man whom she met in Switzerland.
She went there to complete her studies and dated Ashish Soni, and got married in 1992. Both got divorced in the year 2000. They have one daughter, suranika son, who lives with her father. Currently, she is with Mohan Nagar, whom she had married.

Hrithik Roshan House And Resident

Hrithik Roshan's home is in Mumbai, facing Juhu beach. His bungalow name is Paras and is equipped with space that boasts multiple bedrooms.
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