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Hiriam Hicks Net Worth In 2022 - Is Pooh Hick More Rich Than Him?

Hiriam hicks is an American businessperson and a popular executive producer. As of 2021, Hiriam hicks net worth is estimated $12 million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jun 15, 2022
Hiriam Hicks is a well-known famous executive producer and is the husband of a popular TV star Poo Hicks. He of Island Black Music is the former president. Hiriam Hicks Net Worthexpected is $12 million.

Hiriam Hicks Bio

As he was born on December 1st, 1960 so his age at present is 59 years. The place where he took birth is Alpharetta in Georgia. The Zodiac sign of hiriam hicks, according to his birth date, is Sagittarius.
Hiriam Hicks is a famous executive producer who had married Poo Hicks, a famous television star. He was served as the former president of the “Island Black Music.” As a former president and CEO of “Island Black Magic,” which is now recognized as Island records, Hiriam Hicks in R&B has signed 30 + top artists. He has helped in developing the career of Bell Biv Devoe, TLC, and New Edition.
He also got success continually by some controversies. In the year 2017, Stephanie Mills, a rock & band artist, ended the business relationship with him after having trouble related to the financial dealings. Stephanie said to the NY daily newsthat she had planned to share this as she wants to empower all other artists to pay attention to the business associations. Hiriam Hicks denied all those said words that the information is totally wrong, and Ms. Mills and he was having ongoing working relationships.
Hiriam Hicks in the white shirt standing with a friend
Hiriam Hicks in the white shirt standing with a friend

Hiriam Hicks Wife

Poo Hick is only the first wife of Hiriam hicks, and to date, they both are having a good relationship. Hiriam hicks first wife's name is Poo Hick, and she ages 44 years and is a popular TV star that holds a net worth of $4 million. As Hiriam hicks wife, Poo Hick, was born on 8th December 1974, so she is 44 years now.
Pooh Hicks, originally from Detroit, Michigan, is a socialite. While she was working as a stripper, she met Hiriam. She is openly bisexual, and she and her spouse are married in an open relationship.
Pooh joins the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta supporting cast in season eight as an alienated former friend of Karlie's. Pooh admits that the two of them had a threesome with her husband, sparking a severe conflict between the two.
Hiriam Hicks standing with his wife Pooh Hicks in a black jacket
Hiriam Hicks standing with his wife Pooh Hicks in a black jacket

Hiriam Hicks Career

He is a popular American Businessman and is also the former president of the “Island Black Music.” He is the former president and CEO of “Island Black Magic,” which is now known by the name Island records.
He is a rock and band has signed several top artists. He has helped in mounting the career of Bell Biv Devoc etc. In his career life in the music industry, he, as an executive producer, was credited for the creations like “the best of bell big device,” “destiny,” “hits,” “shamrocks and shenanigans,” “sacred love songs” etc. He has sold 400+9million records and won 30+ Grammy awards in his career.

Hiriam Hicks Music Industry

Hiriam Hicks were also involved in the music industry and had credited for few albums “Gold,” “Back to the oldskool,” “Hits,” “Crucial,” “ never make a promise,” “pure soul 1997”, “Street Gospel,” “We can get down” and many more.
He has come up with an excellent music collection. Some of his records are “poison,” “keep it coming,” “Uncle Luke,” “Jacci McGhee,” “WBBD,” “Pure soul 1997”, “The soul train Christmas start fast,” and many more.
Hiriam Hicks in a blue coat
Hiriam Hicks in a blue coat

Hiriam Hicks Net Worth

Hiriam Hicks' net worth is expected to reach $12 million in 2022.
His career has been riddled with controversies. Stephanie Mills, an R&B singer, broke her professional partnership with Hiriam in 2017 after the two encountered financial issues. Despite this, he has amassed a sizable fortune over his lifetime.

Hiriam Hicks Salary

Hiriam earns in the top percentile when coming to other people. No doubt as working in the music industry has made him generate attractive income easily every year. High income has made him one of the wealthiest people.

Hiriam Hicks Social Media

Hiriam Hicks does not have an Instagram account but you can subscribe to his channel Hiriam Hicksto listen to all uploaded music albums.

People Also Ask

Hiriam Hicks Who Is He?

Hiriam hicks is an American businessperson and a famous executive producer who has come out with many albums like “WBBD,” “Mission to please,” “Jacci McGhee,” “Pure soul 1997,” and so on. He had sold out 400+ million created albums. He is the husband of Poo Hick. Also, he is CEO and former of Island black music.

What Is Poo From Love And Hip Hop Net Worth?

Poo, as a famous TV star from Love and Hip Hop, estimated net worth is $4 million. She is just 44 years old and was born on 8 December 1974 in Detroit, Michigan.

What Is Poo Hickss Real Name?

The real name of Poo Hicks is Gynel Ladwam Campell. She works as an adult entertainer.


Through this article, you can get to know about Hiriam Hicks Net Worth. He has been in the music industry for a long time and has earned his name. Through hardwork, he has earned a fair amount and is enjoying his life with luxuries.
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