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Harry Winston Net Worth - The Diamond King

Harry Winston's love for diamonds was so strong that he kept valuable stones in his pockets, some of which were worth millions, just for the pleasure of having them close by. Discover the Harry Winston net worth and why he is called the king of diamonds

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Harry Winston acquired and sold some of the most stunning diamonds in the world, and today his mansion presented another record-breaking showpiece. That's is why a lot of people are interested in Harry Winston Net Worth.
Harry Winston's love for diamonds was so strong that he kept valuable stones in his pockets, some of which were worth millions, just for the pleasure of having them close by. He handled the world's most famous diamonds, from the Hope and Lesotho to the Jonker, discover here all about him and of course Harry Winston's net worth.
The house's current owner, Nayla Hayek, has shown she shares the same love and purchasing capacity for the rarest diamonds in the world, continuing the legacy. On Mr. Winston's 125th birthday, which is today, she debuted the Winston Pink Legacy, an 18.96-carat beautiful, vivid pink diamond ring.
Hayek turned the stone into a rose-gold and platinum ring with two shield-cut diamonds after purchasing it at a Christie's auction in November 2018 for a record-breaking $50 million price. A once-in-a-lifetime gem, according to industry experts, it is now part of the Winston legacy of historical jewels. Winston invented the contemporary diamond dream and did more than just create stones.

Harry Winston Quick Facts

NameHarry Winston
Birth PlaceUnited States
Birth Year1896
ProfessionJeweller and Entrepeneur

Young Years

At the age of 12, Harry Winston paid 25 cents for a green stone from a tray of broken jewelry in a pawnshop. It turned out to be a 2-carat emerald, as he had thought, which he sold the following day for $800 (a huge sum in 1908).

Taking Up Hollywood

Winston was the first person to use celebrity status on the red carpet to display his diamonds when he covered actress Jennifer Jones in massive diamonds for the 1943 Academy Awards.

Connection To His Animals

In the 1940s, Kashmir, a cherished black cat owned by Harry Winston, was pictured donning a massive pear-shaped diamond necklace.

Backing The USPS

While the jeweler spent millions of dollars on the diamonds, only pennies were spent on their international shipping.
He notably sent the valuable 45.52-carat Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institute for $145.29 in 1958, and in 1935, he sent the fabled Jonker Diamond (726 carats) from London to New York via the U.S. Postal Service for 64 cents. His guiding principle was, "If you can't trust the US mail, who can you trust?"

TV Career

When Winstonhad the 601-carat Lesotho diamond sliced on live television in 1968, he did so for the first time, bringing spectacular gems into people's living rooms. Aristotle Onassis gave Jacqueline Kennedy the 40.42-carat marquise-cut Lesotho III as an engagement ring, out of the 18 exquisite stones it produced.


Harry Winston arrived home in Scarsdale one December evening in the 1940s to find the holiday wreath sparkling in the snow.This scene served as the inspiration for the house's renowned Winston Cluster design, which showcases the diamond's shine without any discernible metal. It is still the home's distinguishing look.


The corporate name of The House of Harry Winston, one of the most renowned luxury jewelers in the world, is Harry Winston Inc.
The company's global operations are managed from a Fifth Avenue site in New York City, where it also runs workshops where it designs jewelry and cuts, polishes, and sets stones, in addition to keeping a salon open to a limited clientele.
Additionally, Harry Winston owns a salon in Los Angeles, where it maintains tight relations with Hollywood and is prominently featured during each year's Academy Awards when well-known women rent expensive jewelry for the occasion. Furthermore, there are Harry Winstonsalons in Paris, Geneva, Tokyo, and Osaka.
One-fifth of the company's revenue comes from less expensive jewelry produced in Rhode Island and Hong Kong and sold to mass-market shops, which are not allowed to disclose the origin of the goods in order to maintain Harry Winston's exclusive reputation.
Harry winston the king of diamonds
Harry winston the king of diamonds

Harry Winston Net Worth

Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other online sites estimate Harry Winston's pre-death net worth to be between $1 and $5 million. Harry Winston made his money from his career as a celebrity.

People Also Ask

How Much Did Harry Winston Sell For?

Harry Winston founded the business; after his death, it was passed to his two sons, Bruce and Ronald, who then engaged in a decades-long conflict over ownership of the business. Bruce was purchased out of the company by Ronald and his new business partner, Fenway Partners, for $54.1 million in 2000.

Who Is The Diamond King Of The World?

Harry Winston was given the nickname "King of Diamonds" by Cosmopolitan magazine in 1947, and it would stick with him for the rest of his professional life.

What is Harry Winston famous for?

Winston was crowned the “King of Diamonds,” he made headlines as one of the industry's preeminent brokers of important estates and extraordinary diamonds. His first company, the Premier Diamond Company, was founded in 1920 and it was during this time that he began acquiring the estates of prominent American socialites.


When Harry Winston passed away at the age of 84, his son Ronald took over the family business and Harry Winston's net worth as his successor.
He frequently discussed the necessity of opening the salons to younger customers, but he never took any concrete steps in that direction.
Ronald is credited with inventing the custom of actresses borrowing jewels for the Academy Awards, which functioned as the company's most overt advertising stunt. In 1986 and 1988, he coordinated the launch of new salons in Beverly Hills and Tokyo.
Additionally, he started Winston's Ultimate Timepiece Collection, which produced and offered watches priced between $100,000 and $300,000. You can learn more about Harry Winston Company, the best house for jewelry design, by visiting Bernardine, a website about jewelryand other opulent accessories.
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