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The Story Of Grant Stinchfield Wife And How She Started An Empowering Message On Instagram

Grant Stinchfield Wife is Amy Vanderhoef, who is an American businessman and former reporter who hosts "Stinchfield" on Newsmax TV at 8 p.m. ET. He's also worked as a reporter for news organizations including NBC and KECI TV.

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Grant Stinchfield wifeis Amy Vanderhoef, who is an American businessman and former reporter who hosts "Stinchfield" on Newsmax TV at 8 p.m. ET. He's also worked as a reporter for newsorganizations including NBC and KECI TV. Furthermore, the couple is blessed with children. Wyatt is the name of the couple's kid.
NameGrant Stinchfield
Age47 Years
Wife NameAmy Vanderoef
Net Worth$5 Million

Grant Stinchfield Biography

Grant was born and raised in Irving, Texas. In 1991, he received his bachelor's degree from Denison University. Throughout his career, the acclaimed journalist has earned four Emmy Awards.
His most recent show, Stinchfield, deals with topics such as fraud. He aspires to defend the average American's way of life.
On his show, the multi-award-winning host pushes socialism and liberal kitsch. He also elucidates how the mainstream media operates. Grant began his career in media in Missoula before moving to Dallas, Texas.
He also worked for KECI TV and the NBC networks. Grant Stinchfield is also a successful businessman. His businesses are KwikKar Auto Centre and Arbor Tree Service.
In 2011, Grant ran for Congress in the United States. He ran for the Texas 24th Congressional District as a Republican candidate. Regrettably, he came up short in the congressional elections. He emphasized deficit spending, fair taxes, improved energy policy, and immigration during his campaign.
Grant Stinchfield wearing a pink polo with his wife and son who are wearing blue clothes
Grant Stinchfield wearing a pink polo with his wife and son who are wearing blue clothes

Grant Stinchfield Wife Bio

Amy Vanderoef, who is also a television program host in Dallas, Texas, was formerly married to the television celebrity. She is the host of the Good Morning Texas show.
They had kept their relationship under wraps. They were not concealing their marriage; rather, they were making it a private affair. The date of their wedding has never been revealed.
The pair, though, have since divorced. There is also no information regarding their married lives. The couple's marital status is unknown. Similarly, their romance before marriage, their marriage, and their divorce were all low-key events in their lives.
Grant and Amy must have had a happy marriage because they have a child together. Wyatt Stinchfield, the couple's son, is an important part of their lives.
Unfortunately, Wyatt had to see his parents' decision to take a different route. Grant and Amy's lives took a different turn, turning into an awful divorce just when he needed them together the most.
Grant Stinchfield Setting In Office
Grant Stinchfield Setting In Office

People Also Ask

How Grant Stinchfield's Salary Is?

He is expected to earn an average of $62K a year as a host. We can easily assume that Grant has enough money because of his good job and lives a nice and lavish life.

What Is The Net Worth Of Grant Stinchfield?

As of 2022, Grant's net worth is expected to be between $1 and $5 million, which includes his assets, money, and income. His business profession is his principal source of income.

Is Grant Stinchfield On Newsmax Married?

Grant is presently unmarried, but he was married to Amy Vanderhoef in the past. Amy, Grant's ex-wife, is the Dallas host of Good Morning Texas. As a result of their marriage, Grant and his wife Amy had a kid called Wyatt.


Due to grant Stinchfield's wife Amy Vanderoef satisfaction with her current circumstances, the balance between her professional and personal lives is currently tilted. In addition to achieving many goals in the future, she hopes to inspire her peers and future generations.
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