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Supermodel Gigi Hadid Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana In Cayman Islands

Supermodel Gigi Hadid arrested for possession of marijuana after the drug was found in her suitcase. On July 10, Gigi and her friend took a private plane to the Cayman Islands. Local news site Cayman Marl Road said that when they arrived at Owen Roberts International Airport, customs officers searched their luggage and found a "small amount" of marijuana and items used to smoke marijuana.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jul 21, 2023
Supermodel Gigi Hadid arrested for possession of marijuanaafter the drug was found in her suitcase. On July 10, Gigi and her friend took a private plane to the Cayman Islands. Local newssite Cayman Marl Road said that when they arrived at Owen Roberts International Airport, customs officers searched their luggage and found a "small amount" of marijuana and items used to smoke marijuana.

Gigi Hadid Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana

Gigi Hadid Arrested Over Marijuana Possession in Cayman Islands | THR News

Authorities said that Gigi Hadid was nabbed in the Cayman Islands last week for allegedly having marijuana on her. Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control said Hadid, whose real name is Jelena Noura Hadid, and her friend, influencer Leah Nicole McCarthy, were arrested on July 10 for bringing in marijuana and tools.
The pair, who came from the United States on a private plane to the Cayman Islands, were arrested after a check of their luggage turned up a small amount of marijuana, according to officials on the islands. They said they were guilty in court and paid a fine, but there was no record of a sentence. Hadid's representative said that the marijuana was bought legally in New York "with a medical license."
It has also been legal for medical use in Grand Cayman since 2017. Her record remains clear and she enjoyed the rest of her time on the island.- Gigi Hadid's representative
Gigi Hadid's representative said in a statement that her record is still clean and that she enjoyed the rest of her time on the island. In May 2017, the Cayman Islands made medical marijuana legal, but it is still against the law to use it for fun. If you are caught with up to 12 grams of marijuana for the first time, you could go to jail for up to a year or pay a fine.
Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control says that Hadid and her friend Leah McCarthy were held for "the importation of marijuana and importation of utensils used for the consumption of marijuana". The amount was small and seemed to be for personal use, the agency said.
"All's well that ends well,"Hadid wrote on Instagram Tuesday along with a picture of her and a friend at the beach. It was said that the two were staying at Palm Heights. Hadid is said to have left the Cayman Islands on July 15, but she still managed to enjoy her holiday and was seen singing karaoke at Popo Jebs.
Gigi Hadid is a well-known American fashion model and television personality. She was born on April 23, 1995, in Los Angeles, California. Gigi began her modeling career at a young age and quickly rose to prominence in the fashion industry.
Gigi's breakthrough came when she became the face of Guess in 2012, a role that propelled her into the limelight. Her work with Guess showcased her modeling talent and helped solidify her position as a rising star in the industry. As her career progressed, she secured numerous advertising campaigns with renowned fashion brands, including Tom Ford, Versace, Fendi, and Chanel. Her ability to effortlessly embody different looks and styles made her a favorite among designers and photographers alike.
One of the significant milestones in Gigi's career was her debut on the runway. She made her first appearance at New York Fashion Week in 2014 and quickly became a fixture on international catwalks. Gigi has graced the runways of top fashion houses like Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Tommy Hilfiger, and Victoria's Secret, becoming a sought-after model for high-profile fashion events.
Her success as a model also led to numerous opportunities to appear on the covers of prestigious fashion magazines. From Vogue to Harper's Bazaar and Elle, Gigi's face has graced the front pages of some of the industry's most influential publications. With each cover shoot, she continued to showcase her versatility as a model and her ability to captivate audiences with her presence and charisma.
Moreover, Gigi's personal life has also attracted substantial media attention and public interest. Her relationships with other high-profile celebrities, including her on-and-off romance with singer Zayn Malik, have been widely covered in the tabloids and gossip media. While Gigi values her privacy, her celebrity status and personal life have inevitably contributed to the fascination surrounding her.
Furthermore, Gigi Hadid's appearances in various television programs, including her role on the reality TV series "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," introduced her to a broader audience beyond the fashion world. This exposure further boosted her public profile and contributed to her recognition outside of the modeling industry.


Gigi Hadid's summer break got off to a rough start. A spokesperson for Cayman Islands' Customs & Border Control said that the supermodel was stopped at Owen Roberts International Airport on July 10. She was on her way to the Cayman Islands with a group of friends.
Shortly after Hadid and her friend arrived on a private plane, customs officials searched their bags and reportedly found "a small amount of marijuana," according to a spokesperson.
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