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Gary Sinise Net Worth - $50 Million, The Real Life Lieutenant Dan Taylor

American actor, producer, singer, activist, and philanthropist Gary Sinise net worth is $50 million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jul 15, 2022
American actor, producer, singer, activist, and philanthropist Gary Sinise net worthis $50 million.
He is highly renowned for playing a variety of well-liked flicks. Gary Sinise has garnered several accolades and awards over his career. Additionally, he is a devoted supporter of several veteran groups.

Quick Facts About Gary Sinise

NameGary Sinise
Date Of BirthMar 17, 1955
Height5 ft 9 in (1.753 m)
NationalityUnited States of America
ProfessionActor, Television producer, Musician, Film Producer, Film director, Television Director, Voice Actor, Spokesperson, Theatre Director
Net Worth$50 Million
Salary$15 Million Per Year

Career And Personal Life

Gary Sinise Smiling
Gary Sinise Smiling


Gary Sinise co-founded the Steppenwolf Theatre Company when he was 19 years old. Later, the Theatre Company rose to prominence as a platform for aspiring writers, performers, and stage directors.
Sinise and his business partners used the name of a previously formed unsuccessful theater company to save money.
Additionally, they established the business as a non-profit entity. Grease, one of the company's earliest plays, was directed by Gary Sinise.
After the first of the theatrical company's pieces was shown in New York City in 1982, a significant advancement was made.
Due to Gary Sinise's role in the play with John Malkovich, his career also benefitted. The play was True West, recognized as one of Sam Shepard's finest pieces.
The play was also directed by Gary Sinise, who received an Obie Award in 1983 for his work in that capacity. Later, he participated in a PBS television production of the play.
The next significant achievement for Gary Sinise occurred in 1988 when he produced and directed the Richard Gere-starring movie Miles From Home.
The movie had a restricted distribution after making its world premiere at Cannes. Even though this movie garnered negative reviews, Gary Sinise did better with his second feature, Of Mice and Men, which he directed in 1992.
Additionally, he made his debut appearance as the protagonist character George Milton in a movie.
Despite having a dismal box office result, the movie made its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and earned excellent reviews from critics.

Personal Life

His father was a film editor, therefore he was born into a family of filmmakers. Gary Sinise recalls watching television coverage of the John F. Kennedy assassination as one of his earliest and most vivid recollections.
Sinise and his family moved to a neighborhood near to Chicago after Sinise completed third grade. Sinise discovered his love for performing and theatre in high school.
Gary Sinise, a member of the Lt. Dan Band, has a flair for music. The ensemble plays for troops while touring different military installations.
In 1981, Sinise wed the actress Moira Harris, and the two became parents to three kids. Additionally a devout Catholic, Gary Sinise.

Top 7 Movies And Earnings

Gary Sinise Smoking In Forest Gump
Gary Sinise Smoking In Forest Gump

Forrest Gump (1994)

From the viewpoint of an Alabama man with an IQ of 75, whose sole wish is to be reunited with his childhood love, historical events such as the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies, the Vietnam War, the Watergate affair, and other events are seen.
Domestic Box Office$330,151,138
International Box Office$349,687,122
Worldwide Box Office$679,838,260

Ransom (1996)

When originally agreeing to pay the ransom, multimillionaire Tom Mullen chooses to use the money as a reward after his son is abducted.
Domestic Box Office$136,492,681
International Box Office$172,207,319
Worldwide Box Office$308,700,000
Apollo 13 (I) (1995)
The three astronauts aboard Apollo 13 suffer significant internal damage, putting their lives in danger. NASA must come up with a plan to safely get the spacecraft back to Earth.
Domestic Box Office$173,772,767
International Box Office$162,029,504
Worldwide Box Office$335,802,271

Snake Eyes (1998)

A dubious police investigator is caught up in a murder plot during a crucial boxing bout in an Atlantic City casino.
Domestic Box Office$55,591,409
International Box Office$48,300,000
Worldwide Box Office$103,891,409

The Green Mile (1999)

One of the prisoners on Death Row, a black guy accused of rape and child murder but with a peculiar ability, has an impact on the lives of the guards there.
Domestic Box Office$136,801,374
International Box Office$153,900,000
Worldwide Box Office$290,701,374

Impostor (2001)

In the future, an extraterrestrial culture will attack Earth using androids as bombs. One such android is allegedly a government weapons expert, who then sets out to disprove the claim.
Domestic Box Office$6,114,237
International Box Office$1,860,370
Worldwide Box Office$7,974,607

Mission To Mars (2000)

A rescue expedition is sent to look into the catastrophe and bring back any survivors after the first human voyage to Mars encounters a tragic and strange calamity after reporting an unknown construction.
Domestic Box Office$60,874,615
International Box Office$45,125,385
Worldwide Box Office$106,000,000

Gary Sinise Salary

From 2004 through 2013, Gary had an appearance on CSI: NY. He participated in 197 episodes throughout that span.
Gary made $100,000 every episode from seasons 1 to 4, or almost $3 million per season.
He received $250,000 every episode from season five forward, or around $5.5 million annually.
At the height of his CSI popularity, Gary grossed $15 million year between his acting income, producer compensation, sponsorships, and appearances.


Gary Sinise in front of a mic
Gary Sinise in front of a mic

Real Estate

Gary and Moira Harris spent $3.55 million for a 5,300 square foot house in a gated Calabasas neighborhood in the late 2000s.
They put the house up for sale for $3.8 million in May 2020. The house has 5.5 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, and 4,366 square feet of living space.
Natural walnut wood flooring, wood ceiling beams, crown moldings, and batten and bead board accents are all elements of the house.
The residence contains a family room space on the second level as well as a media room with a kitchen area, walk-in closet, and bathroom.
The master bedroom has a fireplace, two closets with custom organizers, batten and bead board accents, and a marble bathroom with twin vanities, a shower, and a spa tub.
Off the kitchen and family room area is a terrace with a brick floor and trellis in the backyard.
A 4-car garage, workshop, swimming pool, koi pond, and waterfall feature are further features of the house.
They purchased a 30-acre estate on top of a hill in Ventura County's Santa Rosa Valley for $5.25 million in 2014.
This property has a guest house, tennis court, pool, outdoor pizza oven, and a private helipad.


At the Barrett-Jackson collector-car auction in Scottsdale on Friday, Richard Rawlings from the television show "Fast N' Loud" and actor Gary Sinise united to sell off a bespoke Jeep for $1.3 million.
The Gary Sinise Foundation, which assists soldiers, first responders, and their families, will profit from the sale.
After the Jeep was first sold for $200,000, Sunbelt Rentals donated a matching $1 million gift.
Barrett-Jackson reopened the bidding to increase revenue. A private dinner with Sinise in Los Angeles and a trip to the Gary Sinise Foundation were included in the second offer, which was $100,000.

Top 10 Facts About Gary Sinise

  • On March 17, 1955, Gary Alan Sinise was born in Blue Island, Illinois, in the United States.
  • Gary and his family relocated to Highland Park, where Gary attended high school and developed a reputation for being a rebellious, uninterested student. In reality, Gary played in bands for a large portion of his childhood.
  • As a joke, he applied for "West Side Story," but by the time the show was through, he had developed a real passion for acting.
  • In 1974, Gary established the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago.
  • In addition to acting in the company's plays, Gary also directed a number of their various shows. In 1990, he made his Broadway debut as the lead in "The Grapes of Wrath."
  • When Gary initially arrived in Hollywood, he was a director, directing two episodes of "Crime Story" that year.
  • Gary appeared in his debut motion picture, "A Midnight Clear."
  • His current most well-known performance is as Detective Mack Taylor on the hit television show CSI: NY.
  • His theatrical company, which he founded, moved from the basement of a Catholic high school to a theater worth $8 million, where it is still operating today.
  • For the many roles he has done as an actor and a director, Gary has garnered a lot of nominations and awards.

Gary Sinise biography

People Also Ask

Is Gary Sinise Still Acting?

Fans of the actor Gary Sinise will be reassured to learn that the 64-year-old thespian has no intention of giving up performing in the midst of this riveting third act of his life, which is focused on helping people and volunteering. In the 2019 movie SGT, he had a supporting part.

How Much Did Gary Sinise Make In CSI?

From 2004 through 2013, Gary had an appearance on CSI: NY. He participated in 197 episodes throughout that span.
Gary made $100,000 every episode from seasons 1 to 4, or almost $3 million per season.
He received $250,000 every episode from season five forward, or around $5.5 million annually.

Did Gary Sinise Serve In The Military?

Gary Sinise served in the military, then? He wasn't, that is true. This reality, however, has no influence on his outstanding commitment to our military personnel and the organizations that assist them, who together comprise a significant portion of the overall force that safeguards our nation.


Gary Sinise has received various accolades over his career, including a Saturn Award, an Emmy Award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Gary Sinise has continued to perform on stage in many theatrical shows throughout his career.
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