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Gambling Addiction Stories - The Craziest You'll Ever Hear

From incredible online luck to casino robberies to fortunes lost, these gambling addcition stories may make you reconsider how you should play your game.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Apr 10, 2023
The Gambling addiction storiesthis article is about to tell you are as personal as they are terrifying and heartbreaking.
They remind you all of man's fallibility and how easy it is to take something on in good faith and end up on the wrong track.
The gamblingaddiction stories found serves as a reminder of the dangers to why we should seek help when fighting the invisible enemy that is addiction, from losing one's home to losing one's loved ones.
Some of the most heinous gambling addiction stories here are not always easy to read, but they should serve as a wake-up call to our society, lawmakers, and even players.

David Bradford Lost £500,000 In 30 Years

David-Bradford with his 2 sons
David-Bradford with his 2 sons
Denise and David Bradford had been married for 35 years when she learned of her husband's gambling addiction over the phone, with a solicitor informing her that her husband had just been sentenced to two years in prison and was on his way to Liverpool.
Denise was devastated at first, but she eventually found it in her heart to forgive David, who had been battling addiction for 30 years prior to the incident.
Denise, a full-time housewife, had no idea about David's struggle until that faithful call on a Friday in April 2014.
David had amassed a £500,000 debt across 21 loans, had re-mortgaged the family home, and had stolen a total of £53,690 from his employer to fuel his habit, which had been forcing him to commit more – to the point where David couldn’t afford to fix his house’s boiler, just weeks before that faithful call.
Denise and David's story is without a doubt one of the worst gambling addiction stories ever told.
Both in their 60s, they still have a mountain of debt to pay off for the rest of their lives, despite living on pensions.
Nonetheless, David's story is inspiring, if not because he squandered their life savings, then because he had found it in himself to persevere.
While incarcerated, he enrolled in support groups and joined Gamblers Anonymous. Together with his son, Adam, he has established a charity to assist other addicts who may be facing similar or worse addiction stories.

Michelle Singlehurst Gambled £550,000 In 3 Years

Michelle Singlehurst smiling
Michelle Singlehurst smiling
Michelle Singlehurst led a comfortable life. She was working at a job that paid her £25,000 per year, and her house was worth £440,000, more than many people make in a lifetime. Michelle, on the other hand, enjoyed escaping in games.
Nintendo and GameCube gaming became online slots, and something inside Michelle snapped while caring for her husband, daughter, and elderly mother, who nearly died in a nursery home due to maltreatment.
Online gaming didn't seem so bad after all.
She would play away her worries for hours, waking up at night and logging back in. She had no idea if she had any money left at one point.
She was both embarrassed and drawn to gambling.
Before long, she had amassed thousands of dollars in debt from friends, and this was only the beginning of one of the worst gambling addiction stories we have ever read.
Michelle decided to care for her mother, so the family wanted to move into a new house with enough space to care for Michelle's mother.
The family's original home was sold, but Michelle had no intention of keeping the proceeds. She quickly gambled through the entire £440,000.
Her husband, a good-natured man with no tech skills who had been married to Michelle for 30 years, eventually found out, and things got ugly.
He blamed Michelle for her carelessness and lack of of self-restraint, and took their daughter and left.

Sharon Who Stole From Her Daughter’s Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank and coins
Piggy Bank and coins
Sharon has been battling a gambling addiction since 1992. Pokies have been central to her addiction.
She became a victim of circumstances when video poker machines were introduced to her local pub, despite the fact that she initially found them boring and even "stupid."
She returned home one night and got into an argument with her husband about something she wasn't sure she remembered.
So she went back to the pokies bar to "brush it off," because it was the only place where it was socially acceptable to go alone anyway.
Sharon was astounded that the games could actually allow you to win money after only a short session.
This is how the majority of gambling addictions begin, with a simple win.
Sharon decided to make pokies her full-time job after that faithful argument, and she'd spent the next five weeks playing, possibly avoiding work because pokies were there as a substitute.
Sharon began hearing about people losing their savings, maxing out their credit cards, and even having their homes repossessed by 1995-1996.
Sharon's husband left as her addiction worsened, and she felt relieved because she didn't have to sneak around as much.
Sharon claimed that at the height of her addiction, her husband didn't matter. What about her friends?
What about her own children? None of them were important. Sharon only had one goal in mind: feed the beast.
However, with only AU$0.85 cents in her bank account, this was a daunting task, so she went to her daughter’s room one night and took away her Piggy Bank savings.
When Sharon left the room, her daughter awoke, scaring her and causing her to drop the money.
She dashed to the garage and sat there until her daughter arrived with the pennies she had collected from the shattered Piggy Bank pieces and handed them over to her mother, who had returned to the pokie machines.

The Accountant Who Miscalculated £125,000 In Gambling Losses

A hand using calculator while holding a phone and pen
A hand using calculator while holding a phone and pen
At the time of the accident, a 42-year-old accountant from Birmingham was left with £125,000 in gambling losses after failing to be restrained by casinos in the United Kingdom.
The victim's identity will be kept private, but her story should serve as a wake-up call to all of us.
Because of the pervasiveness of online gambling, it is extremely easy for anyone to fall prey to the habit of gambling, not just recreationally or as a form of leisure, but compulsively to the point where few other options remain available.
Being the victim of a £125,000 gambling loss should not have happened to a successful white-collar worker. After all, the victim was a trained professional with a background in numbers.
Yet gambling addiction always finds a way to convince us otherwise.
Sure, this accountant’s story is not the worst, but it certainly shows how easily we could be tempted into going down the wrong path.

People Also Ask

Is Gambling A Mental Illness?

It's categorized as an impulse-control disorder. It is included in the fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5). Problem gambling is detrimental to both mental and physical health.

Why Can't I Stop Gambling?

Depression, stress, substance abuse, or anxiety can both precipitate and exacerbate compulsive gambling.
Even if gambling is no longer a part of your life, these issues will persist, so it is critical to address them.

Is Gambling A Serious Addiction?

Gambling addiction is a serious condition that can ruin people's lives.
Although treating a gambling addiction can be difficult, many people who have been affected by the disease have found relief through treatment.


Are these the worst gambling addiction stories you've heard?
People think they are, but gamblers have hundreds, if not thousands, of similar stories they have never had the courage to share.
This list made certain to include both the good and the arguably bad, as well as examples of recovery and a psychological breakdown of what it means to be addicted to gambling.
There are some stories that we should all pay attention to and remember.
They all have a small moral that we should share so that others are prepared.
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