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Flavor Flav Net Worth 2022 – Birthday, Age, Wife, Kids And Girlfriends

What is Flavor Flav net worth? William Jonathan Drayton Jr. in real life, Flavor Flav is an American rapper and TV personality.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 26, 2022
As of 2022, Flavor Flav net worthis $4.2 million.
William Jonathan Drayton Jr., more known as Flavor Flav, is an American rapper and TV personality.
He rose to fame as a part of the hip-hop group, Public Enemy.

Flavor Flav Early Life And Education

Flavor Flav was born on March 16, 1959 in Roosevelt, New York.
His father, William Sr., was a restaurant owner, and his mother, Anna Drayton, died on December 31, 2013.
Flavor Flav has two siblings.
His brother, Steven Drayton, is an actor and a director known for the movie "Single Women and Married Men." His estimated net worth is $16 Million.
They have a sister named Jean Delores Madison.
He's a musical genius and a self-taught pianist. Aside from the paino, he knows how to play 15 musical instruments, including the guitar and the drums.
He often got on the wrong side of the law and got locked up several times for burglary and robbery.
When he reached 11th grade, he dropped out.
He graduated in 1978 from a culinary school.

Flavor Flav Career

Flavor Flav left his mark wherever he wished to.
He had dabbled as a musician and as a restaurant owner. He also did some hosting duties.
Hip-hop artists around the world recognize his contributions to Public Enemy.
He collborated before with fellow rapper, Chuck D (born Carlton Ridenhour).
He released his first solo album in 2016, and “911 Is a Joke” was his first solo hit.
After he took a break from music, he resurfaced via the HV1 show, “The Surreal Life.”
He also opened the restaurant, “Flav’s Fried Chicken” in Iowa but it didn't become successful.

Flavor Flav Interview - 11/17/2006

Flavor Flav Discography And Filmography

Flavor Flav is a multitalented person. Not only can he rap and play more than a dozen intruments, he can likewise act and host.
Some of his songs include:
  • "Unga Bunga Bunga"
  • "Flavor-Man"
  • "Get Up on the Dance Floor"
  • "I'm Only Out for One Thang"
  • "I Can't Do Nothin' for You, Man"
He made guest appearances in the shows of Chad Muska, Material, Moby, Nigo, and Ice Cube, among many others.
He debuted as an actor in "Death of Dynasty" (2003)
The other films where he appeared are:
  • "Better Blues" (1990)
  • "New Jack City" (1991)
  • "Confessions of a Pit Fighter" (2005)
  • "Cain and Abel" (2007)
  • "Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Spectacular" (2007)

Flavor Flav Wife

Flavor Flav dated many girls.
One of them was Beverly Johnson, but their relationship didn't work; so, they broke up.
Overall, he has seven children.
He had his first three kids with ex-girlfriend, Karen Ross.
He was put behind bars for assaulting her.
Also, he dated Angie Parker, with whom he has three children.
His present girlfriend, as of this writing, is Elizabeth "Liz" Trujillo. They have a son named Gibran.
They have been together for more than eight years now and live in Las Vegas.

Flavor Flav Children

Flavor Flav's three sons are Karma Drayton, Shaniq Drayton, and William Drayton.
His three daughters are Kayla Drayton, Dazyna Drayton, Quanah Drayton, and Jasmine Drayton.

Flavor Flav Girlfriends

Flavor Flav's past girlfriends include the following:
  • Beverly Johnson
  • Latresha Bradford
  • Tiffany Poland
  • Brigitte Nielsen
  • Nicole Alexander
He and Liz Trujillo got engaged in 2008.

Flavor Flav Personal Information

  • Nicknames:MC, DJ, Flavor Flav, Flav
  • Age:63
  • Height:5 feet, 7 inches or 1.7 meters
  • Weight:75 kg.
  • Residence:Roosevelt, New York
  • Religion:Islam (he's a Muslim since birth)
  • Nationality:American
Flavor Flav's albums sold millions of copies.
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