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Erica Mena Net Worth 2022 – Birthday, Age, Height, Husband And Kids

How much is Erica Mena net worth? She is an American model, TV personality, and video vixen.

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As of January 2022, Erica Mena net worthis generally estimated at $1 million.
Erica Mena is an American model, video vixen, and television personality.
She has appeared in several television movies. It was her guesting in"Love & Hip Hop: New York" where she started to gain fame.
She also stood out in the popular TV series, "Scared Famous."

Erica Mena Early Life

Born on November 8, 1987 in Bronx, New York, Erica Mena will turn 35 this year.
Her family is of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent.
Erica Mena started designing her dress at the age of eight.
She longed for excellence when performing in public. No wonder she became famous at an early age.
She is 1.75 m. tall and weighs 60 kg.

Erica Mena Career

When she was 14, Erica Mena won an award for being a Jennifer Lopez lookalike.
She decided to pursue modeling at a very young age. She even booked her own modeling gigs.
L'Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger, and Rocawear were some of the brands that hired her as a model.
Erica was able to appear on the covers of many well-known magazines.
Among these magazines were Maxim, The Source, and King.
She explored the world of writing, too. She's the author of "Underneath It All" and "Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette," both published in 2013.
The main source of her wealth is her modeling career.
It is also important to note that her other sources of income include royalties from her books, salaries from het TV guestings, and sales from her fashion line.
Erica Mena's star continues to rise as she plays leading roles in the movies.

Erica Mena: I'm Still Good Friends With Kardashians

Erica Mena Television

Erica Mena appeared in the music videos of leading artists, a kind of profession in the etertainment industry known as being a "video vixen."
Two of her unforgettable appearances in music videos are in Chris Brown's "I" and Missy Elliott's "Breath."
She starred, from 2011 to 2015, in "Love & Hip Hop: New York," where she became famous.

Erica Mena Parents

Her father's name is Brian Mena and her mother's name is Sonia Mena.
Eric Mena's father is a drug dealer.

Erica Mena Husband

Safaree Samuels was Erica Mena's ex-husband.
He is a famous singer and appeared in several music videos like her.
They announced their divorce in 2022.
His net worth is more than $4 million.

Erica Mena Kids

Erica Mena has a son named King, born March 1, 2007.
The boy's father is Raul Conde. They also got divorced.
She also has a daughter named Safire.
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