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Dusty Rose Levine Net Worth - $138 Million, Relationship With Adam Levine, Lifestyle And More

She also made her acting debut at a young age in the Maroon 5 song "Girls Like You" from the Hollywood music video "Girls Like You." When Dusty Rose's mother signed a deal with Pink and started appearing in various television shows, she also became well-known in this realm. Here is everything there is to know about Dusty Rose Levine net worth.

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Born on September 21, 2016, Dusty Rose Levine is a well-known American celebrity kid who is perhaps most recognized for being the daughter of Behati Prinsloo, a well-known television personality and prominent Namibian model.
On the other hand, her father, Adam Levine, is a well-known American figure who is a record producer as well as an American singer and songwriter.
Both of them are well-known American figures, which is another reason why this celebrity child gained widespread renown in America.
She is a Virgo by birth sign and claims to be an American national. According to some accounts, she initially comes into the media's attention when her father posts images of them together on his official Instagram account, around the time she is 2 years old.
She also made her acting debut at a young age in the Maroon 5 song "Girls Like You" from the Hollywood music video "Girls Like You."
When Dusty Rose's mother signed a deal with Pink and started appearing in various television shows, she also became well-known in this realm. Here is everything there is to know about Dusty Rose Levine net worth.

Dusty Rose Levine Net Worth

Dusty Rose Levine
Dusty Rose Levine
The eldest child of well-known Namibian model Behati Prinsloo and American singer Adam Levine is a little American girl named Dusty Rose Levine.
According to our sources, she does not own any assets with a worth of more than a certain amount.
On the other hand, her parents, who are well-known individuals around the globe, give very little information for your optimum use of our website.
Her mother's estimated net worth is $13 million and her father's is about $125 million as of the time of writing (2021).

Career, Education & Family

Dusty Rose Levine
Dusty Rose Levine
She is now very young, spends all of her time with her family, and as of this writing has no professional life.
However, given that her parents are both accomplished American citizens, she may someday follow in the footsteps of her parents.
On the other side, her mother and father both made appearances in several American television programs, and her father also started working in the late year of 1994. The internet has no further details on this little child.
Belongs to a wealthy, well-educated family from Namibia who lives in America. Her mother is a well-known Namibian model by the name of Behati Prinsloo, and her father is a well-known American singer by the name of Adam Levine. Gio Grace Levine, her only sister, is a girl.
Boet Prinsloo, Magda Prinsloo, Patsy Noah, and Fred Levine are her four paternal grandparents.
She also has two aunts called Julia Milne Levine and Liza Levine, however there is currently no information available about her uncle.
Being so young and so close to Behati Prinsloo prevents her from attending high school right now.

Facts Of Dusty Rose Levine

Full NameDusty Rose Levine
First NameDusty
Middle NameRose
Last NameLevine
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CityLos Angeles, California
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameAdam Levine
Father ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Musician, Record Producer, Entrepreneur And Actor
Mother NameBehati Prinsloo
Mother ProfessionModel
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsGio Grace
Date of BirthSeptember 21,2016
Age4 years
Net Worth$138 million

Age, Height & Weight

Dusty Rose Levine With Parents
Dusty Rose Levine With Parents
They will be around four years old in 2021 since she was born on September 21, 2016. She was raised in a well-known American family in California, though, and she may one day follow in the footsteps of her parents, who are both well-known American celebrities. After her parents' triumph, she entered the public eye and gained worldwide notoriety.
She is still very young and also has a wonderful personality, but there is no information available on her weight or height (she is tall).
However, some sources claim that she weighs around 12 kg (26 lbs), however this is unconfirmed. Regarding her physical statistics, nothing more was discovered.

Personal Life & Relationship

Dusty Rose Levine With Her Father
Dusty Rose Levine With Her Father
She will be roughly 4 years old in 2021, and she will also be unable to speak well. I hope she finds her soul partner in the future so she may have a happier life.
A soulmate connection is not a living partnership, but rather a loving relationship like the one between her parents, who both got married in 2014 and are now living happily in America.


People Also Ask

What is The Net Worth Of Dusty Rose Levine?

She is a famous young lady. Her parents are very wealthy people who make a lot of money. Her father has a staggering net worth of $120 million.
He receives a 68 million dollar compensation per year. He works many professions as a musician, actor, and businessman, which allows him to make that much money.
He served as the host of the well-known American singing competition "The Voice" from 2011 to 2019, earning $6 million for the first season and $12 million across the next six.
His yearly salary has increased to $13 million by 2017. He also has real properties worth millions of dollars.
Her mother has a $9 million fortune. She has a lengthy modeling career, which helps her earn so much money.
She has furthermore featured in a number of movies and music videos. She has walked the runway at a number of renowned fashion events, including those for Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, and Alexander Wang. These are a few of her father's movies.

Who Is Dusty Rose Levine Mother?

On May 16, 1988, Behati Prinsloo was born in Vanderbijlpark, Transvaal Province, South Africa.
She is of Namibian descent. The sole child of her parents. Her mother, Magda, runs a bed and breakfast, while her father, Reverend Louis Francois Prinsloo, serves as a church pastor.
She left school early to pursue a modeling career. When she was sixteen years old, she started modeling.
Her employment as a Victoria Secret model is what made her most famous. She has a height of 5 feet 11 inches.

Who Is Dusty Rose Levine Father?

Adam Levine was born on March 18, 1979, in Los Angeles, California, and goes by the full name Adam Noah Levine.
His parents are Fredric and Patsy Levine. His parents separated when he was seven years old. He has a brother and two half-siblings.
His most recognizable role is as the main vocalist of the well-known musical group Maroon 5.
He started working as a singer in 1994. Additionally, he produces recordings and writes songs.

Who Gave Dusty Rose Levine Her Name?

The talk show presenter Ellen DeGeneres suggested the name Dusty Rose. Ellen received thanks from Adam and Behati for giving their kid such a unique name.
Adam discussed how Ellen helped her come up with a name for her first child on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Her mother didn't like the name at first, but when it kept coming up in conversation, she came to enjoy it. She first believed her mother would connect the name with dust.


Dusty Rose Levine Parents
Dusty Rose Levine Parents
They originally met in 2012 when Adam was looking for a model for his next music video.
Common acquaintances gave Adam her email address, but she didn't have time to collaborate with him.
They started exchanging emails after that and ultimately met in person. It wasn't love at first sight, Behati Prinsloo said in an interview.
It takes time to fall in love. They began dating. On July 19, 2014, they exchanged vows in Cabo San Lucas.
As each other's loyal husband and wife, they are still together and enjoying their marriage.
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