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The Humble Beginning Of Dominique Roque's Success In Showbiz

Dominique Roque is a Filipino actor who has starred in films such as Aryana and May Isang Pangarap. Dominique also began his career as a model in the industry, appearing in a number of endorsements and commercials before deciding to pursue acting.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 20, 2022
Dominique Roqueis a Filipino actor who has starred in films such as Aryana and May Isang Pangarap. Dominique also began his career as a model in the industry, appearing in a number of endorsements and commercials before deciding to pursue acting.
In 2010, he made his acting debut in the Habang May Buhay soap opera. Roque is presently managed by ABS-CBN's Star Magic talents. Dominic Roque, who starred in the 2013 horror film "Rico," is dating fellow actress Bea Alonzo openly.

Dominique Roque Biography

Dominique Roque was born and reared in the Philippines' Native City on July 20, 1990. His father is a businessman and the head of the firm, while his mother, 'Lena Roque,' is a housewife. He is also recognized for being Beth Tamayo's nephew.
Karl Manalo Roque is the actor's full name. His birthdate is July 20th, which makes him a Cancerian in the zodiac sign. Dominic Roque, who will be 30 years old in 2020, was reared with his brother Anthony Roque. He enrolled in Imus Institute's high school class of 2007 and graduated from De La Salle-Collegeof Saint Benilde. He also enrolled in the tourism program.
Dominique looks smart and handsome with a fitted tee shirt
Dominique looks smart and handsome with a fitted tee shirt

Dominique Roque Family

Dominique's mother, Lena Roque, is a stay-at-home mom who takes care of everything around the house. Despite the fact that Roque's father, Anthony Sr. Roque, is a businessman and company president, the Roque family never had to worry about basic requirements while growing up.
Dominique also has Filipino nationality and Asian ethnicity, as both of his parents are from the Philippines. Roque, like any other youngster, attributes his achievements in life to his mother and father.
According to almost every newssite, Anthony Roque Jr. is Dominique Roque's only sibling. However, fans were left wondering if Dominic also has two other siblings, Lhean Roque (brother) and Iah Roque (sister), as they were seen posing together as a family in a recent photo posted by the actor on Instagram on the auspicious day of Mother's Day, May 9, 2021.
Nonetheless, his brothers Lhean and Lah were spotted on both Dominic's and Anthony Jr.'s Instagram accounts. When Anthony Jr. shared a family photo, it always had six people. As a result, we may suppose Dominic grew up with three siblings.

Dominic Roque Career

Roque began his acting career by modeling and promoting many firms. Since 2008, he has worked as a model for Cosmopolitan Talents, where he posed for the Philippine apparel company, Penshoppe.
In 2010, Roque made his television debut in the series Habang May Buhay, in which he played Mark.
In 2012, he landed his first significant role in the fantasy drama series Aryana. It was a movie called Hubert, and he starred with Ella Cruz. In the movie, he played Hubert. During the filming of the series, he made many guest appearances, including Bandila and on the morning chat show Kris TV, where he discussed Kathryn Bernardo-related problems.
He signed on for his second significant part in the noontime drama series May Isang Pangarap, where he played an egotistical Alvin after Aryana concluded in January 2013. He was cast alongside Erin Ocampo, a promising young actress. Roque made his cinematic debut in June 2013 in Pagpag, an MMFF submission for 2013. He appeared with Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo in the film.

Dominic Roque Company

Dominique Roque has not commented on his family's financial position, but based on his extravagant lifestyle, it is presumed that he hails from an aristocratic and affluent family. In addition, the actor is the owner of Black Peak Hypermedia, a digital marketing and social media management company.

Dominic Roque Dating

Because of his new Instagram photo with his girlfriend, Bea Alonzo, the actor is presently garnering a lot of attention (Filipino actress). Many internet users believe he is in a relationship with Bea, his girlfriend. They maintain their personal lives apart from their professional lives.
The pair were last seen in November 2019, according to insiders, and Dominic was previously seen at the actress's small birthday celebration at her house. In her most recent interview, Bea, who is also a Star Magic and ABS-CBN agency, denied being in a relationship with her reported boyfriend, Dominic. He was mentioned by the actresses as a dear friend.

Dominic Roque Height And Weight

Dominic Roque is a tall man, standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 70 kg. His eyes and hair are both dark brown.

Dominic Roque Net Worth

Dominic began his modeling career when he was 18 years old, and his acting career began in 2010. In 2012, he landed his first significant role as Hubert Francisco in the series "Aryana." Dominic has a large fan following as an actor and model who has been in the industry for over a decade.
He may have a net worth in the millions, but his earnings in precise figures have yet to be revealed. Dominic has over 2.4 million Instagram followers, 286.9k TikTok followers, and around 210.8k Twitter followers as of October 2022.

What Does Dominic Roque Do For A Living?

Dominic Karl Manalo Roque is a Filipino actor and model who was born on July 20, 1990. His acting credits include Aryana and May Isang Pangarap. ABS-Star CBN's Magic talent manages him.

Who Is Gf Of Dominic Roque?

In an unusual move, heartthrob actor Dominic Roque shared a sweet selfie of himself and his girlfriend, Bea Alonzo, on Instagram. Dominic shared a photo of himself kissing Bea on the cheek on Instagram. "2021 (heart emoji)," Dominic added as a caption.


It is pretty obvious that Dominique Roque's career will flourish in the future. We hope that he'll find more success in the future with her career and personal life. Here's hoping.
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