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Devin Haney Net Worth - Youngest Boxer Inside The Ring Of MGM Grand In Las Vegas

Devin Haney net worth, birthday, age, wiki, facts, and biography for 2022! In this post, we'll find out how old Devin Haney and more information about him.

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Devin Haney has always had lofty goals for himself and for Devin Haney net worth.
Haney was praised as an amateur for his smooth boxing talents, which led to national renown and a 138-8 record.
So far, Haney's professional career has gone just as planned.
Haney, who won the vacant WBC interim 135-pound championship in 2019 before being upgraded to full belt holder shortly after, believes his profile can only climb further.
Not only does Haney feel that his entire skill set will make him a must-see fighter, but he also believes that his current level of competition will only benefit him in the long term.

Who Is Devin Haney?

Devin Haney holding his belt and flexing his arms
Devin Haney holding his belt and flexing his arms
Devin Haney is a professional boxer from the United States who has held the WBC lightweight belt since 2019.
According to The Ring magazine, the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, and BoxRec, he is the world's fourth-best current lightweight, while ESPN ranks him fifth.
He was born in the United States on November 17, 1998.
Making history by being the youngest boxer to compete at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
He started his career unbeaten and went on to win the Youth World Championships, becoming the youngest person ever to do so.
The Dream is his alias.
Devin Haney's zodiac sign is Scorpio, according to astrologers.

Before Devine Honey Started His Journey

His parents divorced and separated when he was four years old.
During this stage, Devin was taken aback.
But Bill Haney looked after him.
Devin Haney later went to Las Vegas with his father when he was seven years old.
Devin gained an interest in fighting and boxing the same year.
Unlike other parents, Devin's father, Bill Haney, supported him to pursue his passion of becoming a boxer.

Devin Haney Started His Career

Devin Haney began his professional career at the age of seventeen.
He was the industry's youngest boxer at the time.
Devin Haney was unable to play in Las Vegas owing to age limits. He traveled to Mexico to fulfill his goal.
Devin Haney's father, Bill Haney, urged him to pursue his passion wholeheartedly.
He even assisted his kid with his training.
Bill Haney worked tirelessly to realize his son's ambition.
Devin Haney is also a fitness enthusiast.
His workouts are really strenuous.
His daily routines include aerobics, power lifting, and strength training.
Devin won seven national competitions in the early stages of his career and concluded his amateur career with a record of 138-8. (Total fights 138; lost only 8)
Devin and British sponsor Eddie Hearns struck a co-promotional partnership with Devin's firm Devin Haney Promotion in April 2019.
Devin also became boxing's youngest and most recent World Champion.
Floyd Mayweather, Devin Haney's mentor, has also coached him.
Devin Haney has an unblemished record in his boxing career.

Devin Haney Struggles While Pursuing His Boxing Career

Devin Haney wearing a gold boxing gloves and punching a punching bag
Devin Haney wearing a gold boxing gloves and punching a punching bag
Devin began his career as a young lad who acquired an interest in fighting and boxing at his school.
Unlike other parents, his father appreciated his son's enthusiasm and interest in the profession and began teaching him in his tiny region. He used to organize his meals and workout activities.
Following that, he began training under the direction of Floyd Mayweather, who had previously taught him effectively.
He was the youngest individual in his area to win the Youth World Championship. Since then, he has had several offers from other boxing organizations.
Among them was a multi-million dollar contract with Matchroom Boxing's CEO, Eddie Hearn.
Following that, he fought Antonio Moran in his first professional bout.
Devin has always wanted to compete in the Olympics and tried his luck in 2016, but he was unable to do so owing to his age.
He then played four rounds for the Mexico squad before returning to the United States.

Devin Haney Boxing Style

Devin Haney - The Dream - Highlights

Devin Haney's boxing style is unrivaled and unbeatable.
He is a methodical fighter with outstanding jabbing and counterpunching abilities.
He feels most at ease fighting outside, moving and punching with his jab and waiting for the opportunity to counter-punch or strike back with a combo assault.
He's more concerned about hitting than with being hit.
Devin Haney defends with his left hand.

Devin Haney Net Worth This 2022

Devin Haney's net worth is estimated to be $5 million in 2022.
He is the youngest, most capable, and skilled boxer and combatant.
He has made a living from his love, boxing and fighting, for the past seventeen years.
Devin Haney, being one of the youngest amazing boxers, also conducts brand endorsements, partnerships, and sponsorships with many businesses.
He earned 20% of this money from his first WBC lightweight championship defense.
Haney, like Floyd Mayweather Jr., has his own promotion organization, which allows him to get a higher portion of the purse on each event he competes on.
Devin Haney Promotions is the name of the firm.

How Often Does Devin Haney Use Social Media?

Devin is a social media addict who enjoys sharing glimpses of his life.
He may be found on both the photo-sharing app and Twitter.
His Instagram (@realdevinhaney) account has 1.1 million followers, while his Twitter (@Realdevinhaney) account has over 115K followers.

People Also Ask

How Much Money Does Devin Haney Make?

According to the Daily Hawker, Haney's net worth is predicted to be $5 million as of January 2021.
He earned 20% of this money from his first WBC lightweight championship defense.

Is Devin Haney With TMT?

Devin Haney, an unbeaten lightweight, has signed with Matchroom Boxing USA and plans to challenge for a world title before turning 21.
Haney, ranked No. 7 by The Ring at 135 pounds, has won 21 matches since turning pro in 2015 at the age of 16 after a great amateur career.

What's Devin Haney Boxing Record?

World Boxing Council champion Devin (27-0, 15 KOs) claimed his experiences under his father's tutelage had bolstered him for the 8,000-mile-plus trek to battle Kambosos (20-0, 10 KOs), who earned four belts by defeating Teofimo Lopez by decision in November.


Devin Haney's net worth is increasing year after year as he expands his reputation as a boxer.
He has a total of 26 bouts in the game, and he has won all of them.
Devin has a fantastic record in all of his games, with no defeats to his name.
The player has a total of 15 Knockout victories.
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