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Desiree Washington Net Worth - Rape Victim Of Mike Tyson

Desiree Washington is an American beauty queen (Miss Black Rhode Island) and model who was born in Rhode Island. She became well-known after it came out that well-known boxer Mike Tyson, whose real name is Michael Gerard Tyson, had raped her.

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Sep 01, 2022
Desiree Washington is an American TV star who became well-known after the famous boxer Mike Tyson raped her.
Washington was 18 years old when Tyson hit her. At the time, she was Miss Black Rhode Island.
Here, you can find out how Desiree Washington net worth.
Later, Tyson, who was the undisputed heavyweight world champion, was found guilty of rape and given a six-year prison sentence.
Both the 1993 documentary Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson and the 2008 documentary Tyson told Washington's story.
Her story was told in Mike Tyson: The Knockout, a documentary series that started in 2021.

Who Is Desiree Washington?

Desiiree Washington posing while wearing swimsuit
Desiiree Washington posing while wearing swimsuit
Defending her title in the American Beauty Pageant is Desiree Washington.
She is well-known for being one of the stunning modelswho won the title of Miss Black Rhode Island the previous year.
Her win earned her a lot of attention.
After Mike Tyson sexually assaulted Desiree, the media paid a significant amount of attention to her story.
Mike Tyson's career as a professional boxer in the United States spanned from 1985 through 2005.
In addition to this, Tyson is known as "The Baddest Man on the Planet" due to the fact that he possesses legendary fighting skills.
Desiree is a well-known American model who has competed in a variety of modeling competitions and appeared in a number of modeling events.
She is best known for holding the title of Miss Black Rhode Island.
NameDesiree Washington
Birth Date1973
ProfessionFormer Beauty Pageant Titleholder
Famous forRape Victim of Mike Tyson
Net Worth$600 thousand

Desiree Washington Early Life

1973 marked the year that the world welcomed Desiree Washington into it.
Her hometown is Coventry, which is located in the state of Rhode Island in the United States.
It is not possible to determine the celebrity's sun sign because there is insufficient information on their birth.
Since she was a young girl, Desiree has always been an exceptionally bright student.
In point of fact, she won the title of Miss Black Rhode Island when she was only 18 years old.
In the year 2022, Desiree will turn 49 years old.
After that, he completed his secondary education at Coventry High School, from which he graduated at the top of his class.
At her high school, Washington participated in the competitive cheerleading team.
During her time at Coventry High School, she was not just interested in academics but also in athletics.
Desiree played softball for the school team that went on to win the title.
In addition, Washington offered his time to instruct pupils in a variety of disciplines at a local Sunday school.
During her senior year, she was offered the chance to act as a goodwill ambassador in Moscow.
She took advantage of this opportunity.
In a class of 34 students from different parts of the country, Washington was the only black student.
After that, she attended Providence College, where she focused her studies on the field of psychology.
Additionally, in 1991, she was a contestant for the title of Miss Black America.
Desiree's goals had always included achieving success in the legal or political fields.
Washington is a beautiful young woman who comes from a family of three people.
Donald and Mary Belle Silva Washington are the proud parents of Desiree Washington, who goes by her middle name (mother).
The man who raised Desiree, whose name is "Donald Washington," is employed in the hotel business as a bookkeeper.
Her mother, Mary Belle Silva Washington, is employed in the field of personnel as a specialist.

Career And Controversy Of Desiree Washington

In 1991, she was crowned Miss Black Rhode Island, which was a significant turning point in her life because it led to the beginning of her modeling career.
Because of this, she was able to make it all the way to the finals of the Miss Black America competition when she was just 18 years old.
It was around this period that she would meet Mike Tyson, and the two of them would later make an appearance together in a video in which Tyson raps to the tune of a song.
Tyson had asked Washington out on a date and given Washington's hotel room phone number as the venue for the conversation.
According to Washington, Tyson was intoxicated when she entered his hotel room and had asked to have sexual relations with her before he passed out.
After she declined, however, Tyson became forceful, and the resistance she put up ultimately resulted in her being pushed by Tyson.
It was Washington's roommate who was the first person she told about the incident; she would subsequently report it to the authorities.
Because of a small abrasion that was found on her inner vaginal wall, the medical staff at Methodist Hospital were able to determine that she had been the victim of sexual assault the previous day.
Because of the attention that all of the media would soon be directing on this tragedy, it would soon become public knowledge.
However, Tyson continues to deny that he raped Washington.
He claims that he and Washington did have sexual encounters, but that each one was entirely voluntary.
It was decided that Tyson would be arrested and given a sentence of ten years in jail, but he would have the first four years of his term postponed.
As a consequence of this incident, eventually, Tyson would serve a prison sentence of three years.

Desiree Washington Controversial Rape Case

Boxing: Desiree Washington on 20/20 - Mike Tyson (1992)

In 1991, Mike Tyson slept with Desiree Washington. She was raped in an Indianapolis hotel room on July 19, 1991.
She was asked to go to Tyson's hotel room, where the event took place.
The next day, Washington went to the emergency room in her town to say that she had been raped.
Tyson was arrested in July, and his trial for rape took place in Marion County Superior Court from January 26 to February 10, 1992.
The fact that Washington was shocked after what happened was confirmed by Tyson's driver.
The doctor who looked at Washington said that his condition was consistent with having been raped.
Tyson, on the other hand, said that everything had happened with Washington's full consent and that he had not tried to force himself on her.
Tyson was found guilty of rape on February 10, 1992.
After more than ten hours of talking, the jury decided that the person was guilty.
Tyson's lawyers filed an appeal, saying that the Court made a mistake when it threw out the evidence of the victim's previous sexual activity (called the "Rape Shield Law"), threw out three possible defense witnesses, and didn't tell the jury about a mistake of fact that was honest and reasonable.
The Indiana Court of Appeals found Tyson guilty by a vote of 2-1.
The Indiana Supreme Court agreed with what the lower court had decided.
Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison and one year of probation on March 26, 1992. He was sent to the Indiana Youth Center in April 1992.
In March of 1995, Tyson was let out of prison.
He must also register as a sex offender under federal law.
After Tyson was found guilty, Washington sat down with Barbara Walters and told her side of the story.
“I went from being such an outgoing person to just being so reclusive — I was chosen friendliest in high school — that I just sat in my room and in the corner of my bed, and I just couldn’t move for the longest time, I couldn’t believe it,” she explained.

Desiree Washington Net Worth

When Mike Tyson sexually assaulted Desiree, she was only starting out in her career.
At such a tender age, she had already achieved great success.
She did make appearances on a number of shows as well as advertising.
And as of the year 2022, her net worth is approximately $600,000.
Following the conclusion of the trial, reports began to spread that Tyson was required to make a settlement payment of over $200,000 to resolve the issue.
As a result of the dispute, however, the exact amount of money that Tyson paid to Desiree Washington in the form of damages is unknown.

Donation Made By Desiree Washington

Although Desiree sent money to charitable organizations and trusts, she never disclosed the total amount of money she gave.

Interesting Facts About Desiree Washington

  • She stated that in exchange for her dropping the rape claims against Tyson, she was offered a million dollars.
  • The general public blamed her for the occurrence and suggested that she should have known that Tyson had a history of aggressive behavior and taken precautions to protect herself.
  • Following Washington's rape cape, her parents got divorced.
  • Prior to the sexual encounter, she was working toward a career as a politician or as a lawyer.

People Also Ask

How Much Money Did Desiree Washington Get?

After the trial, word got around that Tyson would have to pay more than $200,000 to settle.
Still, it is not clear why Tyson gave Desiree Washington so much in penalties because of the case.

How Old Is Desiree Washington Now?

In 2022, Desiree Washington will be 49 years old.

What Did Tyson Desiree Do?

An Indiana jury found former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson guilty of raping 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant Desiree Washington.
Tyson was sentenced to 10 years in prison the next month, but four of those years were taken off.


Regarding her parents, Donald Washington and Mary Belle Silva Washington, Desiree Washington was born into a wealthy family.
Her mother was named Mary Belle Silva Washington, and her father was Donald Washington.
In addition, she was raised by parents who were always there for her and made sure she had a wonderful childhood.
You are now aware of the total amount of Desiree Washington's net worth.
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