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Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr - The Scandal Of Solange's Son

Daniel Juelz J. Smith Jr. was born when his mother was only seventeen years old. His mother is the R&B singer Solange Knowles, and Beyonce, who has won many Grammys, is his uncle.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jun 24, 2022
Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., the son of R&B singer Solange Knowles and the nephew of Beyonce, was in the news.
He is 17 years old.
Julez has been accused of getting a young woman pregnant.
A text conversation between Julez and the girl is going around on social media sites right now.
After the text message went viral, fans were shocked to learn that Solange, who is 35, is going to be a grandmother soon.
But Julez has come forward to set the record straight.
He says the rumors are made up.
Here's what we know so far about Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr.

Who Is Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr?

Daniel Julez smith in the white top while pressing his lips together
Daniel Julez smith in the white top while pressing his lips together
Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., who also goes by the name Julez Smith, was born on October 8, 2004, making him 17 years old right now.
He was born under the sign Libra.
Then, in October 2022, he will turn 18. Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. was born in the United States, in the city of Los Angeles.
Solange Piaget Knowles and Daniel Smith raised him.
From his mother, Solange, he is half Creole-American and half African-American.
From his father, Daniel is African-American.
Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. has three younger half-siblings named Saniya Smith, Legend Smith, and Five Smith.
He lived in places like Los Angeles, California, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Moscow, Idaho, for most of his childhood.
But Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. is living with his mother in California right now.
He is also known as Beyonce's nephew and the cousin of Rumi Carter, Blue Ivy Carter, and Sir Carter, who are the children of Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Jay-Z.

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. Mother - Solange Knowles

Solange - Cranes in the Sky (Video)

Before she became famous, Solange sang the theme song for The Proud Family, an animated show on the Disney Channel.
When Kelly Rowland hurt her toes, Solange filled in as a member of Destiny's Child and opened for pop singer Christina Aguilera on her tour.
She made several albums on her own, such as Solo Star, Sol-Angel, and the Hadley St. Dreams.
But her 2016 R&B album, A Seat at a Table, is one of her best-known works.
In 2017, the artist won the Woman of the Year Glamor Award. She was also the first person to get the Women in Music Impact Award from Billboard.
When I Get Home was her most recent album. It had songs like "Stay Flo" and "Sound of Rain" on it.
"Cranes in the Sky," which is one of her most well-known songs, has been played over 110 million times on the music streaming service Spotify.
Solange won the Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance for this song.
As of October 2021, her music video for this song, which is on YouTube, has been watched more than 45 million times.

Solange Knowles Net Worth

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. net worth is still unknown because he's still studying.
Singer, songwriter, actress, and model Solange Knowles hails from the United States of America and has a net worth of $9 million.
She is the younger sister of Beyonce Knowles, who is also a musician and is sometimes referred to by her given name, Solange.

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. Father - Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is a former player in the National Football League.
At the moment, he is working as a talent manager for Jay-Z, who was formerly his brother-in-law and is a rapper.
As of the year 2022, the gross amount of Daniel Smith's net worth is approximately $700,000.
When Solange was just 17 years old, she tied the knot with a man who was born and raised in Houston, Texas.
After another year, Solange finally gave birth to their child, a son named Julez.
However, in 2004, the couple decided to end their marriage and began the divorce process.
In subsequent years, when Daniel was 37 years old, he tied the knot with a mystery woman.
Saniya and Legend Smith are the children of Saniya and Legend Smith's parents.

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr.’s Scandals And Dramas

Daniel Jules J. Smith Jr. in a red cap and black shirt
Daniel Jules J. Smith Jr. in a red cap and black shirt
It was reported in April 2022 that Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. was involved in a romantic connection with Adore, a social media influencer, after dating Skai Jackson for a year.
Skai Jackson was Daniel's ex-girlfriend.
The social media influencer made the startling revelation via her various social media platforms that she became pregnant as a result of an encounter with Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr.
On the other hand, Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. disclosed in his social media accounts that Adore was merely attempting to smear him and was caught lying about it.

Some Facts About Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr.

  • Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. launched his own Instagram account in April 2022 and gave it the handle @iamjulezsmith.
  • Some people on the internet claim that Skai Jackson and Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr.'s sex tape has been leaked online by Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr.
  • Solange Knowles, who was only 17 years old when she gave birth to him, is the boy's mother.
  • Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. is the full name of Julez, however, he goes by Julez.
  • Because Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. enjoys traveling quite a bit, he enjoys going to a variety of locations across the world.
  • It is estimated that he would have approximately 10,500 followers on his new Instagram account by April 2022.
  • Since Daniel's birthday is October 18, and he was born on October 18th, the zodiac sign associated with Daniel is Libra.
  • Solange Smith got married to Alan Ferguson, a well-known American video director after she ended her relationship with Daniel Smith, Daniel's biological father. However, the pair finalized their divorce in 2019.

People Also Ask

Who Is Daniel Smith Solange Baby Daddy?

Daniel Smith, the Father of Solange's Baby Daniel Smith is Solange Knowles' ex-husband as well as the father of their child.
The couple was blessed with a gorgeous kid named Daniel Juelz Smith Jr. on October 18, 2004, and he is now 17years old.
Solange and Daniel got married in 2004.

What Did Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr Do To Skai Jackson?

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., who is 17, said he was dating the former Disney Channel star, who is 19, but they broke up because he said she cheated on him.
Julez says in a group chat that he and Skai were sexually involved, but that she cheated on him, so he got even.

Who Is Julez Smith To Beyonce?

Julez has three half-siblings named Saniya Smith, Legend Smith, and Five Smith.
They are from his dad's side of the family. He is also very well known in the country because he is Beyoncé's nephew.
Rumi Carter, Blue Ivy Carter, and Sir Carter are also Julez's cousins.


As a celebrity kid, Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. is receiving a great deal of attention from the media.
The well-known American artist Solange Knowles and the man she was previously married to, Daniel Smith, are his parents, and he is their only child.
Additionally, it is known that Daniel Jr. is the nephew of the internationally renowned artist and actress Beyonce Giselle Knowles.
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