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Dan Brown Net Worth $160 Million - One Of The Best Selling Writers

An American novelist named Dan Brown net worth is $160 million dollar. The Da Vinci Code, written by Brown in 2003 and published as a best-seller, was made into two Tom Hanks-starring movies. More than 250 million copies of Dan Brown's novels have been sold worldwide.

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An American novelist named Dan Brown net worthis $160 million dollar. The Da Vinci Code, written by Brown in 2003 and published as a best-seller, was made into two Tom Hanks-starring movies. More than 250 million copies of Dan Brown's novels have been sold worldwide.

Quick Facts About Dan Brown

NameDan Brown
Date Of BirthJun 22, 1964
Place Of BirthExeter
ProfessionNovelist, Writer, Actor
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$160 Million
Salary$20 Million Per Year

Dan Brown Personal Life

In Exeter, New Hampshire, on June 22, 1964, Dan Brown was born. His father, Richard G. Brown, taught math at Phillips Exeter Academy and published textbooks; the family resided on the grounds of the school.
His mother Constance played the organ at the church. His exposure to crossword puzzles and anagrams, which he and his siblings would spend hours working on, sparked his interest in riddles and science.
On special occasions like holidays and birthdays, the kids would take part in elaborate treasure hunts to uncover the presents their father had created for them.
In fact, one of his boyhood treasure hunts served as the inspiration for chapter 23 of "The Da Vinci Code."
Brown attended Amherst Collegeto get a degree in English and Spanish after graduating from high school.
He played squash, sang in the glee club, and studied under author Alan Lelchuk as a member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity in college.
He studied an art history course while spending a year abroad in Seville, Spain. Dan earned his Amherst degree in 1986.
After 21 years of marriage, Brown and Blythe Newlon split in 2019. They were married in 1997.
According to the allegations, Brown had a few affairs around the end of their marriage. The two were involved in a court dispute in the summer of 2020.

Career Of Dan Brown

Dan Brown smiling
Dan Brown smiling
Brown briefly considered a career in music, recording songs with synthesizer effects and creating "Synthanimals," a children's cassette tape.
It included songs like "Happy Frogs" and "Suzuki Elephants." In 1990, he established his own record label called Dalliance and released a CD titled "Perspective" on his own.
A few hundred copies were sold. In Los Angeles, California, Brown moved and became a member of the National Academy of Songwriters.
In order to support himself, he began working as a Spanish teacher at Beverly Hills Preparatory School, where he also met his future wife, Blythe Newlon, who is twelve years older than him and the artistic director of the National Academy of Songwriters.
He made the decision to go back to New Hampshire in 1993, and he was successful in landing a position teaching English at Phillips Exeter Academy.
He was joined by Newlon, and the two were wed in 1997. The cover art for Brown's "Angels & Demons" CD, which he eventually utilized for his book of the same name, was published in 1994.
In 1993, Brown read The Doomsday Conspiracy while on vacation in Tahiti, which gave him the idea to start writing thrillers.
With most of it taking place in Seville, where he had studied in 1985, he began work on Digital Fortress.
Under the pen name Danielle Brown, he also co-wrote a humorous book with his wife titled 187 Men to Avoid: A Survival Guide for the Romantically Frustrated Woman. Brown gave up teaching in 1996 to focus solely on writing.
When husband Blythe's book Digital Fortress was out in 1998, she devoted endless hours on creating press releases, securing Brown appearances on talk programs, and scheduling interviews.
In 2001 and 2001, respectively, he wrote Angels and Demons and Deception Point. Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbology specialist, first appeared in "Angels and Demons," a novel.
Dan had little success with his first three books, but his fourth one was a big hit. The Da Vinci Code, his magnum opus, was released in March 2003.
On the first day alone, approximately 6000 copies were sold, making it an immediate bestseller.
In its first week, the book was listed as a best seller in the New York Times. In 2004, Brown's four books appeared on the New York Times bestseller list all at once.
Dan was included in Time magazine's list of the 100 Most Influential People in 2005. In 2006, Ron Howard turned "The Da Vinci Code" into a movie starring Tom Hanks.
He published "The Lost Symbol" in 2009, and more than a million copies were sold on the first day alone.
This led to a second printing of 600,000 hardback copies, in addition to the five million that were printed on the first.
On May 14, 2013, Brown published "Inferno," which spent 11 weeks at the top of the NYT Best Seller list. Dan published "Origin," his sixth novel, in 2017.

Dan Brown Net Worth

One of this generation's wealthiest and most popular authorsis Dan Brown. In his lengthy and brilliant career, he has received numerous significant accolades.
Brown is well renowned for his suspense books, and his Robert Langdon series has been quite profitable. Dan Brown, however, didn't start off writing novels.
He started working as a songwriter and vocalist in 1990. He began writing later, in 1993, and the rest is history.
The novels of Dan Brown have been adapted for the big screen, where they have proven a huge success. Currently, Dan Brown is worth $160 million.
Dan Brown smiling
Dan Brown smiling
Because of what seemed to be similarities between Brown's "The Da Vinci Code," Lewis Perdue's 1983 book "The Da Vinci Legacy," and Perdue's 2000 novel "Daughter of God," Perdue attempted and failed to sue Brown for plagiarism in August 2005.
A copyright infringement lawsuit initiated by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh in 2006, who alleged that Brown had plagiarized concepts from their 1982 novel "Holy Blood Holy Grail," was ultimately won by Brown's publisher Random House.
The writers were forced to pay substantial legal costs nearly $6 million in fees after the Court of Appeal of England and Wales rejected Baigent and Leigh's attempts.
Author Jack Dunn has also sued Brown twice, claiming that Brown copied a passage from his novel "The Vatican Boys." A jury trial was prohibited in both lawsuits.

Dan Brown Charity

To memorialize their father, Brown and his siblings gave $2.2 million to Phillips Exeter Academy in 2004. The Richard G. Brown Technology Endowment was established with the money to assist students in need of equipment and computers.
As a way to commemorate his 25th reunion from Amherst College, Dan and Blythe established a scholarship fund.
The funds were used to establish a permanently endowed scholarship fund that was prioritized for entering students interested in writing. In 2016, Brown gave $337,00 to the Amsterdam Ritman Library. The funds were used to digitize a number of old books.

People Also Ask

What Is The Name Of Dan Brown’s Wife?

Dan Brown is currently divorced.

How Much Is Dan Brown Worth?

Dan Brown’s net worth is estimated to be $160 Million.

How Old Is Dan Brown?

Dan Brown was born on June 22, 1964, and is currently 59 years old.


The best-selling book "The Da Vinci Code" by American author Dan Brown is the most well-known of his works. Tom Hanks starred in both of the novel's cinematic adaptations.
More than 250 million copies of Dan Brown's novels have been sold worldwide. Dan Brown's net worth is projected to be around $160 million as of January 2023.
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