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Daily Wire Is Making A Rival 'Snow White' Movie Starring Brett Cooper In 2024

The conservative news organization Daily Wire is making a rival 'Snow White' Movie from the Brothers Grimm story. It's called Snow White And The Evil Queen.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Oct 18, 2023
The conservative newsorganization Daily Wire is making a rival 'Snow White' moviefrom the Brothers Grimm story. It's called Snow White And The Evil Queen.
The movie, which is set to come out in 2024, will be the first full-length production for the company's Bentkey kids' entertainment platform. It will star conservative YouTuber Brett Cooper, who hosts The Comments Section on that platform.
A teaserfor the movie was released today by The Daily Wire. It starts with a tune sung by Cooper and written by Jeremy Boreing, and then the camera pans through a forest to show Cooper as Snow White.

Daily Wire Is Making A Rival 'Snow White' Movie

Brett Cooper as Snow White wearing a blue dress
Brett Cooper as Snow White wearing a blue dress
Right-wingers are upset about Disney's planned live-action Snow White movie, so conservative media company The Daily Wire said it would make its own.
The movie is called Snow White and the Evil Queen, and YouTuber Brett Cooper plays the princess. The movie is based on the Brothers Grimm fairy story, which is now in the public domain.
Jeremy Boreing, co-founder of The Daily Wire, said:
It's a story about a princess and a prince, about beauty and vanity, about love and its power to raise us from death to life. It’s our own adaptation of an ancient fairy tale.- Jeremy Boreing
Boreing made the statement at the launch of Daily Wire's new kids' entertainment brand, Bentkey. Bentkey is meant to compete with Disney+ at a time when some conservatives are fed up with the old studio.
I was raised on the original Grimms' Fairy Tales, so I’m thrilled that we’re bringing this iconic story to life for the next generation. Snow White is such a beautiful character, and I’m honored to be playing her. Like all the best fairy tales, this is a story with timeless values, like love, friendship, and kindness, and I can’t wait to share them.- Brett Cooper
Cooper Heathers, who used to be an actress but is now a conservative critic and YouTuber, also stars in the company's fantasy show The Pendragon Cycle.
Today, Boreing made fun of Disney's new Snow White movie with Rachel Zegler in the lead role. The House of Mouse movie, Boreing said, "will expose children to the popular but destructive lies of the current moment."
While Disney still uses Walt’s name, they have all but abandoned his legacy. It’s taken 100 years to build Disney. We know we aren't what they are today, but we hope in time we might become what they were once upon a time: a little studio with big ideas and the courage to chase them.- Jeremy Boreing
After Disney's version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" caused a lot of trouble, the decision was made to make a live-action Snow White movie. Conservative critics didn't like how Latina star Zegler was cast as Snow White, because the original Brothers Grimm story says that Snow White has "skin as white as snow."In addition, the show turned the seven dwarfs into a group of magical beings of different sizes and genders.
People were also upset by what Zegler said at the end of last year. She talked about how much she didn't like the first movie and how the new one would be different with the famous character.
Zegler made it clear that Snow White would not be dreaming about real love. Instead, she would be focused on becoming a leader who is fearless, fair, brave, and true. She thought that the way women were portrayed in power roles in the original movie was out of date and needed to be changed for current audiences.
In an interview with The Telegraph, David Hand, who used to work as a designer for Disney and is the son of one of the makers of the first Snow White movie, said bad things about the new version. Hand didn't like the idea behind the new movie, and he thought that his dad and Walt Disney would not like it either. He thought it was a "disgrace" that Disney was trying to add something new to a story that was already great.
Hand said that he didn't like how the characters and plots had been drastically changed, calling them "woke things." He thought that Disney and his father would be turning over in their graves because no one saw what they had done.

Final Words

People on the right were angry that Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire was making its own live-action Snow White movie to compete with Disney's future movie, which was seen as too politically correct. It's called Snow White and the Evil Queen and is made by a right-wing media company. Brett Cooper, a white conservative YouTuber, plays the lead part. Cooper used to act before he became a critic and the host of The Comments Section on The Daily Wire.
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