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Daijah Wright Net Worth - Who Is Eazy-E Daughter?

Daijah Wright is a famous child from the United States. Daijah Wright is well-known because her father, the late American rapper and songwriter Eric Lynn Wright, also known as Eazy-E, was her father. We will show you Daijah Wright net worth here.

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As a child, Daijah Wright is becoming more and more well-known. Eazy-E is the daughter of the late rapper and businessman Eric Lynn Wright, who went by the same name. Let's start learning Daijah Wright net worth.
In November 1995, Daijah was born in the United States. She is also an American who comes from African-American parents. Along with her bio, people are interested in her personal life and net worth.

Quick Facts About Daijah Wright

NameDaijah Wright
BirthdayNovember 1996
MotherTomica Woods

Who Is Daijah Wright?

In November 1996, Daijah Wright was born. She came into the world in the United States. Eric Lynn Wright (Father) and Tomica Woods (Mother) have a daughter named Daijah. As of 2022, she is 26 years old. Her mother is an American film producer, and her father is a well-known American rapper.
Daijah Wright grew up with her father's 11 step-siblings, eight of whom are women. Raven Wright, Erin Bria Wright, Lil Eazy-E, David Wright, Marquise Wright, Elijah Wright, Dominick Wright, and Baby Eazy-E are Daijah's brothers and sisters.
Wright says that she went to Moorpark College, where she has been studying child development since 2019. Before that, she had just graduated with honors from Winthrop University.
Daijah Wright is now a professional musician. Because of her father's name, Daijah has a huge number of fans. Wright has also put songs on her YouTube channel. Her first song was released in 2011.

Who Is Daijah Wright Father?

Eazy-E - Real Muthaphuckkin G's (Music Video)

Eazy-E, whose real name was Eric Wright, was a rapper and producer who helped start West Coast rap and gangsta rap. Along with Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, he was the main songwriter for the hip-hop group N.W.A. He is best known for pushing the limits of rap lyrics, and he is often called the "godfather of gangsta rap" because the band's first studio album, Straight Outta Compton, has become an icon and is one of the most influential albums of all time.
Eazy-E day is held in Compton every year in his honor by order of the mayor. In his later years, Eazy-E became known for his rivalries with his former bandmates who did better as solo artists. After being told he had AIDS, the rapper died in the mid-1990s.

Daijah Wright Net Worth

Daijah hasn't said much in the media about her job or how much money she makes or what her net worth is. In the same way, the media don't talk about how much she makes or how much money she has.
Her father, Eazy-E, was an American rapper and record executive who was in the hip-hop group N.W.A. At the time of his death, Eazy-E was worth about $8 million.
Some say that during his lifetime, Eazy-E was worth as much as $35 million. This might have been true at the height of NWA's popularity when Ruthless Records was making about $10 million a month from selling records. At the end of his life, Eazy's fortunes went down because he spent too much and was not good at business.
In 1991, he bought a mansion in Calabasas, California, for $1.1 million. After he died, he left that house to his wife, Tomica. Nine months later, the house was lost to foreclosure, which was a sad turn of events.

People Also Ask

What Happened To Eazy-E?

Eazy-E died on March 26, 1995, from pneumonia caused by AIDS.

Why Did Ice Cube Leave Eazy-E?

As a member of N.W.A. and as a solo artist, his lyrics were his most important contribution. When Ice Cube left the group in December 1989, it was the start of the end for N.W.A. He left because he was still unhappy with how the money was being split in the group.

How Much Did Eazy-E Pay In Child Support?

Eric "Eazy-E" Wright, a famous rapper, has been ordered to pay about $58,000 a year in child support. A prosecutor said this was the biggest child support order the Los Angeles district attorney's office had ever dealt with.


At this time, Daijah Wright's exact net worth is unknown. Eric Lynn Wright, aka Eazy-E, her late father, on the other hand, was worth about $8 million when he died. He started the hip-hop group N.W.A. and was its leader.
As of 2022, Tomica Wright, her mother, has a net worth of $10 million. She is a well-known businesswoman and producer.
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