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Craig Groeschel Net Worth In 2024 - Is His Only Source Of Income Is By Being A Pastor?

What is Craig Groeschel worth? Craig Groeschel is an American Author by profession his books. As of 2024, his net worth is $477 Million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jun 06, 2024
Craig Groeschel Net Worthis around $477 Million as of 2024. Moreover, his net worth for the current date is still under audit.
It is expected to expedite his net worth in the upcoming years.
Let us have a close look at this popular public figure that influences the lives of many churchgoers and even non-goers.

Craig Groeschel Early Life

Craig will complete 56 years of his life this year. He will celebrate his birthday on the 2nd of December.
His birth year is 1967.
He is born in texas, which clearly states his nationality; he is an American.
Though he was born in Houston, Texas, his early life began in southern Oklahoma, where he had attended Ardmore High School.
A scholarship in tennis led to his admission to Oklahoma City University. Later, he acquired his bachelor’s in marketing.

Craig Groeschel Education

He had opted for business marketing to attain a bachelor’s degree from the City University of Oklahoma.
He has also done a master's in divinity degree.

Your Most Focused Year Yet - Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Net Worth$477 Million
Earning SourceAuthor
Birthday2nd December 1967
Age56 years
WifeAmy Groeschel
Children'sSix Children
House and ResidenceHouston, Texas

Craig Groeschel Career

His career started in a garage, where he began Covenant Church with some more people. However, before starting it, he had researched the non-church-goers.
He has designed his church based on that research. As a result, the number of attendees grew rapidly in his Life Covenant Church with so un-traditional style.
By the year 2016, the church got immense popularity and became the largest church in the state. Now, there is around twenty-five more such Church.
He used videos to deliver messages to his audience that soon became popular among churchgoers.
He launched a website where his audiences can confess anonymously—my secret. The tv was his first website.
His works and efforts put his Church in the outreach magazine as America’s Most Innovative Church.
Craig has grown his career from being an associate pastor to an oil natural gas company director.
However, he has not left influenced Christians to adopt Christ's life and believe in God. His efforts led to 33 more locations of LifeChurch.
He has good business marketing knowledge since he received a degree in the same.
Also, southeastern Christian university has awarded him with an honorary doctorate of human letters.
He has not stopped his work and frequently speaks at international forums. He also writes books.

Craig Groeschel Books

He has written great books for his followers and still has more in the queue.
Some of his books on the list include The Christian Atheist Participants, Soul Detox, Altar Ego, Fight, From This Day Forward, Hope in the Dark, Weird Participants, Chazown, and More.
Craig Groeschel wearing a grey shirt with his hands in the pockets of his jeans
Craig Groeschel wearing a grey shirt with his hands in the pockets of his jeans

Craig Groeschel Wife

Craig has a beautiful and supporting wife, Amy Groeschel, who is also a co-founder of LifeChurch.
She is also a part of the women’s ministry of LifeChruch.tv.
Being a home-educating mom, Amy founds a non-profit housing ministry named Branch15.
This is a ministry that supports women. She is also a co-author of a bible study called SOAR, exclusively made for women.
Groeschel married Amy in the year 1991. Soon, he made entry into the United Methodist Church in the position of associate pastor.
After attending Phillips Theological Seminary, he got a degree as a master of divinity.
In 1995, Craig was an associate pastor in Oklahoma's city to the same church.

Craig Groeschel Children

Craig and Amy are blessed with six children. He is now the father-in-law as his daughter Catie and Mandy got married to their love. He also has a cute and adorable grandson named Cole. Sam, Joy, Stephan, and Anna are four more children he has with Amy.
Craig Groeschel sitting with his wife in a garden
Craig Groeschel sitting with his wife in a garden

Craig Groeschel Net Worth

Craig receives $207,443 as total compensation for being the director at Gulfport.
However, his net worth lies between $1 Million-$5 Million.
His speaking fee varies and starts from $5000 for events that contribution.

Craig Groeschel Earning Sources

He earns nothing from his LifeChurch, website, and free software called church online platform.
But his primary source of income comes from his position as an independent director of an exploration and production company, Gulfport Energy Corporation.
Since he is also an author by profession, his books are also a major source of his earnings, contributing to his net worth.

Craig Groeschel Lifestyle

Craig has been motivating and influencing people to come close to God.
His work and effort have undoubtedly made him popular among people, but despite being a celebrity, he lives a straightforward life.
He is very dedicated to his work.

Craig Groeschel House And Residence

He lives with his wife, Amy Groeschel, in Houston, Texas, his birthplace.

Craig Groeschel Social Media

Craig Groeschel Twitter

He is a famous personality on social media and has a Twitter account as well. More than 361k followers are following Craig on Twitter.

Craig Groeschel Instagram

Craig is also famous on the popular social media platform Instagram with more than 298k followers.

Craig Groeschel Youtube

He has a channel on YouTube named Life.
Chruch that he had created in the year 2007 on the 9th of January.
Craig's leadership podcast on the youtube channel is top-rated.
They are available on google play, apple, and one more platform.

Craig Groeschel Facebook

Craig is a popular public figure on Facebook as well.
Craig Groeschel smiling and wearing a black shirt
Craig Groeschel smiling and wearing a black shirt

People Also Ask

Which Company With Craig Groeschel Works?

Craig works with Gulfport Energy Corporation, HQ Oklahoma, which was founded in 1997.
It is an oil natural gas company that perperforms the acquisition, exploration, production, and exploitation of natural gases.
These gases include crude oil, natural gas, and liquids.

Is Life Church The Biggest Church In America?

According to new research, Life Church in Edmond is the third biggest church in the United States.
Based on average weekly attendance, 24/7 Wall St. has developed a list of America's 25 biggest churches.

How Tall Is Craig Rochelle?

Craig Groeschel, who was born on December 2, 1967, is 56 years old as of today, June 6, 2024. He stands 6'1" tall and weighs 76 kg.


Through this article, you can get to know about Craig Groeschel Net Worth.
The pastor has been in this field for a long time and has earned his name.
Through other means as well, he has earned a fair amount and is enjoying his life with luxuries.
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