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Coco Gauff Net Worth In 2023 - The Young Tennis Sensation Redefining The Game

American tennis player Coco Gauff competes internationally. She attained her highest singles and doubles rankings in her career, respectively, of No. 4 and No. 1. Gauff became the youngest singles winner on the WTA Tour since 2004 when she won her first WTA singles championship at the Linz Open in 2019.We examine Coco Gauff net worth in this article, looking at her earnings, sponsorships, assets, and other information that will inspire you curiosity.

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American tennis player Coco Gauff competes internationally. She attained her highest singles and doubles rankings in her career, respectively, of No. 4 and No. 1. Gauff became the youngest singles winner on the WTA Tour since 2004 when she won her first WTA singles championship at the Linz Open in 2019. We examine Coco Gauff net worthin this article, looking at her earnings, sponsorships, assets, and other information that will inspire your curiosity.

Early Life Of Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff crying
Coco Gauff crying
Cori Gauff was given the name Coco Gauff when she was born on March 13, 2004, in Atlanta, Georgia, to former collegiate players Candi and Corey. While her mother competed in track and field at Florida State University, her father played basketball at Georgia State University. Codey and Cameron, Gauff's younger brothers, are named. She developed a passion for tennis after seeing Serena Williams win the 2009 Australian Open on television.
Gauff started participating in the sport when she was six years old and quickly decided she wanted to make it her profession. She relocated to her parents' hometown of Delray Beach, Florida, with her family in order to have better training possibilities. Beginning when she was eight years old, Gauff received instruction from Gerard Loglo at the New Generation Tennis Academy. Eventually, Gauff's parents gave up their jobs so they could focus their time on raising their daughter.
Her mother taught her at home, and her father eventually took over as her coach. Gauff began her training when she was eleven years old at the Mouratoglou Academy in France with Serena Williams's longtime coach Patrick Mouratoglou. Gauff went on to win the USTA Clay Court National 12-and-under championship, becoming the competition's youngest-ever champion at just 10 years old.

Profile Summary

Real NameCori Gauff
NicknameCoco Gauff
Date Of BirthMar 13, 2004
Place Of BirthAtlanta, Georgia
ProfessionTennis Player

Career Of Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff winning a trophy
Coco Gauff winning a trophy

Junior Career

Gauff competed in the Les Petits As 14-and-under competition in 2016 at the age of 12, eventually reaching the quarterfinals. She made her ITF Junior Circuit debut the following year. She advanced straight to the most competitive competitions, where she lost to Jaimee Fourlis in the Grade 1 Prince George's County Junior Tennis Championships. Gauff then competed in her first junior Grand Slam event, finishing behind Amanda Anisimova at the 2017 US Open.
In 2018, she lost her first-round match in the Australian Open but advanced to the semifinals of the Grade 1 Traralgon Junior International. Gauff recovered in time to win her maiden junior Grand Slam singles championship at the French Open. Gauff advanced to the position of No. 1 junior in the world with her victory in the Grade 1 Junior International Roehampton.
In the singles quarterfinals of the last two Grand Slam competitions in 2018, she achieved success. Even better, Gauff won her maiden junior Grand Slam doubles championship at the US Open and advanced to the doubles quarterfinals at Wimbledon. She added to her season's success by winning the Junior Fed Cup and the Orange Bowl.

Professional Career

Gauff made her ITF Women's Circuit debut in May 2018 and triumphed in her first career match at Osprey. The first two months of the next year saw her place second in doubles at the Midland Tennis Classic and advance to the Surprise finals in both singles and doubles. Paige Hourigan and Gauff won the doubles match, giving Gauff her first WTA championship.
Later, she won her first match while making her WTA Tour main event debut at the Miami Open. Gauff afterward became the youngest participant in tournament history to qualify for Wimbledon's main competition. She defeated Greet Minnen in the third and final qualifying round after upsetting Aliona Bolsova in the first round.
After defeating Venus Williams in her first round in the main draw, Gauff advanced to the fourth round. At the Auckland Open to start off 2020, Gauff advanced to the second round in singles and the semifinals in doubles. She then advanced to the singles fourth round at the Australian Open, where she distinguished herself by defeating Naomi Osaka, the reigning champion, in the first round.
Gauff ended her 2020 campaign with a wildcard into the Ostrava Open qualifying round, where she eventually lost to Aryna Sabalenka in the second round. Gauff competed in the Abu Dhabi Open, Yarra Valley Classic, and Dubai Championships at the beginning of 2021 with varied degrees of success.
Her appearance in the Italian Open semifinals and subsequent singles and doubles victories in the Emilia-Romagna Open were highlights of the year. At the French Open, Gauff extended her winning streak by making her maiden Grand Slam quarterfinal. In the doubles competition at the US Open later that year, she and McNally advanced to their first Grand Slam final.

Wimbledon Sensation

Coco Gauff kissing her trophy
Coco Gauff kissing her trophy
Coco Gauff's breakthrough moment came in 2019 at the hallowed lawns of Wimbledon. She entered the tournament as a wildcard entry, raising eyebrows in the tennis world. What followed was nothing short of a fairy tale. In her Grand Slam debut, she faced none other than her idol, Venus Williams. Gauff displayed poise and maturity beyond her years, defeating the tennis legend and announcing her arrival on the big stage.
Her journey at Wimbledon continued as she advanced through the rounds, thrilling fans with her powerful groundstrokes, incredible athleticism, and unwavering determination. Coco Gauff's run eventually ended in the fourth round, but her performance had already etched her name in tennis history as the youngest player to reach the Wimbledon main draw in the Open Era.

Coco Gauff Net Worth

Coco Gauff playing tennis
Coco Gauff playing tennis
An American tennis player named Coco Gauff is worth $3.5 million. After defeating Venus Williams in the 2019 Wimbledon competition, Coco Gauff first rose to prominence on a global scale. When she defeated Venus, she was 15 years old. Coco had earned $75,000 throughout the course of her career prior to the competition. She assured herself at least $140,000 from this one tournament alone with the victory and a following win.
The US Open singles tournament has never had a younger finalist than Coco. She was the Junior French Open winner at the youngest age ever. She is the player who qualified for Wimbledon's main draw at the earliest age. She became the youngest person to win a WTA singles championship since 2004 when she won her maiden WTA singles victory at the Linz Open in 2019 at the age of only 15.
Gauff has also won a number of doubles championships, often with Caty McNally. To progress at the Australian Open, Coco defeated Naomi Osaka on January 24, 2020. Gauff won the US Open in September 2023 and earned $3 million. Her total WTA earnings now stand at $11 million.
Prize Money $1,237,640
Endorsements $5 million
Total Earnings$6,237,640

Brand Collabs And Endorsements

Coco Gauff wearing a New Balance tank top
Coco Gauff wearing a New Balance tank top
Gauff uses a Head Graphene 360 Speed MP racquet. She sports tennis shoes and New Balance clothing. In October 2018, Gauff signed her first multi-year sponsorship agreement with New Balance. In March 2019, she agreed to a multi-year sponsorship agreement with the Italian food company Barilla, which also supports Roger Federer.

Endorsement Bonanza

Gauff's success on the court led to lucrative endorsement contracts with well-known companies. Her partnerships with companies like New Balance, Barilla, and Head have increased her wealth as well as cemented her position as a marketable face in the sports industry. Her commercial resonance and cross-over appeal are highlighted by her lucrative sponsorships.

Shrewd Investments

Gauff has shown a strong financial sense outside of the boundaries of the tennis court and sponsorship agreements. By making investments in a variety of businesses, such as a software company and a clothing brand, she has diversified her portfolio. Additionally, her role as a co-founder of a nonprofit dedicated to giving African children educational opportunities demonstrates her dedication to having a beneficial influence.

Coco Gauff Charities

Participating in several charity endeavors is Coco Gauff. On December 14, 2019, in Boca Raton, Florida, Gauff took part in the Courtside Cause tennis exhibition to support a number of philanthropic organizations, such as the Ocean Conservancy, First Serve USA, and Dezzy's Second Chance Animal Rescue.
Gauff participated in the Baha Mar Cup in the Bahamas in November 2019 to help the area recover after Hurricane Dorian. Gauff was a major competitor and spectator at the multi-day competition, which was hosted by Bahamas native and former doubles champion Mark Knowles. Andy Roddick, a fellow tennis pro from the United States, joined him.

Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram (862K Followers) - https://www.instagram.com/cocogauff/
  • Twitter (273.2K Followers) - https://twitter.com/CocoGauff
  • Facebook (373K Followers) - https://www.facebook.com/CocoGauff

Some Interesting Facts

Coco Gauff waving to her fans
Coco Gauff waving to her fans
  • She started playing tennis at the age of 7 and quickly rose through the junior ranks.
  • Gauff's breakthrough moment came at Wimbledon 2019 when she became the youngest player to qualify for the main draw in the Open Era.
  • At Wimbledon 2019, she defeated Venus Williams in her Grand Slam debut, a match that garnered worldwide attention.
  • She attended online school to balance her education with her tennis career.
  • In 2019, Gauff won her first WTA singles title at the Linz Open, making her the youngest American woman to win a WTA singles title in nearly 30 years.
  • She is known for her versatile playing style, which includes a powerful forehand and a strong backhand.
  • Coco Gauff is fluent in both English and French.
  • She is coached by her father, Corey Gauff, who played collegebasketball.
  • Gauff has cited Serena Williams and Venus Williams as her tennis idols and sources of inspiration.
  • She is an advocate for social justice and has been vocal about issues like racial equality and police violence.
  • In 2020, she launched the Coco Gauff Foundation to support education, leadership, and sports.
  • Coco Gauff made her Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, representing the United States.
  • She has a strong presence on social media, where she shares insights into her life both on and off the tennis court.
  • Gauff continues to be a rising star in women's tennis, with a promising career ahead and a fan base that spans the globe.

FAQs About Coco Gauff

How Did Coco Gauff Start Playing Tennis?

Coco Gauff started playing tennis at a young age, picking up the sport at the age of 7. She began her tennis journey with her family's support and quickly showed immense talent, leading to her rapid rise in the sport.

What Are Coco Gauff's Career Highlights?

Coco Gauff's career highlights include her remarkable debut at Wimbledon in 2019, where she defeated Venus Williams and reached the fourth round. She has also won WTA singles titles and represented the United States in various tennis competitions, including the Olympics.

Who Is Coco Gauff's Coach?

Coco Gauff's coach is her father, Corey Gauff. He has played a significant role in her development as a tennis player and continues to guide her in her professional career.

What Are Some Of Coco Gauff’s Endorsement Deals?

Coco Gauff has endorsement deals with prominent brands such as New Balance, Barilla, and Head, which collectively contribute millions of dollars to her net worth.

How Has Coco Gauff Diversified Her Investments?

Apart from her tennis career and endorsements, Coco Gauff has invested in ventures like a tech startup and a clothing line, showcasing her business-savvy approach.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Coco Gauff's wealth is evidence of her exceptional skill, perseverance, and wise judgment. For ambitious athletesand business aficionados alike, her transformation from a juvenile prodigy to a multimillionaire athlete and businesswoman is an inspiration. It's reasonable to predict that Coco Gauff's light will only shine brighter in the years to come as she continues to succeed on the court and make gains in the business world.
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