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Christopher Walken Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Age, Height And Wife

How much is Christopher Walken worth? Christopher Walken is one of the most famous American actors. As of 2022, his net worth is $50 Mil.

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As of 2022, Christopher Walken net worthis estimated at $50 Million.
Christopher Walken is one of the most famous and versatile American actors. He also worked as a stage artist in his acting career which is almost as old as he is. He has been dazzling the industry from 1952 to the present time. Christopher Walken was born in Astoria Neighborhood in New York City, New York on 31 March 1943. Christopher age 79 years, has a height of 1.83 m, weighs 165.35 lbs, and holds an American nationality.

Early Life

In Queens, New York City, he was born on March 31, 1943. His parents named him Ronald, and he is a beautiful child. Christopher had a lot of interest in an acting career since his childhood, and for that, he even took dance classes and gave many auditions. When he was just 3 years old, he made his first appearance on stage as a dancer. He also worked as a lion tamer while he was teenager.

Christopher Walken Watches a Clip of Himself as a Child Actor

Net worth$60 million
ProfessionActor, Comedian, Singer, Dancer
WifeGeorgianne Walken
Birthday31 March 1943
Age79 years
Height6 feet


Christopher Walken started his career when he was only five years old as a child artist in many TV shows. He also does many plays and theatre work like The Lion in winter and the naked city. He has a unique voice that helps him in many roles.
He started his career in the film industry by playing small roles, but because of his excellent work in the movie The Deer Hunter as a supporting role, he won an academy award. And from then, his career in a lead role in the industry is started. Since then, he has done nearly 100 plus movies in which some of the most popular movies are Sleepy Hollow, Pulp Fiction, Batman Returns, and so on. He also worked as a host on the Saturday Night Live TV show and appeared in Madonna's music videos. He has won several awards for his various roles in the movie.
He had given his voice in films like ‘The Jungle Book,’ ‘Wedding Crashers,’ and ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ He is also a Restaurant owner named Tribeca Grill; it is among the hottest picks in New York City.

Personal Life

His father's name is Paul Walken, and his mother's name is Rosalie. His father runs a bakery store, and his mother is an aspiring actress. He had married a casting director since 1969, Georgianne Thon. This couple has no child, and in one interview, he mentioned that having no child could be the cause of my active and fruitful career. But they have a cat Bowtie.

Christopher Walken Wife

Christopher married in 1969 to Georgianne Thon. She also worked on many TV shows and movies. Her current net worth is $4 00000. Besides having no child, they enjoy living in rural culture.


Christopher and his wife Georgianne had no children till now.


Walken has two brothers named Glenn and Kenneth, and they both also worked as actors. They also started working in their childhood as a child artist.

House And Resident

Christopher has his own big house in Wilton, Connecticut, that he shares with his wife. And in Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island, they own a beautiful holiday home.
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