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Christie Downs Net Worth - Miraculously Survived Girl

Are you want curious to know about christie downs net worth, crime story, and other details? In the 1980s, Danny and Christie Downs made headlines when their mother rushed them to the hospital despite the fact that they had suffered deadly gunshot wounds. It was alleged that their own mother had hurt them, which caused many people to feel utterly appalled upon hearing their tale.

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Are you want curious to know about christie downsnet worth, crime story, and other details? In the 1980s, Danny and Christie Downs made headlines when their mother rushed them to the hospital despite the fact that they had suffered deadly gunshot wounds.
It was alleged that their own mother had hurt them, which caused many people to feel utterly appalled upon hearing their tale.
Christie Downs, who was just eight years old at the time, miraculously escaped her mother Diane's shooting of her and her two siblings, Danny and Cheryl, when they were riding in the backseat of their automobile in the state of Oregon in 1983.
The tale of the siblings continues to be discussed all across the globe, and a significant number of individuals are curious as to what became of them after their journey.

What Is The Story Of Danny And Christie Downs?

Pistol on a Black Surface
Pistol on a Black Surface
While Cheryl Lynn was killed by Diane Downs, Danny and Christie Ann survived.
Diane's marriage to her now ex-husband, Stephen (Danny) Downs, resulted in the birth of her daughters Christie and Cheryl.
The year 1973 marked the beginning of the couple's relationship, and it lasted until 1980 when Steve ended it because he became convinced that Diane was having an affair with him.
Danny, also known as Daniel Downs, is said to have been conceived as a result of an affair that took place between Diane and another guy.
In the years that followed, in 1984, she gave birth to a child named Amy Elizabeth, who she had with a different man. Later, after adopting her, her birth parents gave her the name Becky Babcock.

Some Interesting Details About Christie Downs

Date Of BirthOctober 7, 1974
LocationPhoenix, Arizona
Net WorthNot Available
HeightNot Available
Net WorthNot Available

Diane Downs - A Cold-blooded Murder Of Her Children

In September of 1981, Diane Downs gave her agreement to have artificial insemination performed in return for a $10,000 contract and the potential to become a surrogate mother.
The infant, who had been born on May 8th, 1982, was handed over to the people who would be her legal guardians. In spite of this, Downs went through the process once again in February 1983, this time spending three days at a reproductive clinic in Louisville, Kentucky.
After that, in the month of April, Diane transported the surviving members of Christie's family to Springfield, Oregon. Downs was happy to live in close proximity to her parents, and she even accepted a position with the United States Postal Service based on the rumored promise that Knickerbocker would join her there once his divorce was finalized. However, Knickerbocker eventually severed their ties with the union.
Diane Downs killed Christie Downs and her siblings on May 19, 1983, during what seemed to be a regular journey on Old Mohawk Road, since she was convinced that it was because of her children.
This occurred six weeks after the first incident. After pulling over and retrieving her pistol, the mother of the children opened fire on her children, striking each of them with one round.22 caliber.
Then, while she was driving to the hospital at a speed of five miles per hour, she decided to shoot herself in the forearm since she believed that they would pass away before she arrived.
When I looked at Christie I thought she was dead,
McKenzie-Williamette Medical Center's Dr. Steven Wilhite remarked.
Her pupils were dilated. Her blood pressure was non-existent or very low. She was white… She was not breathing. I mean, she is so close to death, it’s unbelievable.
Wilhite recalled Diane's blank look when he told her that Christie had had a stroke and was now in a coma. He was the one who broke the newsto her. When she made the proposal to “pull the plug” as Christie was likely “brain dead,” he was taken aback by it.
Wilhite and another physician were given formal custody over Christie Downs so that they could treat her without having to worry about anybody interfering with their care.
Unfortunately, Cheryl Downs had already gone away as a result of the accident she sustained. Danny Downs would survive, but he would never be able to walk again because of the injuries he sustained.
Wilhite recalled that the 28-year-old was responsible for the crime within the first half an hour of their conversation with their mother. On February 28, 1984, the police apprehended her despite the fact that they were unable to find the weapon that had been used in the murder.
Diane Downs With Her Children
Diane Downs With Her Children

Businesses/cars/house She Owns

Unfortunately, information about her houses and cars is not available.

Christie Downs' Net Worth

Unfortunately, information about her net worth or salary is not available.

The Young Life Of Christie Downs Before The Shooting

Christie Ann Downs was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on October 7, 1974. On January 10, 1976, Cheryl Downs joined her, and on December 29, 1979, Stephen Daniel "Danny" Downs, Diane Downs' eldest child, joined them. Unfortunately for Steve and Diane Downs' three young children, a messy divorce was already imminent.
Elizabeth Diane Frederickson, who gave birth to Diane Downs on August 7, 1955, was from Phoenix.
She would later admit that when she was a little kid, the father of the neighborhood postal worker had assaulted her. Then, at Moon Valley High School, she ran into Steve Downs.
While the newlyweds attended Pacific Coast Baptist Bible Collegein Orange, California, Steve enlisted in the U.S. Navy, and the newlyweds graduated together.
She was finally expelled for promiscuity after a year. Before eloping on November 13, 1973, the couple joyously rejoined in Phoenix with the intention of starting a family.
After a few months, Christie Downs was born, but her parents soon lost interest in her. Money disputes would break up their days, and Steve would accuse Diane of being unfaithful at the night. When Stephen was born, Stephen's father wasn't even sure the kid was his.
The pair ultimately divorced in 1980. Diane Downs, a 25-year-old woman, had terribly mistreated her children. She often left the younger siblings with their father or asked Christie Downs to watch them so she could find a new friend.
However, Robert Knickerbocker was already married and had his own children at the time, despite the fact that she seemed to have found one in 1981.
While her kids showed signs of hunger, Downs feverishly journaled about her relationship. Christie Downs was not aware that her mother will soon abandon her, placing Christie in serious danger.

Is Diane Still Alive?

Diane's All Family Members In one Frame
Diane's All Family Members In one Frame
Diane is a person who was never a candidate for parenthood. To everyone's surprise, Downs continued to act as a surrogate for the fourth pregnancy, and in 1984, after her trial, she gave birth to a daughter. She intentionally conceived, according to her detractors, to appeal to the jury's sympathy.

Some Facts About Christie Downs' Mother

  • Diane, who is serving a life sentence plus 50 years in prison at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla, California, is still very much alive.
  • She's been behind bars since 1993. She had already done her term in a maximum-security institution for women in Clinton, New Jersey.
  • On July 11, 1987, Diane attempted to climb the chain link fence around the Oregon Women's Correctional Center when the guards were distracted.
  • She traveled to Wayne Seifer's residence, where his wife was also a detainee. However, she was apprehended after a 10-day police search.
  • By snatching a BB pistol, Diane attempted to imitate a police suicide, but she quickly gave up and left without incident
  • Diane was sentenced to an additional five years in prison, while Wayne was given a five-year probationary term and six months in an Oregon restitution center.
  • Despite the horrific deed she perpetrated, Diane has constantly maintained her innocence, and she has again said that she still cares about and loves her children.
  • Author Ann Rule recounted Downs' childhood and murder conviction in her 1987 book "Small Sacrifices."
  • The book also has a narrative about Christie, who questioned Christie's parenting. Additionally, in 1989, ABC aired the made-for-TV movie "Small Sacrifices." Diane really should have been put to death for what she did, don't you think?

People Also Ask

How Old Was Christie Downs When Her Parents Divorced In 1980?

In 1980, she was five years old when her parents divorced.

Who Adopted "Danny" Downs?

Fred Hugi.

When Was Elizabeth Diane Frederickson Born?

August 7, 1955.


While all is going on, Diane Downs is still behind bars receiving a life sentence for the crime she committed. The verdict of her most recent parole hearing, which took place in 2021, was rejected.
And even though Christie Downs continues to have difficulty communicating as a result of her speech disability. We hope and pray for her speedy recovery!
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