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Chris Simms Net Worth - Former NFL Player And An Analyst

Chris Simms was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA, on August 29, 1980. He has written and produced shows like Pro Football Talk Live (2016), The NFL on CBS (1956), and Gray's Anatomy (1996). Do you want to know Chris Simms net worth?

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Nov 16, 2022
Christopher David Simms, who goes by the name "Chris Simms," is an American sports commentator and a former quarterback for the National Football League. Do you want to know Chris Simms net worth? After 2010, he stopped playing football professionally and on March 26, 2012, he became a coach.
But now, he only works in radio and TV. In 2021, he started working as a co-host for Peacock's Sunday Night Football Final.

Chris Simms Early Life

Christopher David Simms was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States, on August 29, 1980. Simms, on the other hand, grew up in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, and went to Ramapo High School, where he did well in football and basketball.
His father, Phil Simms, is also a retired quarterback who played for the New York Giants his whole career. Chris's mother is Diana Simms, and his two siblings are named Matthew and Deirdre. Matthew, who is a quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons like him, is his younger brother.

Chris Simms College Career

Simms has played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Denver Broncos, and the Tennessee Titans. Some of the most important statistics about Simms are that he has passed for 3,117 yards, completed 297 passes out of 511 attempts, had 12-18 touchdowns, one interception, and had a 69.1 passer rating.

Chris Simms Professional Career

Chris Simms - Career Highlights

Simms was the backup quarterback in 2005, behind Griese and ahead of Luke McCown. Simms earned his first snap of 2005 after Dolphins defender Zach Thomas pushed on Griese's leg. Simms rescued Tampa Bay from a 17-3 halftime deficit against the Redskins. Simms struck Edell Shepherd for a 35-yard TD late in the fourth quarter.
Chris Simms played well in 2005 and entered 2006 with high expectations. Simms' first two weeks were horrible for no apparent reason. Simms completed 45 of 82 passes for 446 yards against the Ravens and Falcons, but threw six interceptions.
2006's Game 3 ended Simms' season. After receiving significant knocks from the Carolina Panthers defense on September 24, he was removed off the field. Simms returned to the game and led a touchdown drive, but was transported to a hospital thereafter. Simms required emergency surgery for a ruptured spleen.
Simms signed a two-year deal with the Buccaneers on December 27, 2006, expecting to start. Chris Simms joined Fox Sports' collegefootball commentator team on July 22. He debuted as color commentator on August 31, 2013 when West Virginia played William & Mary.
Chris Simms joined Bleacher Report as an NFL Analyst in February 2014, a high-profile hire for Team Stream. Simms was a CBS NFL color analyst from 2014 through 2016, joining his father. After the 2016 season, he joined his father's former company, NBC Sports, as a Notre Dame football analyst and radio host.

How Long Did Chris Simms Play In The NFL?

After his time at MSU, the New York Giants took him in the seventh round of the 1979 NFL draft. Simms played football in the NFL for 15 years. He had 19 team records when he left the New York Giants.

What Happened To Chris Simms Spleen?

In Week 15 of the 2005 season, Simms was sacked seven times in a game that the Patriots won by a score of 28–0. It could have been worse, though. During Week 3 of the next season, Simms nearly died when his spleen burst during a game against the Panthers.

Chris Simms Net Worth

In many ways, his career has been a success. He has left a legacy, won awards, and even had his name written into history. In its own way, making money has been very satisfying. As of June 2022, he had a net worth of $8 million, which is what most people call a fortune. As an analyst for NBC, he makes $400,000 a year.

Chris Simms Wife

In August 2004, Simms married Danielle Marie Puleo, whom he had met in high school. Danielle married Chris when she was 23 years old. At the time, she was working as a manager at her dad's New York Italian cafes, Puleo's and Puleo's Too. Chris was the same age as Danielle when he married her.

Chris Simms Kids

Chris Simms, who was named the 1998 USA Today National Offensive Player of the Year, is very private about his personal life. He never thinks twice about using his social media accounts to show off his professional accomplishments.
Chris Simms' children never show up with their famous father at public events. Danielle and Chris, who are married, had their first child in 2006. They named the baby girl Sienna Rose Simms. In 2022, Sienna is now 16 years old. Danielle also gave birth to her next child, a boy, in 2010. His name is Phillip Simms.

Chris Simms Parents And Siblings

Chris is the first child of Phil and Diana Simms. He is their son. They've been married for a long time; they met in high school and fell in love. Phil is a sportscaster now, but he used to play football for the National Football League's New York Giants for 15 years.
His mother hasn't said much about herself in public, so no one knows what she does for a living. Chris grew up with his brother Matt Simms, who used to be a quarterback for a football team. He played his last game in 2019 before getting hurt.
He gets along well with his brother because they like the same things. More and more people have seen them out together. His father taught them both football when they were very young, and they became interested in the sport by watching him play.
Matt Simms is eight years older than his brother, but they still get along well and are very close. Chris has always been there for his older brother Matt. He used to go to Matt's games to help him.

People Also Ask

Is Chris Simms Phil Simms Brother?

Simms played football at the University of Texas from 1999 to 2002. In 1998, USA Today named him the High School Offensive Player of the Year. He is the son of Phil Simms, who was the quarterback for the New York Giants and the MVP of Super Bowl XXI.

What Happened To Chris Simms Career?

Simms finished his career with the Tennessee Titans and the Denver Broncos. He now works in the media for NBC Sports after spending one year as an assistant coach for the New England Patriots.

Where Is Chris Simms Unbuttoned Filmed?

Chris Simms Unbuttoned will have Ahmed Fareed, Paul Burmeister, and Liam McHugh as co-hosts. The show will be filmed mostly at the NBC Sports International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Connecticut, and sometimes in other places.


Chris Simms career has been fruitful in many respects; he leaves behind a name etched in history and a legacy of awards and achievements. The monetary benefit is significant in its own right. His fortune, as of June 2022 is $8 million. As an NBC analyst, he pulls in $400,000.
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