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Chris Hemsworth Is In Manila - Thanks Filipino Fans For Warm Welcome

Chris Hemsworth is in Manila, it was the first stop on the world tour for the action-thriller movie Extraction 2, which was directed by Sam Hargrave and starred Hemsworth.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jun 08, 2023
Chris Hemsworth is in Manila, it was the first stop on the world tour for the action-thriller movie Extraction 2, which was directed by Sam Hargrave and starred Hemsworth.
Hemsworth and Hargrave, who had never been to the Philippines before, started a two-day trip with the Asia-Pacific (APAC) press con at the Conrad Hotel and a red-carpet premiere at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall, where they came out of a makeshift prison cell as a "teaser" for one of the most important action scenes in the Extraction sequel.

Chris Hemsworth Is In Manila

Chris Hemsworth is Coming to Manila | Netflix Philippines

The Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is the face of a lot of well-known characters that people love. He played the lead role in movies like Star Trek (2009) and Snow White and the Huntsman. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he played Thor. Recently, the Hollywood star played Tyler Rake in the Netflix movie Extraction 2. Hemsworth went to Manila on June 5 for a red-carpet showing and meet-and-greet with his biggest fans to promote the movie's release in the Asia-Pacific region.
On Monday, the Australian performer met with a small group of reporters at a press conference at the Conrad Manila. In the evening, he met with a large group of excited fans at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall for a fan meet.

Chris Hemsworth holds fan meet in Manila ahead of 'Extraction 2' release | ANC

“I feel excited to be here. Thank you very much for the warm welcome,”- Chris Hemsworth
Hemsworth said at the press conference. He also explained why there will be an Extraction 2 when the first movie left the fate of his character, the black ops commando Tyler Rake.
Chris is here for the first time. Director Sam Hargrave of "Extraction 2" joined him. The two talked about the best parts of the second movie. One of the best parts is a 21-minute-and-seven-second "oner," which is a very long shot with no cuts. Chris also talked about the craziest thing he did for "Extraction 2," which was to land a helicopter on a moving train.
You know, we talked about a sequel during the shooting of the first film. Initially, the character was supposed to die and never come back. And I think the studio and ourselves realize, we had something pretty special on our hands.- Chris Hemsworth
We thought about where the character could be off and realized that we’d done with this and had these conversations about the backstory of the character, where he’d come from and what it influenced him to end up in this position and then have this approach to this line of work. And then we realized that not a whole lot of that was on screen.- Chris Hemsworth
Chris plays Tyler Rake in the action movie "Extraction 2." After barely making it through the events of the first movie, Tyler is back as the Australian black ops mercenary. This time, he is sent on a dangerous mission to free the family of a brutal Georgian gangster from jail.
"Extraction 2" is the sequel to "Extraction," which was based on the graphic book "Ciudad" by Ande Parks. The story was written by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, and Anthony Russo, and Fernando León González did the illustrations. "Extraction 2" will only be available to watch on Netflix after June 16.


Chris Hemsworth's fans in the Philippines were thrilled by the APAC screening of his new action movie, "Extraction 2." Hemsworth and the movie's director, Sam Hargrave, went to Manila on Sunday night so that they could talk to the local media on Monday afternoon. On Monday night, there was a red carpet-event and a fan event.
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