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Carnie Wilson Net Worth In 2023 - The Rhythms Of Wealth In Music And Beyond

Beyond her musical pursuits, her candidness about personal challenges, particularly regarding weight, has made her an inspiring figure. This article aims to delve into Carnie Wilson net worth, exploring the various facets of her career that have contributed to her financial success.

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Carnie Wilson, the accomplished American singer and television personality, has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry with her remarkable contributions to music and television. Carnie is widely recognized for her role in the pop music group Wilson Phillips.
Beyond her musical pursuits, her candidness about personal challenges, particularly regarding weight, has made her an inspiring figure. This article aims to delve into Carnie Wilson net worth, exploring the various facets of her career that have contributed to her financial success.

Quick Facts About Carnie Wilson

Date Of BirthApr 29, 1968
Place Of BirthBel-Air
ProfessionSinger, Actor, Presenter
NationalityUnited States of America

Early Life Of Carnie Wilson

On April 29, 1968, Carnie Wilsonwas born in Bel Air, California. She is Marilyn Rovell's and Brian Wilson's daughter. Marilyn was in the female group The Honeys, while Brian was a co-founder of The Beach Boys. During their teenage years, Carnie, her younger sister Wendy, and their friend Chynna Phillips the daughter of John and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas formed Wilson Phillips.

Career Of Carnie Wilson

Carnie Wilson singing
Carnie Wilson singing
On May 8, 1990, Wilson Phillips released their first album of the same name. It went on to go 5x Platinum in the United States and 7× Platinum in Canada. The album, which included the songs "Hold On," "Release Me," and "Impulsive," peaked at number one on the Canadian music chart and number two on the "Billboard" 200 list. In addition to topping the Canadian Adult Contemporary chart, "Hold On" and "Release Me" also topped the "Billboard" Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts.
"Shadows and Light," the band's 1992 follow-up, went platinum in the United States and twice as platinum in Canada. The song "You're in Love" peaked at number one on both the Adult Contemporary and "Billboard" Hot 100 lists. Wilson Phillips split up in 1993, but they got back together for the tracks on the Gold record "California," the 2010 Christmas album "Christmas in Harmony," and the 2012 album "Dedicated."
Additionally, they were the stars of the 2012 "TV Guide" Network series "Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On." In 1993, Carnie, Wendy, and their father collaborated on the Christmas album "Hey Santa!" Later, in 1997, they published the album "The Wilsons." The solo albums "Christmas with Carnie" (2007) and "A Mother's Gift: Lullabies from the Heart" (2006) have been released by Carnie.
From 1995 to 1996, Wilson was the host of "Carnie!," a syndicated discussion program. She had many appearances on "Hollywood Squares" in 2003 and in the documentary "Mayor of the Sunset Strip." She then joined the casts of VH1's "Celebracadabra," CMT's "Gone Country," and Outsider's Inn in 2008. In 2010, Carnie co-starred in the network's reality series "Carnie Wilson: Unstapled," in addition to hosting "The Newlywed Game" on GSN from 2009 to 2010.
She judged "Karaoke Battle USA" on ABC in 2011 and went on "Celebrity Wife Swap" in 2012, when she and former "Growing Pains" actress Tracey Gold switched places. Wilson participated in two Food Network competitions, "Chopped: All Stars: Celebrities" (2014) and "Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off" (2013), where she placed second.
In the latter competition, Wilson was awarded $10,000 for the Autism Research Institute. She participated in the 2017 season of "Celebrity Apprentice" and has often stepped in as a guest presenter on the CBS series "The Talk".

Carnie Wilson Band

Members of the band Wilson Phillips
Members of the band Wilson Phillips
The group is called Wilson Phillips. Carnie Wilson, Wendy Wilson, and Chynna Phillips are the members of this American vocal ensemble. They are the daughters of John and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas, and Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, respectively.
The trio was the best-selling female group at the time thanks to their 1990 self-titled debut album, which sold over 10 million copies worldwide and produced three number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100. The trio was nominated for five Grammy Awards and two American Music Awards, and they won the Billboard Music Award for Hot 100 Single of the Year for their song "Hold On" in 1990.

Carnie Wilson's Net Worth

Carnie Wilson at a conference
Carnie Wilson at a conference
As of 2023, Carnie Wilson has accumulated $24 million in fortune from his career in the music industry. She has not only released music but has also appeared in many television series since the 1990s. She has also dabbled in various commercial endeavors, including managing a bakery and café.

Carnie Wilson Sources Of Income

  • Music Sales and Royalties -Carnie Wilson, known for her musical career with Wilson Phillips and potentially any solo endeavors, could continue to earn income from album sales, digital downloads, and royalties from her music.
  • Concerts and Tours -Live performances and concert tours can be significant sources of income for musicians. Ticket sales, merchandise, and sponsorships associated with these events contribute to overall earnings.
  • Television Appearances -If Carnie Wilson continues to make appearances on television shows, whether in reality programs, talk shows, or guest spots, she will receive compensation for her participation.
  • Hosting and Broadcasting -Carnie Wilson's hosting roles on television, including game shows and potentially radio hosting, could serve as sources of income through contractual agreements.
  • Endorsements and Sponsorships -Celebrity endorsements and partnerships with brands or products can contribute to income. Carnie Wilson may endorse products or collaborate with brands in various capacities.
  • Writing and Publications - If Carnie Wilson has authored books, and articles, or contributed to publications, she may receive income from book sales, writing fees, and related endeavors.
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures -Like many celebrities, Carnie Wilson might explore entrepreneurial ventures, such as launching her own product lines, participating in business collaborations, or engaging in entrepreneurial projects.
  • Public Appearances and Speaking Engagements -Carnie Wilson's public persona may lead to opportunities for paid appearances at events, conferences, or speaking engagements.
  • Royalties and Licensing -Besides music, royalties from other creative works, including appearances in films or TV shows, can contribute to ongoing income.
  • Philanthropy and Charity Events -While not a direct source of income, participation in charitable events or causes may be part of Carnie Wilson's public engagements.

Real Estate Properties

Carnie Wilson smiling
Carnie Wilson smiling
Wilson and Bonfiglio spent $1.51 million in 2004 for a 4,491-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Tarzana neighborhood. In 2007, they listed the five-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom house for $2,199 million. The couple owed more than $1.6 million on the house, and it was discovered in 2011 that the house was in danger of going into foreclosure. In late 2011, the house sold for $1 million, according to real estate records.

Awards And Nominations

Best New Artist (1990), Album of the Year (1990) for "Wilson Phillips," Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal (1990) for "Hold On," and Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal (1991) for "You're In Love" were the four Grammy nominations that Wilson Phillips received.
The group was nominated for an American Music Award in 1990 for Favorite New Artist in Pop/Rock and Favorite Single in Pop/Rock for their song "Hold On." They also won a "Billboard" Music Award in 1990 for Hot 100 Single of the Year for the song. For "Bridesmaids," Wilson Phillips was nominated for a 2012 Online Film & Television Association Award for Best Music, Adapted Song, and Carnie was nominated for a 2010 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host for "The Newlywed Game."

Husband & Kids

On June 23, 2000, Carnie married artist and music producer Robert Bonfiglio. On April 22, 2005, they received their first child, Lola, and on June 12, 2009, they welcomed their second child, Luciana. Wilson had gestational diabetes in the third trimester of her pregnancy with Luciana, and Carnie got an infection in her womb after a cesarean section to birth to her daughter.

Personal Problems

Carnie Wilson wearing a black dress
Carnie Wilson wearing a black dress
Wilson has battled obesity all of her life, and in 1999 she had a gastric bypass procedure. Following her operation, she shed 150 pounds and appeared in a naked photo shoot for "Playboy" in 2003. Carnie dropped 22 pounds and joined the cast of the VH1 reality series "Celebrity Fit Club" in 2006 after gaining part of the weight back.
She had lap-band surgery in 2012, and in 2013, she disclosed that she suffered from Bell's palsy on the left side of her face. In Sherwood, Oregon, Wilson and her business partner and childhood friend Tiffany Miller founded the bakery Love Bites by Carnie in 2017.

Interesting Facts About Carnie Wilson

  • Carnie Wilson is not only a singer but also a talented songwriter, contributing to the creation of many of Wilson Phillips' hit songs.
  • Before achieving fame with Wilson Phillips, Carnie and her sister Wendy formed a short-lived band called The Wilsons, showcasing their early musical ambitions.
  • Carnie Wilson has a passion for cooking and has appeared on cooking shows, including the reality series "Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off."
  • As a testament to her enduring creativity, Carnie Wilson authored a cookbook titled "To Serve with Love," sharing her favorite recipes and culinary tips.
  • Carnie Wilson is no stranger to the theatrical stage, having appeared in musical productions such as "Chicago" and "Love, Loss, and What I Wore."
  • In addition to her roles in music and television, Carnie has explored radio hosting, showcasing her versatile talents in the realm of media.
  • Carnie Wilson has been involved in philanthropy, supporting various charitable causes, including those related to health, education, and children's welfare.
  • A lesser-known fact is that Carnie has provided voiceover work for animated shows, adding an animated dimension to her diverse entertainment career.
  • Carnie Wilson is an alumna of the prestigious New York University, where she pursued her education before embarking on her music career.
  • Growing up surrounded by musical legends, Carnie's childhood home often hosted gatherings with influential figures in the music industry.
  • Carnie Wilson's charisma extends to the written word, as she has contributed articles to parenting magazines, sharing insights into her experiences as a mother.
  • In 1997, Carnie participated in the reality TV show "Celebrity Boxing," showcasing her adventurous spirit in the unconventional competition.
  • Carnie Wilson's musical talents aren't limited to the pop genre; she has explored country music, collaborating with artists like Jamie O'Neal on the song "Driving and Dreaming."
  • Carnie Wilson has faced and overcome challenges, including her well-documented struggles with obesity, demonstrating resilience and courage in the public eye.
  • Carnie Wilson's contributions to the entertainment industry extend beyond performing, as she has also worked behind the scenes in production and as an executive producer on various projects.

Carnie Wilson Net Worth - FAQs

What Is Carnie Wilson Best Known For?

Carnie Wilson is best known for her musical career as part of Wilson Phillips, a group formed with her sister Wendy Wilson, and childhood friend Chynna Phillips.
Is Carnie Wilson involved in philanthropy?
Yes, Carnie Wilson has been involved in philanthropic activities, supporting various charitable causes related to health, children's welfare, and other initiatives.

What Entrepreneurial Ventures Has Carnie Wilson Pursued?

Carnie Wilson has explored entrepreneurial ventures, including writing a cookbook titled "To Serve with Love" and appearing on cooking shows. She has also been involved in other business and creative projects.


Carnie Wilson's journey from a chart-topping musician to a television personality and health advocate is a testament to her versatility and resilience in the entertainment industry. Her engagement in philanthropy further highlights her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the spotlight. As she continues to evolve both personally and professionally, Carnie Wilson remains an influential figure with a diverse and impactful career.
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