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Caleb Finn Changed His Career And Life For The Better

On TikTok, Finn is one of the most popular Melbournians, with more than 10 million followers across the globe. A social media tracker claims that he's the seventh most popular Australian account.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 25, 202222.7K Shares378.7K Views
On TikTok, Caleb Finnis one of the most popular Melbournians, with more than 10 million followers across the globe. A social media tracker claims that he's the seventh most popular Australian account.

Caleb Finn's Net Worth

Caleb Finn standing outside wearing a hoodie
Caleb Finn standing outside wearing a hoodie
Caleb Finn's net worth is estimated to be approximately $500K Australian Dollars as of 2021. He mostly generates money through his online profession as well as paid collaborations and sponsorships on his various social media profiles.

Online Influencer From Being A Pre-school Teacher

His TikTok account had cost him his pre-school teaching job in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs, and Caleb Finn remembers the moment he realized it.
"Caleb Finn! they exclaimed when they saw me for the first time among the other students in the school." "Why is he teaching at my school?'
"I had a significant web presence because the kids told their parents, their parents told the principal, and then everyone found out in the end."
In addition to a cosmetic surgeon, models, dancers, and a fluffy pomeranian puppy, a group of Melbourne-based TikTok stars have millions of followers.
The 26-year-old was fired from his job as an English teacher because of his addiction to the TikTok app, which allows users to create and share short video clips with special effects and music.
As a result, "It became sort of like a safety problem for the students, because there were kids coming in from out of the school to come and find me," he tells us. After then, it was basically just 'all right, you need to leave'," he recalled.
Finn was experimenting with "transitions" - camera and editing skills – which he credits with his account gaining popularity in the first place, back when TikTok was full with kids dancing and singing.
"They were quite novel at the time," he explained. "I did something really unique that no one else was doing."
Then, in 2015, a 15-second video for Bebe Rexha's song I'm Gonna Show You Crazy altered everything. @kaxco, another TikTok user, recreated a sequence from Stanley Kubrick's famous film The Shining. Finn also posted a video that was blended together with the original and showed him singing the song from the other side of a door.

I’m gonna show u (THE CALEB FINN VIDEO)


Unlike other TikTok influencers like yogi vloggers, satirists, political analysts, and musicians, Finn's appeal is unique. His avant-garde, gender-bending dressups and small horror series attract some, while his slick video editing talents attract others.
Emo-boyish in appearance, he has drawn-on freckles, actual braces, and a hairstyle that frequently changes from black to platinum blonde. Online, he appears to be a lot younger than he really is. We assume and hope that he'll find more success in the future.
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