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Byron Yawn - A Former Pastor And The CEO Of Forrest Crain & Co

Byron Yawn, also known as the Byron Yawn Pastor, is a businessman, pastor, entrepreneur, and media personality from the United States. Forrest Crain & Co.'s owner and founding father are Byron Yawn.

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Byron Yawn, also known as the Byron Pastor, is a businessman, pastor, entrepreneur, and media personality from the United States. Forrest Crain & Co.'s owner and founding father is Byron Yawn. According to the most recent data, he also worked as the CEO of McGowan & Associates and as a lead representative for Empower Healthcare.
Byron Yawn became well-known when he became a part of the newsheadlines with a Chicago baseball star. Ben Zobrist has launched a lawsuit against him. According to the references, Ben broadcasts that Byron Yawn and his wife Julianna Zobrist had an affair.

Byron Yawn Lawsuit

A well-known Chicago baseball player, Ben Zobrist, recently sued him, saying that he had an affair with Julianna Zobrist and that he should pay her money because he did it. She's Ben's wife, and he's been accused of robbing Zobrit's organization. Ben Zobrist, a two-time World Series winner, took four months off from the Chicago Cubs during the 2019 season to work on his marital issues.
According to his claim, he lost USD 8 million in revenue as a result of his vacation. As a result, he is suing Byron for USD 6 million in damages. People who filed a complaint say that until June 2020, when Zobrist was out of baseball for the year, he didn't know about the relationship. Since 2005, Ben and Julianna have been married to each other.
They also have three children together. In addition, his complaint claims that he has given a substantial quantity of money to Community Bible Church. According to reports, he also sent USD 15,000 to Byron's family for a pastoral trip, according to several news sites.
Byron yawn in a clean shave while wearing long sleeve polo on Real News
Byron yawn in a clean shave while wearing long sleeve polo on Real News

Byron Yawn Wife

Robin Yawn's spouse is Byron Yawn. Since high school, Byron and his wife, Robin Yawn, have been together. Byron's wife, Robin, has also posted many images of him on her Facebook page. Byron Yawn is the father of three children, including one daughter and two boys.
Lauren (his daughter), Wade, and Blake are the names of his three children. In May 2019, Robin Yawn found that Byron had had a burner phone since he and his wife Robin joined Community Bible Church in 2001. Julianna Zobrist was subsequently determined to be her lover.

Byron Yawn And Julianna Zobrist

Ben Zobrist, a former pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, says that his wife, Julianna Zobrist, had an affair with their former pastor. Ben also alleges that Byron Yawn, the couple's former pastor at Community Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee, scammed Zobrist's organization. Yawn, who is now the CEO of Forrest Crain & Co., a Nashville-area consulting business, is being sued by the 2016 World Series MVP for $6 million in damages. According to a complaint filed in May in a Tennessee circuit court, Yawn exploited his position as the couple's pastor and counselor to seek a sexual connection with Julianna Zobrist.

Byron Yawn Net Worth

Then there's Byron Yawn's net worth. In 2022, Byron Yawn's projected net worth is about $2-3 million USD. His salary, however, has yet to be confirmed. His main source of income is his work as a CEO and entrepreneur.

Where Is Byron Yawn Now?

He is in Nashville. Yawn is the founder and CEO of Forrest Crain & Co., a Nashville-based business consulting company.

Is Julianna Zobrist Still With The Pastor?

In September 2019, Zobrist returned to the Cubs, but he announced his retirement at the conclusion of the season. Yawn is no longer affiliated with the church and is currently the CEO of Forrest Crain & Co, a Nashville-based business consulting company.


Byron Yawn Pastor is a Mississippi-based American pastor, entrepreneur, media personality, and businessman. He is the president and CEO of Forrest Crain and Co., a consulting firm based in Tennessee, USA.
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