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Brooke Williamson Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Husband And Kids

She has been on the television shows Knife Fight on Esquire and House of Food on MTV, and her easygoing, chic, tasty cuisine has won the hearts of foodies everywhere. Brooke Williamson net worth is $2 million.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jul 12, 2023
One of Los Angeles' highest-achieving television chefsis Brooke Williamson. She has an impressive résumé as the winner of the 14th season of Top Chef on the Bravo network, the 2020 winner of the Food Network Tournament of Champions, and the youngest woman to ever serve as a chef at James Beard House.
She has been on the television shows Knife Fight on Esquire and House of Food on MTV, and her easygoing, chic, tasty cuisine has won the hearts of foodies everywhere. Brooke Williamson net worthis $2 million.

Brooke Williamson Quick Facts

NameBrooke Williamson
Date Of BirthAugust 15, 1978
Place Of BirthLos Angeles
Net Worth$2 Million

Early Life

Brooke Williamson wearing a yellow blouse
Brooke Williamson wearing a yellow blouse
Cooking has always been Brooke Williamson's passion. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 15, 1978, and by the time she was six years old, she was watching Julia Child and Jacques Pepin create sophisticated French culinary marvels on television while other children preferred to watch cartoons. She devoured recipes like a sponge and spent many hours honing her skills using her mother's Betty Crocker cookbook.
Pancakes were Brooke's first culinary triumph, according to her family, but there would be many more to come from the budding chef. When she was in the 7th grade, her parents enrolled her in Crossroads Elementary, Middle, and Upper School in Santa Monica, California. She joined a dancing class, played soccer, and developed an interest in the arts, particularly photography, which would become a lifelong love. She continued to place cooking above everything else she was learning in class. Following her graduation from Crossroads, she intended to enroll in the Culinary Institute of America.

Brooke Williamson Husband

The chef, Brooke, is married. Williamson married Nick Roberts, a chef with similar expertise. Nick, who many people recognize as the owner of The Tripel restaurant, has gained notoriety ever since he wed a famous chef. Outstanding chef Nick Roberts is from Carmel, California. He was brought up by his parents at their Durney Vineyards. Being surrounded by wineries, Nick's interest in beverages began as a young youngster. However, Nick eventually concentrated on food. California Culinary Academy served as the chef's place of education.

How Did They Meet?

It was just a matter of time until Williamson and Roberts ran upon these two top-notch cooks. When Roberts and Williamson started working at Zax in Brentwood in 2001, they got to know one another. Roberts worked as a sous-chef at Zax at the time. Both were seeking for any business opportunity with the aim of founding a restaurant. Williamson was struck by Roberts' extraordinary business and culinary expertise. Over time, Williamson and Roberts became close, and they dated.

Married Life

With the exception of her family, Brooke kept the date of her wedding a secret. She reportedly exchanged wedding vows with Roberts in 2007, according to sources. The husband and wife have been doing well ever since. But their marriage may suffer as a result of the circumstances. Both must spend more than sixteen hours at their restaurants since they are cooks.
They thus spend little time at home. Williamson and Roberts, however, see this as usual and take advantage of the situation. Roberts and Williamson experiment with different meals every day since they are cooks. In exchange, this would support the distinctiveness of their eateries. Additionally, Brooke's husband prods her to show up in front of the crowd. She is a celebrity, thus this helps the restaurant retain awareness and reputation. Amuse Café was the couple's first joint venture eatery.

Brooke Williamson Kids

Hudson, a boy, was the couple's firstborn, and he was born in 2008. Like his mother, Hudson attended Crossroads school. She gave the name of her kid after one of her eateries, Hudson House.


Brooke Williamson in the kitchen
Brooke Williamson in the kitchen
Williamson and her husband's first eatery in California was the Amuse Café. They opened Amuse Café in the end of 2003. However, this café has now closed. The second restaurant they visited was Hudson House in Redondo Beach. In 2008, the year Brooke gave birth to her baby, this restaurant launched. However, the Hudson House finally closed in 2020 after a torturous twelve years.
Hudson House and The Tripel in Playa del Rey had to shut down because of the pandemic in 2020 and the financial losses. Nevertheless, the seafood at Hudson House was some of the finest in California. Williamson aims to reopen Hudson House once everything is under control and wants to keep the spirit of it alive. Playa Provisions, a restaurant in Los Angeles that Brooke and her husband also opened, was another. Additionally, this will be the only restaurant open in 2021.
It is a preferred location for quick meals including breakfast and lunch. This restaurant is also unique since it provides four services under one roof: King Beach (a marketplace), Small Batch (an ice cream store), Dockside (a seafood restaurant), and Grain (a whiskey bar). Brooke Williamson's fourth project was Da Kikokiko, a Playa Vista-based business. For a fresh seafood experience, Da Kikokiko gives a distinctive spin on Hawaiian cuisine that is matched by the pacific ocean's ambiance.

Television Appearances

Brooke Williamson is an accomplished chef and television personality known for her appearances on various culinary shows. Her talent, expertise, and engaging personality have made her a beloved figure in the culinary world and have earned her recognition and success in the television industry.
Brooke Williamson first gained national attention when she competed on the popular reality cooking competition show, "Top Chef." She made her debut on the show during its second season in 2006 when she was only 26 years old. Despite being one of the youngest contestants, Brooke showcased her culinary skills and determination, ultimately finishing as the runner-up. Her impressive performance on "Top Chef" helped establish her as a rising star in the culinary world.
Following her success on "Top Chef," Brooke Williamson continued to make television appearances on various cooking shows. She appeared on shows like "Iron Chef America," where she battled against renowned chefs in intense culinary competitions. Her skill, creativity, and ability to think on her feet made her a formidable competitor.
Brooke's television journey also included appearances on "Chopped," another popular cooking competition show. On "Chopped," she faced the challenge of creating unique and delicious dishes using mystery ingredients within a limited timeframe. Her ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances and deliver exceptional results impressed the judges and viewers alike.
In addition to competing on cooking shows, Brooke Williamson has also made guest appearances as a judge and mentor on various culinary programs. She has shared her knowledge, expertise, and constructive criticism with aspiring chefs, offering them valuable guidance and support on their culinary journeys. Her role as a mentor has helped shape and inspire the next generation of chefs.
Beyond her appearances on cooking shows, Brooke Williamson has also hosted her own series, further showcasing her skills and personality. In her show, she takes viewers on culinary adventures, exploring different cuisines, techniques, and ingredients. Her engaging presence and relatable approach make her show both entertaining and informative.

Brooke Williamson's Net Worth

Brooke Williamson's net worth is $2 million. The Los Angeles-born Williamson earned an average income of $56,295 while working in a variety of eateries after receiving his culinary degree. Over time, Williamson's culinary abilities increased as a result of experiences and collaboration with top chefs. The Top Chef producerstried everything in their power to invite her on the program since her meals were garnering so much attention.
Williamson reportedly received a sizable fee for each program she worked on. Last but not least, Williamson's restaurant, which she and Nick Roberts founded, is her greatest asset. Williamson, who is the executive chef of three restaurants and a boutique, closes the year with big earnings. Other consulting services offered by Williamson include business planning and development, design coordination and direction, kitchen organization and layout, etc.

Interesting Facts About Brooke Williamson

Brooke Williamson smiling
Brooke Williamson smiling
  • Brooke Williamson began her culinary journey at a young age and worked in restaurants during her teenage years, laying the foundation for her successful career.
  • She gained widespread recognition after competing in the second season of the popular reality cooking show, "Top Chef: Los Angeles."
  • Brooke returned to "Top Chef" for its seventeenth season, titled "Top Chef: All-Stars," where she emerged as the winner, showcasing her exceptional skills and talent.
  • Alongside her husband, Nick Roberts, Brooke co-owns and operates multiple highly regarded restaurants in Southern California, including Hudson House, Playa Provisions, and The Tripel.
  • Her culinary style is characterized by bold flavors, innovative combinations, and meticulous attention to detail, reflecting her passion for creating extraordinary dining experiences.
  • Brooke draws inspiration from a wide range of cuisines, incorporating diverse ingredients and techniques to craft unique and memorable dishes.
  • Apart from her successful career in the culinary world, she is also known for her philanthropic work, actively participating in charitable events and fundraisers.
  • Brooke has been involved in various initiatives that aim to promote sustainable and responsible practices in the food industry, emphasizing the importance of environmental stewardship.
  • She frequently collaborates with local farmers, fishermen, and artisans, championing the use of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients in her cooking.
  • Brooke Williamson continues to be an influential figure in the culinary world, inspiring aspiring chefs with her talent, accomplishments, and dedication to her craft.

People Also Ask

How Did Brooke Williamson's Culinary Career Begin?

Brooke Williamson's culinary career began during her teenage years when she started working in restaurants, gaining valuable experience and developing her passion for cooking.

In Which Seasons Of "Top Chef" Did Brooke Williamson Compete?

Brooke Williamson competed in the second season of "Top Chef: Los Angeles" and returned for "Top Chef: All-Stars" in its seventeenth season, which she won.

What Are Some Of The Notable Restaurants Co-owned By Brooke Williamson?

Brooke Williamson co-owns and operates several successful restaurants in Southern California, including Hudson House, Playa Provisions, and The Tripel.

How Would You Describe Brooke Williamson's Culinary Style?

Brooke Williamson's culinary style is characterized by bold flavors, creative combinations, and meticulous attention to detail. She draws inspiration from various cuisines, resulting in innovative and memorable dishes.

Apart From Her Culinary Career, What Philanthropic Work Is Brooke Williamson Involved In?

Brooke Williamson actively participates in philanthropy and frequently lends her culinary skills to charitable events and fundraisers. She has also been involved in initiatives promoting sustainable and responsible practices in the food industry.


In conclusion, Brooke Williamson is a highly accomplished American chef who gained recognition through her appearances on "Top Chef" and her successful culinary career. She began her culinary journey at a young age, working in restaurants and honing her skills. Her participation in "Top Chef: Los Angeles" and subsequent win in "Top Chef: All-Stars" solidified her reputation as a talented chef.
Alongside her husband, Nick Roberts, she co-owns and operates renowned restaurants in Southern California, known for their bold flavors and innovative combinations. Brooke's culinary style showcases her passion for creating extraordinary dining experiences, drawing inspiration from various cuisines, and utilizing locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. In addition to her culinary achievements, Brooke actively engages in philanthropy, participating in charitable events and advocating for sustainable practices in the food industry. Brooke Williamson continues to inspire aspiring chefs with her talent, accomplishments, and dedication to her craft.
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