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Brandi Harvey Net Worth - Eldest Daughter Of Steve Harvey

American executive and activist Brandi Harvey has a huge net worth. She came into the world in August 1982. She is the child of Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey, his first wife.

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American executive and campaigner Brandi Harvey net worthis expected to be huge. In August of 1982, Brandi Harvey entered this world. She was born to Steve and Marcia Harvey, his first wife. Brandi's siblings are Karli, her twin sister, and Broderick Harvey Jr., their younger brother
She is also the sister or stepsister of two people and the half-sister of a fourth. Brandi Harvey attended The Ohio State University, where she received her bachelor's degree.

Quick Facts About Brandi Harvey

NameBrandi Harvey
BirthdayAugust 20, 1982
FatherSteve Harvey
Net worth$5 million

Who Is Brandi Harvey?

Brandi Harvey wearing an orange outfiit in front of a mic
Brandi Harvey wearing an orange outfiit in front of a mic
Brandi Harvey is an American executive and activist. She is the daughter of comedian, TV host, producer, and radio personality Steve Harvey and his first wife, Marcia Harvey. Karli is her twin sister, and Broderick Harvey Jr. is her younger brother.
She has a half-brother named Wynton, two step-sisters named Morgan and Lori, and a step-brother named Jason through her father. Harvey went to The Ohio State University after she graduated from high school. There, she got her bachelor's degree in African American and African Studies.
In 2010, she started working for Young, Fit, and Fly, an organization in Atlanta that helps young women improve their health and self-esteem. She has been the executive director of The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation since December 2012.
She also gives speeches, writes books, and works as a wellness coach. In 2018, she started a project called Beyond Her. The goal of this project is to help women of color improve their health and wellness through collaborative and transformative methods.

Brandi Harvey Career

From 2002 to 2005, Brandi went to The Ohio State University and got a Bachelor of Arts in African American and American Studies. In January 2010, she joined Young, Fit, and Fly, an organization in Atlanta that helps women rise above social norms and negative peer pressure to take responsibility for their own health and self-image.
Since December 2012, Brandi has been involved with The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, a charity run by her father. She is the organization's executive director, which means she is in charge of the organization's plans and goals.
She runs both the Girls Who Rule The World Mentoring Program and the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men. Harvey's Instagram page says that she is an author and a wellness coach. She also believes in living a healthy and balanced life.
She started Beyond Her at the beginning of 2018 with the goal of "bringing active wellness to women of color in collaborative and transformative ways to elevate the mind, body, and spirit."
As a public speaker, she is also a strong supporter of the cause. She has spoken at the Princeton University event At The Well Leadership Intensive every year. Brandi is very serious about fitness and exercise because she wants to live a healthy life. She used to compete in an NPC (amateur bodybuilding) event.
In 2016 and 2017, Harvey was on a few episodes of her father's syndicated talk show with the same name.

Brandi Harvey Net Worth

Steve Harvey's oldest biological child, Brandi Harvey, is estimated to be worth $5 million. Steve Harvey's website even has a whole page about Brandi.
She went to Ohio State University and got her degree. She is a vegan. She is the Chief Change Maker and Executive Director of the Steve and Marjorie Foundation. She is also an amateur bodybuilder who has even competed in some shows.

People Also Ask

Does Steve Harvey Have Identical Twin Daughters?

Karli Harvey's identical twin is named Brandi. The two eldest children of Steve Harvey were both born in 1982.

Is Brandi Harvey Steve Harvey's Daughter?

Steve's oldest kids are twin girls named Brandi and Karli, who he had with his first wife, Marcia. The girls were born in 1982, and now that they are 40, they have grown up to be such beautiful women.

How Rich Is Steve Harvey?

Steve Harvey net worth is $280 million. Steve Harvey is a TV host, actor, writer, producer, and comedian from the United States.


American businesswoman and activist Brandi Harvey has a net worth of $5 million. The TV star's daughter is a businesswoman and entrepreneurwho started her own brand called "Beyond Her." It is a wellness brand that supports "intentional living" through health habits, eating patterns, exercise routines, and overall ways of living.
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