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Bobby Womack Net Worth - A Soulful Voice That Transcends Generations

An American singer-songwriter and musician named Bobby Womack net worth is $250k. At this point, Bobby Womack At Death is a well-known name on a worldwide scale. He reached the top thanks to his labor of love. It is because of this achievement that he has become one of the richest persons in the world.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Oct 04, 2023
An American singer-songwriter and musician named Bobby Womack net worthis $250k. He reached the top thanks to his labor of love. It is because of this achievement that he has become one of the richest people in the world.
In the 1960s, Bobby Womack ventured into secular music and became a session guitarist for various artists, including Sam Cooke. He gained recognition for his exceptional guitar skills and collaborated with renowned musicians.

Quick Facts About Bobby Womack

NameBobby Womack
Date Of BirthMar 4, 1944 - Jun 27, 2014
Place Of BirthCleveland
ProfessionSinger, Singer-songwriter, Record producer, Musician, Songwriter, Sideman
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$250 Thousand

Career Of Bobby Womack

Bobby Womack was an American singer, songwriter, and musician known for his contributions to soul, R&B, and gospel music. He had a long and successful career spanning several decades. Bobby Womack began his career in the 1950s as a member of his family's gospel group, The Womack Brothers. They achieved some success, but Bobby eventually left the group to pursue a solo career.
In the 1960s, Womack embarked on a solo career and signed with SAR Records. He released a series of singles that achieved moderate success, including "It's All Over Now" (later covered by The Rolling Stones) and "Lookin' for a Love." His soulful voice and unique blend of R&B, gospel, and rock influences gained him recognition and popularity.
In addition to his solo work, Bobby Womack collaborated with various artists and became a sought-after songwriter. He worked with renowned musicians such as Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Janis Joplin, and Sly & the Family Stone. Womack co-wrote several hit songs, including "Breezin'" (recorded by George Benson) and "Woman's Gotta Have It."
During the 1970s and 1980s, Womack continued to release albums and singles, blending different genres and experimenting with his sound. Notable albums from this period include "Understanding," "The Poet," and "The Poet II." His song "If You Think You're Lonely Now" became a signature hit.
In the 2000s, Bobby Womack experienced a career revival. He collaborated with younger artists such as Gorillaz, who featured him on their hit song "Stylo." Womack released critically acclaimed albums, including "The Bravest Man in the Universe" (2012), which garnered positive reviews and introduced his music to a new generation of listeners.
Bobby Womack's contributions to music earned him respect and accolades throughout his career. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009 and the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2017. His soulful voice, emotive songwriting, and enduring influence have cemented his place as one of the greats in the realm of soul and R&B music.
Sadly, Bobby Womack passed away on June 27, 2014, at the age of 70. Despite his passing, his music continues to inspire and influence artists to this day, leaving behind a lasting legacy in the world of music.

Bobby Womack's Personal Life

Celebrity Underrated - The Bobby Womack Story

Bobby Womack's personal life had its share of ups and downs. Bobby Womack was married multiple times throughout his life. He was first married to Barbara Campbell, and they had four children together. However, their marriage ended in divorce. Womack later married Regina Banks, and they had two children before divorcing. He also had a relationship with Sam Cooke's widow, Barbara Cooke, which caused some controversy at the time.
Womack battled with drug addiction throughout his life. He struggled with substance abuse issues, including cocaine addiction, which affected his personal life and career. His addiction contributed to strained relationships, financial troubles, and periods of instability. However, Womack later sought help and overcame his addiction, leading to a career resurgence in the later years of his life.
Bobby Womack faced various health problems in his later years. In 2012, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer, which he successfully overcame. However, his health continued to deteriorate, and in early 2014, it was reported that he was suffering from symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease. Sadly, Bobby Womack passed away on June 27, 2014, at the age of 70. The cause of death was reported as complications from pneumonia.
His death was a significant loss to the music industry, as he was regarded as a highly influential and respected artist. The legacy of his music and contributions to soul and R&B continues to be celebrated and remembered by fans and fellow musicians alike.

Bobby Womack's Net Worth

An American singer-songwriter and musician named Bobby Womack has a $250k net worth. Bobby Womack's active recording career, which he began in the early 1960s, is what gave him his wealth. He started his career playing guitar with Sam Cooke's backup band, The Valentinos, which belonged to his family. Womack has performed in a wide range of musical genres throughout the course of his 40+ year career, including R&B, soul, rock 'n' roll, doo-wop, gospel, and country.
He and his four brothers created The Womack Brothers ensemble and traveled the gospel circuit. He was born on March 4, 1944, in Cleveland, Ohio. They changed the band's name to the Valentinos after being discovered by Sam Cooke, and they started playing R&B songs. On the Billboard R&B chart, the group's first hit, "Lookin' For a Love," peaked at #8. After Sam Cooke's death in 1964, the band's popularity started to decline. It eventually broke up in 1966.
The Rolling Stones' smash song "It's All Over Now" and New Birth's record "I Can Understand It" are among Womack's compositions. In 2009, he was admitted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The song "Across 110th Street" by Womack was used in the Quentin Tarantino film Jackie Brown and the Denzel Washington movie American Gangster.
The tracks "Cloud of Unknowing" with Gorillaz in 2010 and "Bobby in Phoenix" with Gorillaz in 2011 are among of Womack's most recent compositions. In 2011, he and Mos Def and Gorillaz shared the nomination for the Best Short-Form Music Video: "Stylo" at the Grammy Awards.

Award And Achievement

Bobby Womack has received several awards. He has received honors from several prestigious colleges as a result of how entertaining he makes his job. He is quite fortunate to have received several accolades from presidents and other influential figures. It is so usual that he obtained the best in the human sector at the moment of success. No matter where they go, he is known for being amused by the contemporary world. In addition, Bobby Womack has won a lot of significant awards, which he is quite proud of.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Bobby Womack

Bobby Womack wearing a blue jacket
Bobby Womack wearing a blue jacket
  • Bobby Womack began his musical journey as a guitarist and was a highly skilled player. He learned to play the guitar at a young age, and his exceptional talent on the instrument became a signature aspect of his music.
  • Womack's early career was greatly influenced by the legendary singer Sam Cooke. Womack toured with Cooke as his guitarist and backup vocalist and was considered Cooke's protégé. Cooke's tragic death in 1964 had a profound impact on Womack.
  • In addition to his vocal and instrumental abilities, Bobby Womack was a talented songwriter. He wrote many of his own songs and penned hits for other artists. His songwriting prowess contributed to his success and established him as a respected figure in the music industry.
  • Womack's family had a rich musical heritage. His mother, Naomi Womack, formed The Womack Brothers, a gospel group that later became The Valentinos. His brothers Cecil, Curtis, Harry, and Friendly were also involved in the music industry, either as performers or songwriters.
  • Bobby Womack's music traversed multiple genres, blending elements of soul, R&B, gospel, rock, and funk. This versatility allowed him to cross over into different markets and attract a diverse fanbase.
  • The Rolling Stones famously covered Womack's song "It's All Over Now" in 1964, which became their first number one hit in the UK. This collaboration further elevated Womack's profile and introduced his music to a wider audience.
  • Womack provided vocal coaching to the iconic singer Janis Joplin. He helped her refine her singing technique and supported her during recording sessions.
  • Womack's music has been sampled and covered by numerous contemporary artists, showcasing his enduring influence. Artists such as Damon Albarn, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and many others have drawn inspiration from Womack's soulful sound.
  • After a period of relative obscurity, Womack experienced a career resurgence in the 2000s. Collaborations with contemporary artists like Gorillaz and Damon Albarn brought his music back into the spotlight and introduced him to younger audiences.
  • Following his death, Bobby Womack continued to be recognized for his contributions to music. He was posthumously inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame in 2016, further cementing his status as a musical legend.

People Also Ask

What Was Bobby Womack's Most Successful Song?

One of Bobby Womack's most successful songs is "Across 110th Street," released in 1972. It became a signature song for him and achieved widespread recognition and popularity.

Did Bobby Womack Win Any Grammy Awards?

While Bobby Womack did not win any Grammy Awards as a solo artist, he was nominated three times: in 1985 for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance, in 1987 for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, and in 2013 for Best Americana Album.

Was Bobby Womack Associated With Any Famous Bands Or Groups?

Bobby Womack was associated with various musicians and groups throughout his career. He toured as a guitarist with Sam Cooke and his band, The Soul Stirrers, in the 1960s. Additionally, he collaborated with the likes of Gorillaz, The Rolling Stones, and Damon Albarn, among others.

How Many Albums Did Bobby Womack Release?

Bobby Womack released numerous albums throughout his career. While the exact number varies depending on how you categorize his releases, he recorded over 30 studio albums, including both solo albums and collaborative projects. Some of his notable albums include "Communication" (1971), "The Poet" (1981), and "The Bravest Man in the Universe" (2012).


In conclusion, Bobby Womack was a highly talented and influential artist known for his soulful voice, exceptional guitar skills, and songwriting abilities. He had a long and successful career, with his music spanning various genres and appealing to a wide range of audiences. From his early days as a protégé of Sam Cooke to his collaborations with renowned musicians, Womack left a lasting impact on the music industry.
Despite personal challenges, including substance abuse and health issues, he managed to overcome obstacles and experience a career revival in the 2000s. Bobby Womack's contributions to music continue to be celebrated, and his music remains timeless, inspiring new generations of artists.
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