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Legendary 'The Price Is Right' TV Host Bob Barker Dies At 99

The legend who led the famous game show "The Price Is Right" for 35 years and was a famous TV star, Bob Barker dies at 99. Roger Neal, Barker's longtime spokesman, said that Barker died at his home early Saturday morning. He was about to turn 100 in a few months.

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The legend who led the famous game show "The Price Is Right" for 35 years and was a famous TV star, Bob Barker dies at 99. Roger Neal, Barker's longtime spokesman, said that Barker died at his home early Saturday morning. He was about to turn 100 in a few months.
Barker was on national TV for more than fifty years. Before he hosted the country's longest-running game show on CBS, he hosted "Truth or Consequences," one of the first game shows on TV, for nearly 20 years. This earned him the title of "television's most durable performer" in the Guinness World Records book.

Bob Barker Dies At 99

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The longtime spokeswoman for Bob Barker says that he has died. Barker was the host of the TV show "The Price Is Right" for many years. He was known for his deadpan humor and comfort-food charm. He turned 99.
It is with profound sadness that we announce that the World’s Greatest MC who ever lived, Bob Barker has left us.- Roger Neal
Barker was best known as the longtime host of The Price Is Right on CBS. His work lasted more than 80 years. In 2002, he beat Johnny Carson's record for the most consecutive appearances on the same network TV show.
Richard Nixon was president when Barker started hosting "The Price Is Right." He worked on the show for 35 years until 2007, when he quit. Even though he was 80 or so at the end of his career, the host was still taping five shows a week.
From 1972 to 2007, Barker was the host of "The Price Is Right." The show ran for 6,586 episodes, and it became a staple of American society. "[Person's name], come on down!"became one of the most famous phrases on US television. It was how he told someone in the crowd to come on stage and be the next contestant.
In a statement, his longtime friend and co-executor of his estate, Nancy Burnet, said:
I am so proud of the trailblazing work Barker and I did together to expose the cruelty to animals in the entertainment industry and including working to improve the plight of abused and exploited animals in the United States and internationally.- Nancy Burnet
CBS said in a statement that one of the most well-known stars of daytime TV had died.
We lost a beloved member of the CBS family today with the passing of Bob Barker. During his 35 years as host of THE PRICE IS RIGHT, Bob made countless people's dreams come true and everyone feel like a winner when they were called to 'come on down.' In addition to his legendary 50-year career in broadcasting, Bob will be remembered as a dedicated animal rights activist. Daytime television has lost one of its most iconic stars.- CBS
Bob Barker is a retired American television game show host. He is best known for hosting the long-running game show "The Price Is Right," which he hosted from 1972 to 2007. During his tenure on the show, Barker became an iconic figure and was known for his catchphrase, "Come on down!" He also hosted other game shows and television programs earlier in his career.
Born on December 12, 1923, in Washington state, Barker began his career in radio and later moved into television hosting various programs. His most significant and enduring role was as the host of "The Price Is Right," where he gained widespread popularity for his charisma, interactions with contestants, and his advocacy for animal rights.
In addition to his work on television, Barker is also known for his animal rights activism. He used his platform to raise awareness about animal welfare and encouraged viewers to spay and neuter their pets, ending each episode of "The Price Is Right" with the reminder, "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered."
Barker retired from hosting "The Price Is Right" in 2007 but continued to be involved in animal rights activism. His contributions to the entertainment industry and his advocacy work have left a lasting impact on both fronts.


Bob Barker was the host of the US game show "The Price Is Right" for 35 years. On Saturday, his spokesman said that he died at home. He turned 99. Barker's longtime appearances on "The Price is Right" and "Truth or Consequences" made him a well-known name, and he won 19 Emmys for it.
He was also a strong supporter of animal rights. He often told his viewers to get their pets spayed or neutered to control the number of animals, and he set up a fund to help pay for the procedures. Barker left his job as host of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants after 20 years because the organizers wouldn't stop covering the contestants in fur coats.
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