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Bart Scott Net Worth - An American Sports Analyst And Former Football Player

Barth Scott is most known for his performance as a linebacker in the National Football League (NFL) during his time as a professional American football player. He is now retired from the sport. The culmination of all of his efforts has contributed to the current level of Bart Scott's net worth. Many people are interested in knowing Bart Scott net worth, liking, and lifestyle.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Feb 06, 2023
Barth Scottis most known for his performance as a linebacker in the National Football League (NFL) during his time as a professional American football player. He is now retired from the sport.
He spent 11 seasons in the NFL, split between the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets. The culmination of all of his efforts has contributed to the current level of Bart Scott's net worth. Many people are interested in knowing Bart Scott net worth, liking, and lifestyle.

Quick Facts About Bart Scott

Name Bartholomew Edward Scott
Date of BirthAugust 18, 1980
CountryUnited States
Age42 Years
ProfessionFootball Player
Place of BirthDetroit

Early Life Of Bart Scott

Bart Scott was born on August 18, 1980, in the city of Detroit, which is located in the state of Michigan, in the United States. Bart Capers and Dorita Adams were Bart Scott's parents. Bart Scott was one of three children and spent his childhood in Detroit, Michigan, together with his other two siblings. Dawnyell Scott and Cutrice Scott are their names, respectively.
During his time as a student at Southeastern High School, which is located in Detroit, Bart Scott began playing football both as a linebacker and as a running back for the school's varsity team. In subsequent years, he was on the football team at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, playing both safety and linebacker.

The Career Of Bart Scott

When Bart first began playing football, he attended Southeastern High School and played both linebacker and running back for the school's varsity team. During his senior season, he was second on the team in running yards and led the defense with 76 tackles.
Due to the fact that he had poor marks on the SAT, educational institutions were unwilling to provide him with a scholarship. He worked hard to enhance his academic performance, and as a result, Southern Illinois University awarded him a scholarship after seeing how well he performed on the field.
There, he was a member of the Southern Illinois Salukis football team, where he played safety and linebacker. After getting into a fight during his junior year, which resulted in him being suspended, Scott was finally able to put the incident in the background, and head coach Jerry Kill referred to him as a leader.
After that, during his senior year, he was recognized as a member of the first team. Despite the best efforts of his head coach, only the Baltimore Ravens had a scout come see Scott play, and he went overlooked when it came time for the 2002 NFL Draft. After that, the Ravens decided to take a chance on him and sign him as an undrafted free agent.
Although he did not get much playing time during his first three years with the Ravens, he was a member of the special teams unit the whole time. His first game came against the Carolina Panthers, and after that, he began to develop his talents, ending the game with 19 tackles on special teams. his first game.
As a result of an injury that Ray Lewis sustained in 2005, he was given the chance to play more often. At the conclusion of the season, he finished with four sacks, 119 tackles, and four pass breakups. After that, he was awarded a contract extension for $13.5 million over the course of three years, which greatly increased bart scott net worth.
In 2006, he turned in even stronger performances, and as a result, he was offered the opportunity to participate in the Pro Bowl. In 2009, he was a free agent, and the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets both expressed interest in signing him.
The Jets signed him to a six-year deal for a total of $48 million, and he ended his debut season with the club having recorded 92 tackles.his career helped increase Bart Scott net worth.
He continued to play into his later years, but during those years he was involved in a number of disputes and scandals, including conflicts with members of the media and with fans. The consequences of Bart's conduct ultimately resulted in his release in 2013, after which he made the decision to retire.
Following his retirement, he was given the opportunity to work as an analyst for "That Other Pregame Show" on CBS Sports. But, even though his hiring was controversial because of the problems he had right before he retired, he kept his job and later joined "The NFL Today."

Personal Life Of Bart Scott

Bart Scott is a guy who has been quite fortunate in his marriage. He has a wife whose name is Darnesha. The couple has been together since 2004 and is the proud parent of three children: two boys and a girl.
The family of Bart Scott consists of three members: two boys and a daughter. Both Jisele and Bartholomew Scott are members of the Scott family. The name of his third child was not known by now.
Bart Scott In Front of White Rolls Royce
Bart Scott In Front of White Rolls Royce

Some Interesting Facts About Bart Scott

  • After finishing his career as a professional football player, Scott moved on to become an NFL commentator for the CBS television network in 2013.
  • Throughout his time in high school, Bart Scott was a standout on the football field but suffered academically.
  • Bart Scott, a linebacker, spent 11 seasons in the NFL playing for the Ravens and the Jets.
  • He was responsible for 530 solo tackles, 205 assists, and 25 sacks throughout the game. It was decided that Scott would participate in one of the Pro Bowls.
  • He led the Southeastern High School squad in rushing while also making 76 tackles while playing linebacker and running back for the school's football team.
  • After their playoff triumph against the New England Patriots, he gave an interview to the media in which he called out "all the non-believers." This interview ended up going viral on YouTube.
  • The three children that they had together were all born to him and his wife, Darnesha.
  • It is believed that Bart Scott net worth of around $5 million.
  • He was selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the draught, and he ended up playing linebacker for the team with all-pro Ray Lewis.
  • Bart Scott is a tall man, measuring 1.88 meters in height.
  • Bart Scott had a steady performance record all the way through his professional career, which he began while he was still quite young.

Bart Scott Net Worth

American football player Bart Scott net worth is $5 million and earns $2 million a year in salary. Scott is one of the highest-paid players in the league. The increase in Bart Scott's net worth may be attributed to the successful career that he has worked so hard to establish.

People Also Ask

What Part Of The World Does Bart Scott Call Home?

Bart Scott is a citizen of the United States.

Who Is The Woman Bart Scott Calls His Wife?

The name of Bart Scott's wife is Darnesha.

What Is Bart Scott Net Worth?

Bart Scott net worth is estimated to be $5 million.


When Scott was a free agent in 2009, the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens both made it clear that they intended to sign him to play for them. In the end, the Jets were able to get Bart Scott on a deal for $48 million. A conservative estimate puts Bart Scott net worth at $5 million. We hope that his future is filled with success and happiness.
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