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What Is Ashley Strohmier Age - A Stage Manager At Fox Sports

Ashley Strohmier age is 33 years old as of 2022. She was born on January 1, 1989.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 30, 2022
Ashley Strohmieris a well-known journalist in the United States. She works for Fox Newsas a nighttime anchor and a news correspondent. She formerly worked at KMIZ TV as an evening correspondent. Strohmier attended the University of Central Missouri because she was interested in journalism.
As a result, she earned a criminal justice degree. She also worked as an intern with the Missouri House of Representatives at the start of her career. Ashley Strohmier ageis 33 years old as of 2022. She was born on January 1, 1989.

Ashley Strohmier Fox News Wiki

Ashley Strohmier is a former model and journalist from the United States. She is currently employed by Fox News Channel as an overnight anchor and news correspondent (FNC). Ashley was formally hired on March 2, 2020, after being signed in by the station on February 18, 2020.
Ashley formerly worked as a general assignment reporter and anchor at KMIZ-TZ (ABC) in Columbia, Missouri, before joining FNC. She has covered a wide range of events and issues, including homicides, state and municipal politics, and more. Ashley grew up in Jefferson City, Missouri, in the United States.
Ashley Strohmier in a black dress with beautiful blondes and with a pleasant smile on her face looks extremely pretty
Ashley Strohmier in a black dress with beautiful blondes and with a pleasant smile on her face looks extremely pretty

Ashley Strohmier Fox News

Ashley was formerly with the Fox affiliate in Columbia before joining KMIZ-TV, so it's been a bit of a homecoming for her. On March 2, 2020, she started as an overnight anchor and reporter for Fox News Channel in New York City.
Her previous job was as a host for FOX 22 in Columbia, Missouri, where she reported live from many news events in the state. Before that, she worked for ABC's KMIZ-TV.
Ashley worked as a general assignment reporter and anchor at KMIZ-TV (ABC) in Columbia, Missouri since 2013, covering crime, state and local politics, and other topics. For her in-depth reporting on the state's Department of Social Services, she won a prize from the Kansas City Press Club in 2014.
In 2019, the Missouri Broadcasters Association honored Strohmier with the Best News Anchor award for her performance as an evening news anchor. During her time at the station, she also won a lot of awards, including being the sole anchor for News This Morning. She also came up with, hosted, and oversaw the show's day-to-day content.
The Governor's Inauguration in January was one of the important stories she covered on the field. For Eclipse 2017, she also co-anchored a three-hour special report from the field. On February 26th, 2020, she was fired from the station.

Ashley Strohmier Missouri

Strohmier was born in the city of Jefferson City in the state of Missouri in the United States of America. She was named Miss Missouri USA in 2010. She went across Missouri and the neighboring states as Miss Missouri USA, hosting events, speaking at public events, and attending graduations.
She sponsored a variety of organizations and programs, including the Sexual Abuse and Crisis Center, D.A.R.E., The Foster and Adoptive Agency, and Special Needs programs, to name a few. She placed in the top ten at Miss USA 2010, competing in both the swimsuit and evening gown parts of the competition.

Ashley Strohmier Husband

Ashley's love life is a little murky, but it's evident that she's dating bodybuilder and officer Mike Counihan. Mike Counihan works for the NCY Police Department as a law enforcement officer. Mike's Instagram account has over 180k followers.

Ashley Strohmier Height Weight

Strohmier stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m) and weighs 58 kg (approx). Her figure is enticing. Her fitness instructor and companion, Counihan, has also aided her in maintaining a positive body image.

Ashley Strohmier Salary

When it comes to her career, she is a diligent worker who is driven to succeed, and she is able to earn a sizable sum as a result of her efforts. Ashley's annual income is believed to be between $100,000 and $150,000. Ashley has amassed a sizable fortune after working in the media sector for over ten years. Her fortune stems from her work as a model and a writer. Ashley's net worth is believed to be $1 million.

Is Ashley Strohmier Married?

Strohmier is not married, but she is in an open relationship with Michael Counihan, an American fitness model, personal trainer, and New York Police Department (NYPD) officer. He is a well-known bodybuilder who has appeared in several bodybuilding publications.

What Is Ashley From Fox News Salary?

Strohmier makes a yearly income of $100,000 on average. The average yearly compensation of Fox News anchors and correspondents is this amount. Ashley and her partner are both involved in charity activities.


To conclude this article about Ashley Strohmier age, she is the perfect combination of excellent beauty and skill, with enticing features, a majestic appearance, and a reinforcing personality. She is always a pleasure to see onscreen and off, and her super-rich beauty, exquisite mien, and distinctive elegance are guaranteed to grab the attention of the crowd.
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