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Angie King Net Worth - Get To Know The Entrepreneur And Car Enthusiast

She is a well-known social media personality who shares her experiences as a trans woman and a vehicle enthusiast on her well-liked Instagram account, hailtotheking, which has more than 100,000 followers as of right now.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Aug 30, 2022
Angie King net worthis $1 billion, and she earns a six-figure salary as an Instagram star.
On December 12, 1979, Angelina Mead King was born.
She is a well-known social media personality who shares her experiences as a trans woman and a vehicle enthusiast on her well-liked Instagram account, @hailtothe_king, which has more than 100,000 followers as of right now.
She started the businesses Gi Automotive and Car Porn Racing, which fix and maintain cars.

Nationality Of Angie King

On May 28, 1979, Angie King had her eyes opened to this breathtaking world.
She was a native of the USA.
She will be 43 years old in 2022, and Gemini is her zodiac sign.
Every year on May 28th, she has a birthday party. Her stage name is Nura Luca.
Angie was conceived by a Filipino mother and an American father. Her parents are David King Jr. (father) and Tessie King (mother).
She grew up with one biological sibling and three half-siblings.
She and David King Jr., her biological brother, and Cindi King Tuning, Danielle Bush, and Michael King, her half-siblings, go by those names.
She also has American citizenship despite coming from a mixed-race family.
She also practices Catholicism as a religion.

Angie Mead King Early Life

Do you adhere to Angelina Mead King's teachings?
He currently enjoys a high level of young popularity.
We cover every aspect of Victoria Court Hotels' CEO, businessperson, and social media personality.
We have some excellent newsfor you if you're interested in learning more about Angelina Mead King.
You can learn more about Angelina Mead King's height, age, affairs, net worth, and other statistics in the area below.
Feel free to verify the details.
Businesswoman Angelina Mead King was born in the Philippines.
Atticus King is the name of her only sibling.
She was raised at the home of her parents, Archimedes and Ling King.
The transsexual lady is Angelina Mead King.
Angelina Mead King is the full name of this businesswoman, CEO of Victoria Court Hotels, and social media personality.
It is called Angelina.
Her dual citizenship is Filipino and Chinese.
This person's hometown is Manila.
She adheres to Christianity.
She earned a collegedegree as a graduate. Scroll through the table below.
Full Name/Real NameAngelina Mead King
By NameAngelina
Religious BeliefChristian

Angie Mead King Age And Birth Information

Are you curious about the Angelina Mead King era?
Here, emphasis has been placed on birthday and personal data like birthplace and hometown.
You may find various birth-related facts in the table below.
You may have heard that he was born on December 12, 1979.
Her age at this time is 42 at the time of writing this article.
The Philippines is where she was born.
Birth Date12 December 1979
Age42 years
Birth LocationPhilippines
Grow Up atManila

Professional Life And Job

Angie King and Joey Mead posing with an expensive sports car
Angie King and Joey Mead posing with an expensive sports car
Businesswoman Angelina Mead King excels in her field.
Angelina had a thing with automobiles.
She opened Gi Automotive, Car Porn Racing as a repair and maintenance facility as a result.
This company is unique in its field.
Angelina thoroughly examines it and views it as a challenge.
Angelina first started her company as a pastime. As the company gradually expanded, Angelina began to treat it more seriously.
Her major objective was to think of innovative business concepts that would attract consumers.
The quality of the products she produces at her office worries her even more.
The Victoria Court Hotels were founded by Angelina, who is also their owner.
But because of the coronavirus, she closed the branches.
She added that it is a decision that has a profound impact on the lives of hotel employees.
When Angelina launched her own vehicle company, she promised her employees that she would call them to let them know about it.
The Manila Times published a story on her hotel as well.

Relationship With Joey Mead

Angie King sitting with wife Joey
Angie King sitting with wife Joey
Since November 2011, she has been married to her wife, Joey Mead.
As the host of a show about fashion and lifestyle, a contestant on Asia's Next Top Model, and a TV personality, Joey is well-known.
On July 2, 2016, Angelina revealed that she is a transgender woman.
Prior to their wedding, she was Ian King, a male.
They must be leading a happy life because they are now enjoying a fantastic time.

Angie King Journey Of Life

What's New with My Car Collection? Mega Car Updates (2022) | Angie Mead King

In Taguig, Philippines, Angie has a company that does maintenance and repairs on vehicles.
She is married to Joey Mead King, a well-known Filipino-Iranian television personality and host of the fashion lifestyle show, and she is also a popular Instagram model.
Angie lives an opulent lifestyle with her wife and likes to drive high-end vehicles.
She presented a lovely Eleanor Mustang model, which costs around $250,000, to her wife.
She handed him a customized replica of an automobile, so it was probably more expensive.
She likes participating in competitions with some of the most luxurious and costly cars in existence.
She also just went to the premiere event for the $2 million all-electric Pininfarina Battista supercar, which was constructed by Pininfarina.
She may be seen posing with a Ferrari Portofino, which has a market value of $215,000.
In addition to her local auto firm, she also dabbles in the pricey world of exotics.
She presently serves as the G.I. Automotive Group's chief financial officer.
From performance upgrades to high-end automobiles like Lamborghini, Audi, and Ferrari, G.I. Automotive handles it all.

Angie King Net Worth

Angie King's career is focused on her roles as an Instagram celebrity and a businessman who runs Car Porn Racing.
As of 2019, she has a net worth of about $1 million.
Angie is the proprietor of an automobile maintenance and repair business in Taguig, Philippines.
In addition to her love of cars, she is a well-known Instagram model and is married to Joey Mead King, a well-known Filipino-Iranian television personality and host of the fashion and lifestyle show.
She adores competing in races with some opulent and costly vehicles.
She just went to the premiere event for the $2 million Pininfarina Battista all-electric supercar.
She is seen posing with a Ferrari Portofino, which has a $215,000 market value.
She works in the neighborhood auto industry in addition to dabbling in the opulent exotic car market.
Currently, she serves as the chief financial officer of the G.I. Automotive Group. G.I.
Automotive takes care of everything, including improving the performance of high-end cars made by well-known companies like Lamborghini, Audi, Ferrari, etc.
Angie King with the logo of Victoria court and Hotel Ava
Angie King with the logo of Victoria court and Hotel Ava
An example for employers to follow in embracing "radical changes" in business management with new policies that show compassion toward employees and the environment is businesswoman Angelina King, who rebranded her portion of the family-owned Victoria Court chain of motels into Hotel Ava in honor of Pride Month.
The 42-year-old, who along with her brother Atticus runs three Victoria Court locations in Malate, Buendia, and Pasay, has described the transformation of her portion of the family business as a new personal challenge and says she did it in the same spirit of daring to be different as when she first came out as a woman.

People Also Ask

Who Is Angie Mead King?

Angie Mead King is a renowned race car diver and is married to model Joey Mead.

Who Is The Owner Of Victoria Court?

Together with her brother Atticus King, Angie King owns and operates the Victoria Court business.

Is Angie Mead King And Joey Mead King Still Together?

No, Angie Mead King has disclosed that when Angie made the decision to come out, her marriage to Joey Mead King.


One million dollars is thought to be Angie King's net worth.
She makes a million dollars from her work as a singer and artist professionally.
American artists and singersearn an average pay of $71,583, with the range for singing being between $42047 and $57411.
She must also make the same amount of money from her profession as well.
Likewise, Angie's ex-husband has a $5 million net worth.
In his professional capacity as an American stand-up comedian, she makes a million dollars.
An American comedian might earn anything from $16,640 to $74,880 per year on average.
She must also receive the same salary from his line of work.
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